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Lewd Ninja! I’m probably as surprised as you are to see how far we’ve come with the availability of custom subdomains. I didn’t know you could have a site that ends in “ninja,” but here we are. Custom subdomains are all the rage. Porn games are also quite popular these days. But let’s get the obvious out of the way first. This is certainly not a porn game. It is a website, and I try to review both websites and games simultaneously on my website to make sure that I’m covering my spread. I want to cover every nook and cranny of the Internet if there is something to be found that relates to porn games in any way.

I’m pretty sure that you are very familiar with these types of websites already. After all, I have covered several dozens of these, and I will continue to catalog every single one of them. You can think of them as smaller versions of F95. <strong>LewdNinja is a straightforward website that aims to collect a bunch of porn games for you to enjoy and keep them under the same umbrella and the same domain</strong>. Most if not all of these games are Windows games. I know that some of these games would technically be compatible with Linux, but that market isn’t being targeted here for the most part. This is a website for Windows games.

<h3>Tags, Categories, Genres</h3>

One thing that really sticks out right off the bat is that the main menu you see on the top of your screen lists all of the types of pornography they’ve got on this site. The first option is called 3D games, but this is a bit of a mistake, and I think they will fix it eventually. It’s actually the menu for all of the porn games and not just the 3D games. Under that menu, you can find another menu termed 3D games, and that’s where those actually are. All the rest of it are the different categories that you can use to sort through these games.

And let me tell you, there are a lot of different categories to sort through. Still, I wouldn’t say I like how 2D and 3D are listed as categories right next to anal and corruption. Some of these are genres; others are categories, but they are all lumped together into the same list as tags. There are many tags, and as you may already know, tags can be cross-referenced. So, you can play a 3D game that also features bondage and is gay. That’s how tags work. We will talk more about the categories and tags later; for now, let’s look at the rest of this menu on the top of the screen.

<h3>Fresh and Hot Comics</h3>

There appear to be comic books on this website under the comics menu. These, too, are divided into several categories. So I checked them out, and I found them to be kind of confusing. They are pretty good comics for the most part, but they are strangely random. There doesn’t seem to be any consistency in the quality. Some of them are incredibly well-made, professionally drawn comics that look like they came straight out off of a store shelf, but others look like they were scribbled onto a napkin by a drunk dude. I suspect that the comic section isn’t the main appeal of LewdNinja. I think that they want you to focus on just porn games. Either way, you have all of these comics on here just in case you really want to check out something less animated.

And speaking of animation, there is also an entire section devoted to short animated clips. Again, this is a compromise between the comics and the video games in that they are moving pictures, but they are not interactive. This is another section that was thrown in to pad out the size of the site, but I actually like this section. I prefer animations to comics, and I am familiar with some of these animations featured. I have seen them on other websites.

Some of these are just short clips taken from hentai movies, and others are rendered animations made by budding artists who have very particular tastes. For example, if there are some famous cartoon characters that you would like to see naked, or better yet, having sex, you might find exactly what you’re looking for on LewdNinja. They have an animation featuring the 101 Dalmatians. Now that’s fucked up.

<h3>Hot 2D and 3D Animations</h3>

There also seem to be some animations that are gameplay recordings from games that you can download on LewdNinja. In other words, you can see gameplay from the games without actually having to play them. It is great if you need to fap really quickly and don’t have the time to download any of these games. It’s also the best way to get to some quick faps if you are on the phone.

The real concern is why you should go to LewdNinja instead of other similar websites? Well, it’s all about the curation. Whoever is behind this website knows how to find high-quality porn games. These games are all absolute bangers. Some of them seem a bit amateurish, but that’s okay. The best porn games come from indie developers, and that’s why some of these games look like they were made on a shoestring budget.

<h3>The Latest Versions of Games</h3>

Another thing to note is that a lot of these games are still being developed. Meaning they are still being improved upon, and they still have story elements that haven’t been published yet. They receive regular updates from the developers who made them, so that means that you need to come back at a later time to get your hands on the update. However, LewdNinja is not where the developers post updates; therefore, you can’t know for sure that LewdNinja has the latest versions of every game.

This is not a problem with LewdNinja in particular; it’s just the general issue of keeping track of game updates as they release. As far as I can tell, all games towards the top of the list on LewdNinja are featured in their latest iteration. So, the people behind this website are doing a great job at staying on top of things.

<h3>Dive in at Random</h3>

It’s nice to have a site like this where you can just dive into a list of porn games without having to think too hard about what you’re trying to find. You have a tagging system in place if you have a very specific type of game in mind; however, if you are going at this blind, you will still have a great time. These games are all very entertaining. And sure, some of them are visual novels which I have complained about before. Games that feature women speaking for hours on end are hardly my idea of a good time. Still, I know that a lot of people enjoy visual novels, so it’s not like I’m going to complain about them being popular. There are a lot of visual novels on LewdNinja, and that’s what the public wants.

Aside from those, you will also find several point-and-click adventure games that use a visual novel engine but are actually built as exploration games. If you need an example, just look at Milfy City. These are pre-rendered 3D games, meaning that they will run perfectly on any computer. In fact, most of the games on this website would run just fine on just about any computer that could run any games. Some of them will even run on a smart fridge.

<h3>Chat on Discord</h3>

LewdNinja also has a Discord server for some reason. I am not currently a member since I’m a bit too busy reviewing porn sites and porn games to be chatting up random perverts. But if you are a random pervert, then here you go. You have a lovely welcoming place where you can get together with other people who, like you, are very lonely. So get on their discord server if you want to chat with other dudes about porn games.

I would recommend the specific games you need to check out on this site, except there are so many new titles that I don’t want to bog you down with the same recommendations as before. Most of my favorite porn games are already two years old, and there are multiple new titles on LewdNinja that you should probably check out instead. Personally, I would recommend that you just dive into them at random and see what you find. Who knows, you might discover your next favorite porn game. 

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