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Lewd Patcher

This is a bit of a weird website. It’s kind of hard to review, at least, at length, but I’ll give it a shot. Let’s start with the simple shit. Why is it here? Well, it’s here to fix games that could be awesome, but suck because some major corporate power said that incest porn was too naughty. You guys remember that back in the day, Steam had all kinds of kinky porn games on their platform, and then in one fell swoop, they shot them all in the head – removed them from their platform for life. That was a fucking nightmare. All of those games, all of that hard work, destroyed. And all because Steam randomly decided that certain games were too filthy.

Patreon did the same exact thing, but at least they had the decency to tell us what it was specifically that got their panties in a bunch. Patreon, apparently, had a huge problem with incestuous content on its platform. And, if you’ve been around the block, you’ll know that in recent years there have been thousands of games in which you get to roleplay as a young buck trying to penetrate his entire family six ways to Sunday. Well, Patreon weren’t having any of that, so they removed all the games that fit that criteria and warned everyone that in the future, such games would not be allowed on the platform. Well, the geniuses behind these games and future titles as well figured out that they could make games that have “mature women” and “similarly aged neighbors”, which is perfectly fine. Then, they’d release a patch, on another website that turns those people into mommies and sisters, respectively. Well, that’s where LewdPatcher comes in.

A List of Patches

This entire website is literally just one page with two buttons and a list. That’s it. That’s the whole site. Now, do you understand why I said it would be hard to review at length? Anyways, the list contains all the games that have patches that are necessary to unlock the real smut potential. For some of these, it could be as simple as exchanging “neighbor” with “sister”, for others, it might mean removing censorship off of the pussies and cocks. It varies from game to game. But, the general idea is the same. You click the game you want to fix, you get a tiny file, plug it into the game’s folder, and just like that, you’re playing it as the developers originally intended it to look.

I know it’s kind of annoying, having to patch a game you just got, especially if you paid for it. Some of the games on Steam can get really pricey, but if you want to enjoy them as they should be, you need LewdPatcher. Some of these even come with no smut what-so-ever. Can you imagine that? A porn game about romancing babes with no smut at all? That’s my fucking nightmare. Imagine playing a hentai visual novel for over 40 hours only to find that there were no sex scenes at all, and the game is suddenly over. I’d throw my laptop out the window if that happened to me. So, to prevent that from happening, you’ve got LewdPatcher here to take care of you. I wholeheartedly recommend that you use their services. It’s not like they charge you for it. All of the links on here are free, and since they’re really tiny, they’re never a problem to download. You could nab these bad boys on a dial-up connection. Plus, this also means that the file-sharing sites that they use have no reason to remove them. Who would bother to remove a 10MB file that casually gets downloaded once in a while? No-one, that’s who.

Using the Site

Well, you got the gist of it. You come to this site, find the game you’re looking for and get the nude patch or anti-censorship mod, then you plop it into your game. But, is the site good for anything else? Well, kind of. Let me float a theory by you. There are countless porn games out there these days, and a lot of them are vanilla. If you’re in the market for a particularly raunchy porn game that has all kinds of weird shit, you’d have to scour the internet to find one. But, here’s the thing. The most depraved, most fucked up porn games are the ones that get deliberately censored, so you might as well head on to LewdPatcher and check the list there.

You literally have a list of games that were so raunchy that they had to be altered or censored. And, you’re finding them with the guarantee that you can fix them by restoring them to their original content. You couldn’t possibly find a list of more offensive games if you tried. That is, unless we consider the kind of underground shit that no-one would even consider putting on Patreon because it’s too disgusting for words. You’ll have to dig deep on your own for that kind of smut.

The Site and File Sharing Services

I talked about the list at length, but I haven’t mentioned that the list itself only really shows you the latest game patches. That means that there’s more to this database than what meets the eye. You’ll have to use the search bar to find more smut. This is great when you have a particular game in mind, not so much when you’re looking to be surprised. If you want to dive in randomly, you’ll have to write something in the search bar. And I mean, you can write anything and let the suggestions under the search bar guide you in the right direction. Just write in some random words or a few letters and see what pops up. It’s not ideal, but it’s the only way to navigate the site at random, from what I can tell.

Then, there are the two handy buttons on the top right. One of them literally does nothing, as it takes you back to the main page. But, there’s only one main page, so there’s no reason for it to be on the main page. Go figure. The other one, though, is really important. It is the Submit Patch button, and it lets you submit your own mods for games, in case you’ve gotten your hands on a file that could restore the smut to a porn game. It’s likely that you’ll never need to use this feature, though, as it’s usually the developers of the games that upload these patches in the first place. They want the people to be able to find their patches easily. But, in case you can’t find a particular patch on this site, and you know it exists, find it and plop it onto this list. It’s nice to help other people fap. That’s always been my motto.

It’s Very Popular

You might not think much of this site at first glance. It looks bland, uninteresting, and, well, kind of dead. But, nothing could be further from the truth. I frequent quite a few porn game forums that are all about keeping up with the latest in the industry, and I’ve seen them talk about LewdPatcher quite a lot. The site itself doesn’t have a forum or even a comments section, so it’s no wonder that it looks so static. But, don’t let that fool you. The latest patch I’m seeing up on the site right now was uploaded 3 days ago. The one before that was uploaded 4 days ago, then 5 then 7. You see where I’m going with this. You’re staying completely up to date with porn game patches thanks to this site. If a new censored porn game is coming out and it happens to have a removal patch, you can rest assured it’ll be here on the same day.

This is one of the simplest and yet most useful websites for porn game enthusiasts. I know I can’t think of a worse way to play porn games than stuffed with censorship and edits. I swear, if I have to jack off to another blurry pussy, I’m filing a complaint. As for the incest stuff and similar content edits, look. I don’t like incest games. They freak me out. But, I’m a purist when it comes to porn games. I’d rather skip a game entirely, than play a modded version that isn’t what the developer had in mind when they made the game. I have nothing but respect for the people that make porn games, and I want to extend that respect by playing their products uncensored, unfiltered, and un-fucked with.

PornGames likes Lewd Patcher

  • Simple website
  • Tons of patches for games
  • Quick downloads
  • No ads

PornGames hates Lewd Patcher

  • No option to view “all”