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Unusual Porn! I can still remember how much time I wasted on looking for a website that provides all of the games and videos that I am looking for. Back then, my knowledge of porn games was so limited. I didn't bother wasting my time searching for one. I stuck with watching videos to satisfy my fetish desires.

But it's the future my friend lonely friend, and porn games now have become quite popular. Horny motherfuckers like us won't have to be sad anymore! Yes! Now, we can do all sorts of stuff within our grandmother's basement without going out into the real world and making an ass out of ourselves. We now have the opportunity to fuck all the bitches that we like in different types of situations. Isn't that fucking great?

Let me introduce to you,, where you can find the best games to cater to all of our fetish and desires. For now, this is probably one of the best websites that you can go to and find all of the porn-related content that you are thinking of. The site has been uploading the best games and the best videos. They won't have so much content if people don't regularly visit the website.

A Paradise of Porn Games has a fuck ton of games I don't even know which one I like the most. The porn games that the website has to offer has different genres for you to enjoy. They have a wide variety of porn games for different types of fetishes. The games are sorted from the newest ones, making sure that you are updated with the newest porn games. If the new ones aren't the ones you are after, you can sort it to the most viewed, to experience the game that other users have enjoyed.

Horny incels like you won't have a hard time navigating to the website's porn games as they are categorized at the top. Once you click the porn games, you will be shown an archive for the porn games, erotic games, and hentai games category. From then, you can fap to whatever game fits your interest.

Download the games now!

All of the games on the website have to be downloaded. You can download them for free, but by batches, or by registering to a premium account and download the whole file. The games do not have a video preview, but the site provides a screenshot of the scenes giving you an idea of what happens in the game. The website is also accessible through your smartphones and your computers. Now, you can masturbate anywhere and anytime with just a few taps and clicks!

You can be forever happy with all the games that Unusualporn offers. Heck yeah, you will never run out of porn games! I can't say which game is the best as I haven't played all of the games yet. I am still overwhelmed by the amount. All I can say is, visit the site!

What I like about the site

What is there not to like? It's a fucking porn game site! I love everything that the website has to offer. I love how everything is categorized, which made it easier for me to search for porn games that I particularly like. From 3D, anime, BDSM, teens, to whatever, you name it, its there! It did give me a hard time, though, from the games that the site offers. It took me some time to choose a fucking game. Yes! All of the games are so fucking tempting to try.

The layout of the website is also good, making it easy to navigate through the site. It is very user-friendly, especially for horny fuckers. The overall look of the website makes me want to stay there forever. It has a relaxing color, an attractive thumbnail, and a lot of porn games. Because of this, I didn't lose a single boner the whole time I was on the website while searching for the games that I want to try out.

Thanks to the layout, everything for me is ready. I didn't have to worry if ever I have a hard time looking for what I want because there are suggestions. On the side, I can see popular searches; it can give me an idea of what other horny fuckers are searching for. There is also recent searches, which keeps me updated on what might be the best recent porn to watch. Also, on each category, you can sort to see which ones are new, have been viewed most, and latest viewed. And I'm telling you, everything is fucking great!

This is probably one of the great things that I like about the website; there are no ads. Surprisingly, the whole time that I stayed on the site, I didn't see any advertisements. I will definitely give props to the makers of the website for not putting ads. I fucking hate ads, especially when I have a boner. I mean, who in the world can put up with these fucking ads while having a boner? So, with that being said, having no ads is a big win-win. Thank you, Unusualporn!

Further, has many porn games for you to choose from! And when I say many, I mean a lot! Right now, there are 484 pages. Shit! I can't even make it to the 10th page without downloading a fucking game! is like a fucking porn paradise! I couldn't fucking ask for more!

Porn videos? No Problem! They also have videos that are so fucking amazing. They load pretty fast, considering that I watched it with a 720p video quality. Most of the videos have to be downloaded to watch the full video, but they also have a 6-minute preview, which is good because I like getting straight to the point. The videos also do not open a new page. They pop up as a window within the page, which I can close anytime and not wait for the page to load again.

What I don’t like about the site

To be honest, there really isn't much that I don't like about the website. The only thing that I'm not very satisfied with is the videos where you have to download it to view the full clip. But, there are previews of the videos, so I think that makes up for it. I'm okay with the 6-minute previews because I like to get straight to the point - empty my sperm-filled balls.

Also, some porn games take a lot of time to download, especially if you are downloading for free. It can sometimes be a pain in the neck because the files have to be downloaded one by one. With that amount of games, I guess that's the catch for downloading it for free. Why can't they put some video previews of the porn games just like how they did in the videos? That sucks, right?

My recommendations for improving the website

Just like what I have mentioned above, the videos on the website could've been more satisfying if some of the videos don't have to be downloaded. If the previews are there to save up more space for more videos, then edit the cut scenes wherein it shows more of the best parts of sex. The current sex scenes are good, but not for all of the videos. Also, it could be better if the porn games also had previews, so I can know in advance if I downloaded a good game.


Overall, is a great go-to website whenever your dick gets hard. The website loads real quick, considering the number of videos and porn games that are stored within the website. Everything on the site can be accessed through your mobile phone or computer. Undoubtedly, the people who created this website put in a crazy amount of time and effort. This is the type of website that I will definitely go back to. has a lot of different categories to choose from, so us horny fuckers can choose whichever video or game we would like to masturbate to. The videos and games can easily be downloaded, and there are no ads or a membership requirement. Just go to the website, find your fetish, and download.

PornGames likes UnusualPorn

  • Easy to navigate
  • Good website layout
  • User-friendly
  • A lot of porn games
  • Fast loading time
  • Available on different platforms

PornGames hates UnusualPorn

  • Videos have to be downloaded for a full version
  • A short preview of the videos
  • Games have to be downloaded to play
  • No preview on the porn games