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TF Games, aka TFGamesSite! What’s up, motherfuckers! Are you up for some endurance extravaganza or looking for some adventure in a vast area of sex games? Or probably craving for some action or a game of porn? My genius and masculinity did not just exist to keep you in the dark or a dry spell. Let me rephrase that. I did not just become a fucking saint just for your dicks to be withered, shriveled, or well, desiccated.

Thank god that I existed to save you fuckers from your impending fragmentation. You do not have to search the whole World Wide Web to find a site that will keep your stale dick wet. I got you from that dilemma and proposed this motherfucking site called Do not start drooling now, and stop your cock from standing up.

This dope-ass site offers a wide array of games that were once found in the forums and wiki shits. In this way, the concise, nice, and precise format will make the searching shit to come in relaxed and unproblematic. So, this database is a whole lot beneficial for a person with intellectual disabilities. Yep, you are right! I am looking at you.

Buckle up shitheads because I am about to take you on a roller-coaster kind of ride where you will leave your tiny little brains in the air. This may be hard for you to understand—as always—considering your standpoint and brain processing, but I will make it very, very, very easy for you. So no worries, this will be very simple that even a circus ape with average intelligence can keep up with what I will be spouting about.

The Site

If you are reading this, I will take it that you are one of those lazy-ass idiots who read—if you even actually know what that word means—concise descriptions of the games you found in the forums and wiki. I don’t need to verify that question or evaluate that comment since, for god’s sake! I know I am fucking right! I am always right. And that’s on period.

The will take care of all of your needs and treat you as a family. It is like Facebook but for horny motherfuckers. There is a community that will make you enjoy your stay and elevate your experience on the site. This community will help you navigate this world of lust and desire. They may become your friends or foes.

On the other hand, members of the forum can write fucking reviews, officiate or do some cool contests, add new game listings, and lot more than your pea-sized brain can even imagine. But I guess, even imagining is hard work for you too.

In this database, you can practically talk shit about stuff, and at some point, you will be praised by it or probably get attacked. Either way, it practiced the art of freedom of expression in a way for your cerebrum to process. They are in the game for like eight years and continue to slay, which other fucking sites can’t relate since they’d be like rising for a couple of years then falling like a London bridge for another year. It’d be like having a girlfriend and waking up the next morning, and it’s gone. Yep, that is the most conducive and easiest example for you to digest.

Navigation, Design, and Layout

In terms of navigation, the is fine. Their navigation is forgivable. It is like having sex and traversing a whore’s body and quickly locating its pussy. It is practical and manageable. No hocus-focus just a simple, basic ass and mediocre navigation that fulfills its purpose of being like signage in the site that prevents you from getting lost from its tons and tons of content. But is it engaging? Not quite. I’ve seen a lot of better sites that have more brilliant navigation systems.

In layout, I just don’t know what to say. Like whoever did the design of this site should be put in jail and face the wrath of the electric chair. I cannot stress this enough, ELECTRIC CHAIR! Y’all, it is fucking basic—not a forgivable basic but a kind of basic that should not have seen the light of the day. All I can see is texts and more texts. The design looks like it was made decades ago. Hell! Centuries ago!

The layout looks like it was murdered a thousand times and revived thousands more. When what this layout needs it to be put in a casket, buried, and then forgets that it exists. Yes, that’s the shit that we all should do, forget. The font did not help at all. Font supposedly one of the parts of the site that will captivate its motherfucking audience, but in this database, it does not help at all. What the font did was drag the site to the pits of hell. The color combination is tragic. But hey! Good thing they have a great deal of content. Halle-fucking-lujah for that one!


The lack of decency in their design, layout, and navigation in their site is filled with an ass load of content. The site has a total of 1,557 games, held 32 contests, did a whopping 14,576 reviews; there are a total of 30 engines, an adult themes of 9 and 26 transformation themes, and counting. They also have constant game updates on the recent refurbishment and renovation of the game.

The recent reviews from the community, game submissions, and the community favorites can be viewed on the home page. They seem to be continually growing numbers on the game side as game submissions are being submitted and approved.

Another good thing about this site is the availability of browsing mechanism. You can browse the site by author, game engine, adult theme, multimedia theme, transformation theme, contests, and even content rating. Moreover, there is also an advanced search that is helpful for those dull-witted, empty-headed bastards. You already know who you are, don’t pretend. At least this site is very accommodating for your lack of intelligence.

What I Like

What to like about their site is the existence of forums and communities. All you have to do to attain that is to register. You just have to agree on the site’s terms and conditions. Think of a username, put down your email address, and add a password that is hard to crack. Nothing complicated, just processes that are right up in your alley—understandable, easy, and mediocre like your sorry personality.

Another thing is you can choose your pronoun. Their layout may be made centuries ago, but they are woke to the happenings of the world, especially to the gender identity shit. You can be addressed as They/Them/Theirs or in Third Person, or if still confused, you can just fill it with Not Telling. Yes, all of those things are available in the choice and much more. Also, read their rules and regulations in order not to look a prick on the site. Read and educate yourself. There is no room for ignorance in the online world.


First things first, for the sake of fuck, improve your fucking design and layout. This is fucking 2021. People want fresh and innovative, and looking at this site makes me want to run and not come back, that is how calamitous the design and layout is. Do something that makes your patron and audience want to stay not bolting in the exit as soon as they see the horrendous home page.

The font and color selection, again, make it fucking pleasing. Add some fucking life to the home page. The home page is crowded with text whenever my eyes touch is text, and it feels constricting and dull. If this site is targeting the minimalistic design of their database, well fuck, the site is below than minimalist. It’s nothing but text. Graphic designs and videos will take the website to the next level.

The site shows a lot of promise. They have a fair amount of visitors and plenty of people in their community. All they have to do to maintain—not just continually updating their game and content but also to develop their site more and make it more user-friendly and attractive.

Conclusion may not be the leading site in terms of their navigation, layout, and design, but the promising amount of content and the continuous growth of their games and reviews will be one of the reasons why they are still in the business until this age. They have a community that is growing. The huge problem I found on the site is the design and layout, but if they just update it. That would make a huge difference and probably create an impact.

PornGames likes TFGames

  • There is a great deal of content to choose from
  • The gender identity in which you can choose what pronoun you want to be addressed
  • It loads easily

PornGames hates TFGames

  • The navigation system
  • The tragic color combination
  • The mediocre design
  • The disastrous selection of font