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Wicked Whims Mod

If you’ve ever written “move_objects_on” into a cheat console so you can perv on your on-screen character while they’re in the shower, then you might have just found yourself the mod of your dreams. WhickedWhimsMod is, well, a tiny piece of software that you cram into The Sims 4 to make the game go from a 9 to 10, real fast. I’ve played the original Sims, and I did that cheat I mentioned very often, whenever I’d get bored of putting my Sims in a pool and removing the exit ladder. It was fun for a laugh, but it really wasn’t something I could ever jack off to. I mean… they have no nipples. What the fuck am I supposed to do with that?

Well, fast forward to the distant future, and now we’ve got The Sims 4. The graphics are much better than the original; there are countless DLCs that add all kinds of shit, there’s so much to do and yet… there’s no smut. Enter WickedWhimsMod. This here genius bit of technology made by avid fans of the series adds all kinds of smut to The Sims 4. They really went all out when they designed this shit. It’s everything you could possibly dream of. It’s the base game, with the same gameplay as before, but with every single possible sexual escapade thrown in, completely uncensored. I hadn’t played any Sims game since the original, but when I found out about WickedWhimsMod, I had to get back to being a Sims fan.

New Models and Animations

It wouldn’t be The Sims 4 if they changed all the assets and added new models. You don’t want a new game, you want the same old game, but with dicks and hot chicks. So, that’s exactly what the boys and girls behind WickedWhimsMod put together. They took the same assets that the game’s already loaded with and added genitalia to them. These people look absolutely porn-worthy. I can’t comment much on the dudes, other than they have really large cocks that very much remind me of my own anaconda. The chicks, though, my god. They’re fucking hot as hell. They got tight round asses that are just begging for some backdoor penetration. Their tits are out of this fucking world, too. They really did a number on the nipples, though. These chicks’ nipples are always standing at attention. Everyone’s always sporting every kind of erection when you’ve got this mod installed.

The animations are a definite 5/7. If you get that reference, you’re cool with me. They’re great, they’re immersive, and they feel real, but they’re kind of repetitive and on a rail. You can switch between a ridiculous amount of positions, but once you pick one, you watch the standard back and forth motion. You know how it is; you must have seen it in damn near every porn game. The fucking animation is so repetitive that they don’t bother to fiddle with the animation. Penis goes in, penis comes out, rinse and repeat. Well, maybe don’t rinse, it’s hotter that way, but you get my point. You’re stuck on a rail.

How it Works

The sex mechanics to this game are pretty much woven into the standard Sims gameplay, though a bit simplified. Normally, you’d have to romance someone to get them to agree to having “woo-hoo” with you. That kind of weird-ass shit is gone now. With this mod, you just click on a bed, and if there’s another person around, you click them to add them to the action. Just like that, you’re both naked and fucking. Granted, they have to be into you, but you don’t actually have to talk to them. You can also click on other people while the sex is happening to add them to the action. You can literally set up a standard Sims party, then break out the orgy. Everyone can fuck anyone in any combination you can think of.

Now, if you want to fuck outside of the bedroom, you can do that too. There are all kinds of alternative locations where you can initiate sex, some of them straight up in public. Plus, no-one seems to mind. People can get all kinds of involved. The game’s standard mechanics come into play here quite nicely. The fuckers behind this mod actually added all kinds of sexual RPG elements into the RPG shit that was already in the game. Do you know those random traits that Sims can have? Like, a sim can be afraid of losing a pet or crazy about getting a job as a programmer. Well, they added sexual fears and preferences, so those very much factor into the Sims reactions now. So, if a sim is a cuck, for instance – yes, that’s really a thing in this game now – they will respond very positively to seeing their wife being barebacked by the neighborhood milkman. On the other hand, if they’re a sensible human being, they’ll get extremely upset. I’d kind of like to see a fighting mod for The Sims combined with WickedWhimsMod so that if my Sim catches his wife cheating on him, he can start a fistfight. That would be neat.

There are also some orgy lovers with specific promiscuous behaviors that will flat out love to see people fucking in front of them. They will, of course, love to join in on the action, because that’s what orgy lovers do. All the characters in the game now have some sort of sexual preferences and reactions. It’s incredible. This mod technically comes with more additions than any of the official DLCs for The Sims 4 that were made by the original developers.

Crazy Levels of Detail

I talked about the interactions, now let’s get into the character details. First and foremost, in the character creator, you’ve got some new features that you might not remember seeing the first time you played The Sims 4. You can now mix and match body types across both genders, with any genitalia. Plus, you can choose whether or not the person in question can get pregnant. You can also choose whether they can get people pregnant. So, if you want, you can play as a chick with a penis who can impregnate other chicks, and she also has giant cans. The world is your oyster when you’ve got the WickedWhimsMod.

Then there are the traits. I mentioned the cuck trait, and it’s worth noting that you can also make women cuckqueans. Basically, they get really happy watching their partners fuck someone else. The more they love someone, the more they enjoy seeing them cheat. Then there’s the cum slut trait, which makes Sims really happy about being dowsed in cum. For some reason, the “romantic” trait works in exactly the same way. Who knew that cum and romance went hand in hand? Well, me, to be honest. I’m a hopeless cum romantic. – Giving, not receiving.

Moving on, we’ve got sexually alluring, which makes your sim so irresistible that they can fuck whoever they want just by asking. Then there’s the sexually abstinent trait, which is an absolute downer. These Sims have checked out of the more fun points of life, and they never have sex with anyone, no matter the circumstances. Do not play with this trait, seriously. Further, we’ve got infertile, which prevents sims from getting pregnant or impregnating other people. Finally, there’s extra absorbency, which improves the absorbency of pads when vagina-wielding sims menstruate. That ridiculous level of detail freaks me the fuck out.

Finally, my favorite trait in the whole game – hypersexual. This is literally me in Sim form. An absolute sexual dynamo who can’t stop and won’t stop trying to fuck everything and everyone. I love it.

Running the Mod

I literally can’t cover the entire installation process for this mod, because it’s really complicated. You need the mod itself, plus texture packs, plus animations and additional mods that might make the experience better. Go to the official website and follow their guide. Otherwise, good luck getting this bad boy to work right.

I also recommend that you start a new save after you install this mod and try not to have any other mods that add content, because there’s no way to know how they’ll interact. Graphics mods should probably be fine, but I don’t think that any other mods that aren’t directly confirmed by the WickedWhimsMod for use. You can find all of that information on their website, plus a way to report any new issues that you might have.

The only note of warning for this mod is that you need to own The Sims 4, but none of the game’s DLCs are required to enjoy it, so you might as well pick up a copy. Hell, chances are you already have the game if you’re considering this mod, so, by all means, download it right away.

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  • Tons of features
  • Realistic personality traits
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  • It’s free

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