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Kissing Therapy

Some porn games try to flesh out a story; others give you an open world. Some want to take you on a journey; others want to give you the freedom to live out your wildest fantasies. Then there are games made by natural-born erotica writers, and my dude, these are what we call books, no shade. Kissing Therapy is almost literally a picture book. This game has no gameplay. I don’t even know why they decided to make it into a game instead of like say, a comic book. It would have flowed a lot better. But alas, this was not in the cards.

So with a cold ass intro like that, you’d think I was about to hate on this game in two paragraphs or less, but no siree, I love this game. Well, I have a love-hate relationship with it, let’s say, but not for the reasons you’d imagine. The game might not have gameplay, but what it does have is heart and an almost indescribable level of quality. This game is all around hot an even has some replay value. All in all, it’ll get under your skin.

Consent is not a Joke

The entire premise to this game is that the main character may or may not be a lesbian, but she’s conflicted. Now, I feel the need to premise this entire review by saying that I have nothing but love and respect for people of all sexualities. Lesbians and I have something in common – we both live and die for the pussy. I can respect that kind of ultimate wisdom. So you might be wondering why the lesbian vibe specifically made me feel extremely uncomfortable when I played this game. Well, it didn’t, technically. I was more pissed off with how they portrayed lesbianism in a way that reminds me of shit-heels who think that the way to get into a woman’s pants is to pour drinks down her throat until she can’t say no.

I’ve never slept with a woman who wasn’t 100% into the idea of having my dick inside her. I give enthusiastic consent new meaning. Have you ever heard a woman scream your name at the top of her lungs? I have. That’s what living is all about. Well, in this game, they go in a vastly different direction with consent. According to this game, consent doesn’t matter at all. And, if you’re a woman and another woman straight up rapes the shit out of you, that’s perfectly fine as long as she gets you to orgasm. What a wonderful world we live in.

Now you might be thinking that I’m a bit of a hypocrite, giving this game so much flak, but enjoying games in which actual rape is standard gameplay. The thing is, in those games, the people getting raped are clearly upset. They’re fighting back. The tentacle monsters must be vanquished lest they ravage my playable girl character. In those games, you want to keep the rapists off of you. If someone tries to tell you that getting fucked against your will is a good thing, you consider them insane and generally dangerous. Again, not in this game.

This Is Not How Lesbianism Works

Far be it for me to tell you exactly how lesbianism works. After all, I’m a macho alpha male with a 12-inch python, what could I possibly know? Well, I do know one thing. When lesbians get it on and have a great time, they don’t spend the rest of their days freaking out over being abused by their friends. They certainly don’t go to a therapist to tell her that even though they didn’t want it and it absolutely happened against their wishes, they feel ashamed of the fact that it felt nice to have their pussies touched.

It’s bullshit. Being into girls doesn’t mean that you’re into every girl, and it certainly isn’t an open invitation to get groped and manhandled by your friend, whom, by the way, you’re supposed to be able to trust. But, I guess in the world of porn games, even consent is a fucking joke. So what is the actual story? What really happened? Well, spoilers ahead, I guess, but here goes…

Reaching Out for Help

You play as a young woman who visits a counselor, who’s basically a shrink, to ask for help regarding some confusing feelings that you have been having, regarding your best friend. You tell your counselor that your friend often finds every opportunity she can to grope you six ways to Sunday, especially if no-one’s around to see it.

Your problem with this is twofold. You hate that she’s taking advantage of you in such scummy ways, and you really hate that it makes you feel conflicted. Now, from what I can gather, your character actually is a lesbian. Like I said, nothing wrong with that. It would appear that by being abused by a woman, she inadvertently found out that she actually likes women. As for the rape part, that gets swept under the rug.

Her therapist keeps avoiding the point and just sort of pushing her to talk more about the sexual experiences. This goes on for a little while until her therapist flat out just starts hitting on her and telling her that it’s ok that she orgasmed while being raped by a woman. It doesn’t matter. It’s perfectly natural to have enjoyed that kind of experience.

Then, the therapist forces herself onto the main character, as if one rape wasn’t enough. Our girl is so used to being fucked by now that she doesn’t really push back. Then she gets manhandled by the therapist. This leads her to completely easing into the lesbian lifestyle, or something. Eventually, her friend, the aforementioned pervert, shows up since it’s now time for her session. The main character apologizes for some fucking reason that I still don’t understand, and they make nice. Presumably, they will continue to molest each other in various ways in the future, not in a consensual lesbian relationship, but more like in a “She won’t tell anyone about it, so why the fuck not” kind of way. It makes me sick.

The Art

Before I blow a gasket complaining about how inappropriately rape is portrayed in this game, let’s move on to something I really loved, the art style. This game is entirely purple. Yes, I’m being serious. Everything in this game is a shade of purple, and I really loved that. Plus, the art style itself is some sort of western cartoon inspired 2D mix that seems to be unique to the artist who drew this game.

Everything is just a bit too curvy and polished, and it makes for great fap fodder. I could fap to every single smut scene in this entire game without a problem. The style makes everything bangable. It’s like living in a world where everything is curved for my pleasure. It’s one of my all-time favorite art styles in porn games, for sure.

The Future

I mentioned that this game has no gameplay what-so-ever. It was literally just a story that unfolds while you click “Continue”. Well, they might be remedying that soon, with a new title called Kissing Therapy: Proper Counseling. I have absolutely no idea what to expect of this spiritual successor, but so far, we know that it will contain a lot of mystery detective work. There’s a drug scandal rocking the campus of a college, and your character will have to get to the bottom of it.

They also seem to have stuck with the purple style throughout, if the trailer is to be any indication. I am very much looking forward to this game. Now, I don’t know whether this one will be more interactive than the last title, but I would assume so. I mean, it’s a sequel to a game that had zero gameplay and a very short playtime. You can get through Kissing Therapy in under 20 minutes. If this one’s generating buzz before they even have an alpha out, there must be something bigger under the surface.

Even though this is the least game-y porn game you’re ever going to find, I still warmly recommend it because it makes for great fap material. Plus, it’s one of those male-centric porn games that might really appeal to women, especially lesbian women. Still, I’d recommend that you give the game a pass if you get triggered by rapey scenes and themes. This game doesn’t really approach them realistically, and it will get under your skin. I’m not even a woman, and I felt oddly uncomfortable identifying with the main character. Shit ain’t right, yo.

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