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Long Live The Princess

Long Live the Princess is a Fantasy Visual Novel With a Unique Twist. Alright, you fantasy-loving fucks. I’ve got a game for you. But this one is going to be a bit different. It’s not the kind of fantasy game where you around fucking elves like an alpha. It’s not one of those fantasy games where you get raped by anything and everything that moves.

It’s not a corruption based fantasy game where you turn into a mega-slut with 8 sets of tits and a sopping wet pussy that yearns for monster cum. And, finally, it isn’t a fantasy game where you need to go building a harem of hot babes to defeat evil. I bet you’re wondering what the fuck is left after all of those are off the table.

Long Live the Princess is something different. It’s a mystery-solving game with murder, magic, and molestation. You can find the free version of the game over on the creator’s Patreon page Belle is the name of the developer for this title, and the game has been in development since mid-2021. The game is still on version .27, so you can expect many more updates to come. Patrons of 5 bucks or more can nab a copy of the newest version of the game one full month before non-patrons.

Complex Game With an Expansive, Engaging Narrative

In a broad sense, Long Live the Princes is a visual novel. You’ll want to sit down for the long haul in this game. There is a fuck ton of dialog, descriptions, and massive exposition dumps. You’ll want a fucking pen and paper out to take notes on all of the wild shit going on and to note down all of the little clues you find. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let me give you the low-down on the story.

You’re playing as some good for nothing dude who has been a slacker most of his life. His sister Evelyn is everything he isn’t. She’s smart, ambitious, and the town’s lead political emissary. The king has recently kicked the bucket, and the princess is coming to town to be crowned as the new queen of the lands. Your sister is going to be there at the coronation.

But there is some dark, shady shit going on behind the scenes. You are the last living truthsayer in the lands. Your mentor is poisoned and passes away right before he tells you of doom that is going to befall the land and that the entirety of mankind is going to become extinct. And if that shit wasn’t enough, you meet a pixie girl in the middle of the night who leads to the hut of an old crone who teaches you how to cast spells.

Can You Uncover the Townspeople’s Dark Secrets Before the Princess Arrives?

Shit is wild. Your goal in this game is to uncover the secrets of the townspeople so that you can find out what is going to happen when the princess arrives. And you’re on a strict time limit. When the princess rolls in, the game will end, and you’ll have to work on whatever information you have gleaned.

The whole process of exploring, finding clues, and working away at these townspeople is a lot of fun. The pacing is really well done. There’s shit for you to do every single day, and you can definitely feel the pressure coming down on you as the date for the coronation draws closer and closer. The conversations feel organic, and you should be able to piece everything together if you pay fucking attention. I would actually consider taking some notes for this shit. It helps a ton. And the more you pay attention, the better your chances are of actually winning this game.

But I know what you fucks are thinking. None of that sounds very sexy at all. Oh, but it is. Those spells that you learn will let you invade the minds of these hotties and help you uncover their secrets. Once you get to the bottom of their secrets, you get the ability to remove their inhibitions. You can make these sluts flash their tits, make out with you, and, eventually, they’ll bend over and let you fuck them like crazy. If you’re into hypno rape shit, then this game is right up your alley.

Use Sexy Magic to Hypnotize Hot Babes

You can even fuck hot babes in their sleep once you get to a certain point. One of those babes is y our sister if you’re into incest porn. And there are a few skills that play into your dialog choices. You need to have a high enough charisma and perversity to do certain things. But these skills aren’t officially in place yet. They are all set at zero for right now. Version .30 will bring those in for everyone. So don’t worry if you get cockblocked from doing certain things right now. That shit will come later.

The game is pretty damn sexy. It’s got a nice 3D art style with fleshed out looking characters and dynamic lighting. These babes look realistic and hot as fuck. There’s this one scene where you walk up behind this slut named Primrose while she’s wearing these thong-like panties. It’s fucking awesome, and the sex scenes are solid as well. You get a sultry music change, steamy descriptions, and some minor sound effects. You don’t get any intense moans or anything yet. Hopefully, Belle adds that shit in as the game moves forward.

Hot 3D-Style Sex Scenes, Fantastic Writing, and a Fan-Made Mobile App

And the story is actually interesting. It’s a game with a real narrative and not just some bullshit, where it explains why you have to fuck so many babes. This game gets pretty intense, especially when you start uncovering all of the crazy shit going on behind closed doors. I was genuinely hooked. And the writing is great. Belle knows what they fuck they are doing when it comes to writing and erotic shit in general.

Believe it or not, you can actually play this game on mobile. A fan created a mobile port of the game that you can download and give a shot. I personally think the game plays better on desktop, but this version isn’t bad at all. It’s up to date with the current update and has all of the same features as the regular version. It’s a bit of a beefy download at nearly 1GB, but some of you cucks may be just fine with that.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

It’s not often that I get to play a visual novel or porn game that actually gets my attention with its story. This game is interesting. I was pretty hooked and played through most of it during my first sitting. I don’t want to spoil anything for you cucks, but it gets fucking wild towards the end of the game. And the game is lewd all throughout. Even if you aren’t getting full-on scenes all the time, you are still getting plenty of erotic scenes and moments. Hell, you stumble upon the seamstress fondling her tits at one point.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I’m excited to see if Long Live the Princess gets some voice acting in the future. It’s a lot of fucking text, so I’m not so sure. But it would hot as fuck if you at least got some kinky moans during the sex scenes. Also, there should be a gallery for all of the lewd scenes. You can only go back and revisit the full-on fuck scenes. But I think it’d be awesome to be able to go back and fap to every single one of the lewd scenes.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Long Live the Princess may be one of my new favorite fantasy games that are currently being developed. This game is fucking awesome. You won’t find any other porn games that are quite like it. The story is engaging. The concept of the game is pretty unique. The art and sex scenes are hot as fuck. And even the writing is good. I think most of you fucks will have a good fap with this title. I highly recommend this game to every one of you sex-starved cucks. Go on and grab this game for free at

PornGames likes Long Live The Princess

  • Uncensored
  • 3D-style sex scenes
  • Lots of kinky fetish content
  • Engaging
  • complex storyline
  • Hours upon hours of content to explore
  • Completely free-to-play

PornGames hates Long Live The Princess

  • No hot voice acting or sounds during sex scenes