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WetPussyGames Lesbian Games

As a straight pervert gamer, my favorite things in the world include anime babes with huge tits and cartoon whores with an eagerness to please. I’m less excited about the constant onslaught of dick in some of these games. Maybe it’s because they’re always such meager substitutes for my own monster, but you may have the opposite issue if you’re a virgin with a microcock. Whatever the case, the lesbian games over at WetPussyGames avoid the typical phallic pitfall of so many porn games. has been offering deviates a catalog of free and freaky games for a decade now. I’ve talked about their site and their collection a few times here at BestPornGames, but today I’ll be aiming my dick directly at their selection of lesbian games. You can follow along at home by clicking my link or choose Lesbian from the tags on their front page.

Girls Fucking Girls in Dozens of Free Games

Niche porn sites that have been around a while tend to show their age, and that’s the case with WetPussyGames. The basic layout looks like it hasn’t been updated in years, but none of you are coming here to fap to the design. The logo is pretty sweet, though, with the big-boobed anime girl winking at you and the only stylized text on the page. The letters look clean and classy until you look a little closer and see all the naked women.

If you were hard up, you could probably zoom in on the logo and jerk off to it, but there are plenty of other boobies on the page. Twats, too. I see a few dicks scattered around, though some of them are attached to futanaris banging women and other CG shemales. Thumbnails show around 60 pieces of X-rated content in the Lesbian area, which is more than you can find on the Apple app store.

The old-timey design doesn’t allow enough space for game titles above the thumbnails, so everything is clipped. I clicked on a small graphic of D.Va from Overwatch based on part of the word “Capture” in the chopped-off title, and the fact that she looks pretty hot naked in the tiny pic. The full title turned out to be “D.Va is Captured and Fucked with a Strap-On”, but it’s not actually a game.

I can’t say I’m super disappointed to watch an elaborate, 75-second CG movie of D.Va getting captured and roughly violated in multiple holes by a crazy lesbian with a strap-on. It’s done really fucking well, professional enough that it could almost be a cutscene from the game were it not for the explicit forced penetration. Still, I came here for the games, not the cartoons.

I wish the cartoons were labeled, but it ain’t too big a deal. I’m slightly more annoyed by the non-lesbian games mixed into the stash. I guess we can argue about whether or not the futanari stuff belongs there, but the very first game I played was just solo girls with dildos in their butts and pussies. They might be lesbians, sure, but the term always refers to girl-on-girl action when we’re talking about smut.

Smaller Curated Collection, Higher Quality

I’m really not all that upset about these minor misfilings, but I know how some of you neckbeard motherfuckers can get about category distinctions. Those of you who argue on Reddit over the difference between hentai and doujinshi will probably get your panties in a bunch, and your jimmies all rustled, but the rest of you will just enjoy this collection of free lesbian games.

One thing you may notice if you jerk off to a lot of porn games is that WetPussyGames has a relatively slim selection of girl-on-girl games. Sixty seems like a lot, but that collection is just one page, padded with a lot of CG sex videos. It pales in comparison to a site like GamCore. Those fuckers have hundreds of free lesbian games. What gives?

Well, quality control is a big factor here. GamCore has some gems, don’t get me wrong, but it can sometimes take a little digging to find one you actually want to play. Some of them are fucking awful, and it seems like minimal consideration is given as to whether gamers are actually going to want to waste their time and lube on.

After I tried the solo dildo girl game and D.Va cartoon, I spent a little time with one called Elana: Champion of Lust. This one’s built on Unity, which automatically puts it a couple of steps above your typical Flash game. (WetPussyGames does still have a ton of Flash games on the menu, but that’s what happens when a porn game site has been around this long.) Everything looks sexy, polished, and professional from the very opening of the game, from the stunning erotic artwork to the orchestral soundtrack and nuanced pornographic gameplay.

I’m not sure exactly what the selection process is for inclusion in the collection, but they’ve got a pretty wide variety of lesbian games from various sources. They’ve got triple-breasted alien astronaut adventures from Sexy Fuck Games and hentai lesbian sex simulators from MySexGames. I found no-name mysterious indies and others by popular porn game developers making a full-time living on Patreon.

All Kinds of Kinky Lesbian Fun

I like the sheer variety of lesbo games this site has in their collection. I fapped away productive hours to animated pirate girls fucking each other in the aptly named Pirate Sluts Go On a Fuck Quest, and then cranked it to the full-motion video sluts sucking each other’s titties in Lesbian Strip Jack Pool. I know the name is fucking ridiculous, but that’s what happens when you try to combine blackjack and pool with girl-on-girl porn videos.

There’s also a succubus bondage simulator that lets you dress up a couple of red-skinned devil bitches and control the amount of milk and cum running out of their body parts. The storyline is minimal, as it is in Guess the Highest Number Unlock Pussy. That last one’s a schoolgirl game where you do basic retard math to avoid getting your naked teenage ass slapped with a dildo-ruler.

Umichan Sorani is a highly polished sex game about a pair of well-endowed hentai sisters who go to the mall in search of “side gigs”. On the other end of the design spectrum, is the relatively simple Adventures of Gym Jane. This one’s a furry lesbian adventure about a cowgirl who meets other animal chicks at her local gym. It may not have the polish of Umichan Sorani, but it’s got its own special charm I have to assume makes it appeal to people who secretly want to fuck animals.

Are Futas Really Lesbians?

There are also a lot of futanari games on the list. Shemales are generally a completely different category from lesbians on any porn site, so I know some people are going to take issue with the categorization. WetPussyGames doesn’t have a dedicated futa section as of this writing, so you’re just going to have to live with it for right now.

On the other hand, you might really like seeing girls fucking each other with big dicks. In that case, check out Teleported to Big Dick Futa Witch Castle. Not only does it have a clever and catchy title that just rolls right off the goddamn tongue, but it also features hot hentai bitches giving each other handjobs, blowjobs, vaginal and anal. It’s mainly an animated shemale sex simulator, but there’s some semblance of a story in there for you intellectual masturbators.

There are other, bigger collections of free lesbian games on the Internet, but people still flock to WetPussyGames. Why? I think it’s mainly because of how their selection is curated. They keep the list relatively slim by only including the better lesbian porn games out there, and they still manage to have a pretty fucking solid variety of girl-on-girl interactive perversion. You can click almost randomly and find something fun and sexy, even if half the time you end up watching a cartoon instead of playing a game. has been drawing in perverts for years with their free selection of porn games and cartoons. Their lesbian section is one of the better collections of all-girl games on the ‘net, with good quality control and perverse variety. The games can all be played on the web right now, so why not take a long lunch break?

PornGames likes WetPussyGames Lesbian Games

  • Dozens of free girl-on-girl games
  • Decent quality control
  • Nice variety of content

PornGames hates WetPussyGames Lesbian Games

  • Some non-lesbian games mixed in