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Nexus Mods

Ah, NexusMods. You were there for me when Skyrim was unplayable. You brought titties into a world that did not previously have any titties at all. You let me make the dragons look like flying trains. And, most importantly, you let me play through the Resident Evil 2 remake as a naked Ada Wong. Sure, her shoulders turned into man shoulders during the cutscenes, cus you literally pasted her over Leon’s model. And sure, she still sounded like Leon. But, during the scene where Ada and Leon make out, it was Ada and naked Ada tonguing each other, and you just can’t put a price on that kind of quality. You really took that game from a 9 to a 10 for me.

NexusMods is the place I go when a video game has potential, but it doesn’t have my interest. I check out the most popular mods for that game and cram my installation full of custom shit that makes it look nothing like it did before. Essentially, it makes the game playable by either adding hot tits or replacing all the bullets in the game with rubber duckies, because that shit’s hilarious.

Well, this right here is the section on NexusMods where you find the former, and not so much the latter. You’ll notice that the URL I linked for you looks like absolute dogshit, but that’s because it’s less of a section and more of a cross-reference featuring all nudity that can be found on the site. It’s like going to NexusMods and saying, “I’m only here for the tits and asses, please”. So, let’s see what they’ve got in store. My expectations are really high.

My First Modded Tits

My earliest experience with game modding, not counting the countless Warcraft 3 custom maps, was 2007’s Oblivion, by Bethesda. I had over 100 hours in that game, which for me, is a lot. Keep in mind; I had to split my time in between all the chicks I was fucking at the time and some gaming later in the day. After the initial 100 hours and getting through all the main questlines, I got bored. But, there weren’t any good video games left for me to play. Assassin’s Creed wouldn’t be coming out for another year. So, in anticipation of that game, I modded the ever-loving shit out of Oblivion.

The first thing I did was download a visual overhaul to make the faces of the people in that game not look like bruised potatoes. Seriously, every single chick in Oblivion looked like a 50-year-old housewife who’s been through some troubled times. They were the literal fucking opposite of bang-worthy. So, I got this visual overhaul thing that made the characters actually look hot. Their faces went from great depression, to blowjob worthy in one click in the mod manager. It was a hell of a time to be alive.

Next, I got my hands on a couple of lingerie mods and naked mods. All the chicks in this game looked like they were boiling under those super heavy clothes. The game takes place in a European styled environment during summer. So … I figured they should let the girls breathe and just sort of let loose. In a few minutes, that world went from looking like a boring medieval simulator to being every Playboy’s dream. It improved the quality of gameplay significantly for me. Needless to say, I played Oblivion for a lot longer after that.

Triple-A Mods for Triple-A Games

Oblivion was my first modded game, and I’ve modded many others since, but it was no wonder that that’s when the craze really took off. Oblivion had a native mod menu that pretty much told people that mods are welcome and encouraged. To this day, that game is receiving new mods for some fucking reason. And I mean it’s getting new mods every week or so, not once in a while. That’s insane.

Well, now that we’re living in the future, it’s clear what the real trend is. People like modding popular triple-A games. I think the general idea is that those games have amazing engines that make anything put into them feel and look amazing as well. So, if you’re a fan of the Resident Evil 2 remake I mentioned and you’re really good at sculpting 3D titties, you’re likely to make models for that game, rather than something with a shittier engine and crappy gameplay.

Games on NexusMods

You want the world to see the tits you make, so it makes sense to cram them into the one place everyone will be looking. Plus, NexusMods goes a long way to ensure that if you do make a mod for a popular game, people will see it. This site, more or less, has a section for every single video game that has any modding potential. If a mod for a game exists, you’ll find it here. For the most part, people submit their mods manually, but there have been some second-hand uploads.

The place is entirely community-driven, and every mod is tagged for the game it belongs to, so they all end up in the relevant section. If you want mods for a particular game, all you have to do is type the name in, and you’re done.

Nudity First

Now, we’re sort of going another way with the link I provided. Instead of finding a game, then hoping a nude mod exists for it, we’re seeing all the mods on the site that are tagged for nudity. That way, you can find the best mods with the best pairs of tits and the roundest asses, then worry about getting the game they’re made for, afterwards. In many ways, this is better than looking for actual porn games, since the engines these mods run on are usually triple-A game engines. That’s much more advanced than playing some random shit made in RPG Maker or whatever.

The trick is that people can make entire chicks in 3D Studio Max or Blender or whatever, then rig them and import them into the game. That’s much easier than having to rig them and then figure out how to get them to make sense in-game. Once the actual game devs have figured out how to make the titties bounce, all the modders have to do is make them larger, rounder and make the nipples juicier. It’s just the best way to bring tits to life.

An Extensive Website

NexusMods has been around for a very long time, and unless I’m mistaken, they haven’t changed their design once. I don’t think they should, either. They’ve got the whole design down to a perfect layout that gets you where you need to be, quickly and efficiently. See a pair of tits you like? Download it and install it into your game.

Oh, you don’t want to install it manually because that’s a hassle, and it involves reading? Fine, download their mod manager called Vortex and just use that instead. The next time you click on a mod, it will automatically be injected into your game, and you don’t have to worry about it. Seriously, how is this site even real? It’s more streamlined than Steam.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on how wonderfully they document their mods. If you crack open one of these bad boys, chances are you’re going to see screenshots, videos, comments, installation instructions, and more. You get entire galleries of the damn mods and the community’s opinions before you even have to try them out.

And, on top of all that, they make sure that old versions of mods don’t linger around the site if a new version is available. You always get the relevant files, with an option to download an older version if you want. It’s unlikely, but it’s nice to see that you have the option to do so. Updates can sometimes break your game, so why not have the old files up anyways? No skin off their ass.

NexusMods is easily the best modding website on the planet and possibly the only one you’ll ever need. They cover any game that has mods, and they are entirely community-driven, so you can expect it to be a one-stop-shop. Speaking of shops, this site is entirely free to use, and from what I’ve seen, they don’t offer any paid mods, so that’s a fucking treat.

And, if you’d like to get rid of the ads on their site, you can drop them a few dollars for a lifetime ad-less experience. If you don’t have the money or you don’t want to spare it, fuck it, the ads don’t get in the way of your experience at all. They stay well off to the side. This truly is a site for the ages.

PornGames likes Nexus Mods

  • Insane amount of mods
  • Extremely easy to browse
  • They have their own mod manager

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  • Nothing at all