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Fap Nation

FapNation! Looking to fap to a new, hot game that will blow your mind as quickly as it helps you blow your load? Then you came to the right fucking place. I don’t have one single game for you this time around. I know you horny gamers need a selection of quality titles to pick and choose from.

Don’t worry, I’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. Whip out your inhalers because I’ve got a site that’s full of kinky sex games that you probably won’t find anywhere else. Oh, did I mention that all of those games are available for free? Yeah, no need to dig out your grimy velcro wallet and dish out any dosh for this site. It’s all served up to you on a glorious silver platter. is a free porn site with all kinds of games and comics. Of course, I’ll be focusing on the hot sex games, but feel free to pop around and take a look at their comic selection. They’ve got some good shit there. The site is relatively new. It launched at the very end of 2017 and has been amassing titles to grow its ever-expanding catalog since then. And they have done really fucking well. They bring in anywhere between 5-6 million of you fappers monthly.

Sleek & Modern Site Design

The site has a pretty sleek design. It’s got a dark black theme with this giant image banner at the top of the site that flips through the newest comics and games. It’s a very nice site to look at. Not many download sites look nearly this good. I’m a fan. And they even have a big-ass search bar down below the banner with some decent search options. You can narrow your search there by a whole bunch of sub-categories when it comes to comics. The games section is mainly broken up by the operating system.

Speaking of hot sex games, you’ll want to go to to follow along with me. Alternatively, you could simply hit the “Games” tab in the header to get there. Now, that’s not to be confused with the “Sex Games” option. That one takes you offsite to somewhere else that has even more hentai games for you to fap to.

Browse Games for Every Operating System!

And the games tab has a few different options for you to click on when you hover your cursor over it. You can simply hit the header button to a selection of every single game on this massive site, or you can narrow your field down by the operating system. They have games here that will run on fucking anything. That includes you nerdy Linux users out there. You can also sort by games that have been completed. That way, you’re not getting pages full of unfinished shit that you can’t even bust a nut to.

You’ll probably notice the ads once you make your selection. The site has a fair share of them. The banners aren’t too bad. You’ll see them above the search results as well as bordering the content on the actual game page. But the pop-ups fucking suck. Your first five or six clicks on the site will throw up a new tab with whatever stupid bullshit is being advertised. At least it seems to stop after a while.

Hard to Find the Perfect Game Since the Site Lacks Sorting & Filter Options

Regardless of which option you decided to sort by, you’ll see a list of newly added games to that category. Unfortunately, you can’t really sort by anything else. There are no options for organizing the page by games that are popular, trending, or have the most plays. Also, there isn’t a category page! What the fuck is up with that? Sure, you can click on the tags listed in the game previews, but that is a major pain the ass if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

All of that aside, the previews are pretty decent. You get a long list of like 20+ tags for fetish content in the game. You can also check out the full title of the game, the name of the creator, the version that the game is on (or if it is completed), and you can see when the game was uploaded. Oh, and you get a sizeable image preview of either the cover or a screenshot from one of the sex scenes.

Informative Game Previews With HD Screenshots

On the full game page, you get an even bigger image preview to look at as well as a large selection of images from the game. Here you can read a short synopsis of the game, get links to the creator’s website/Patreon, view installation instructions for you dumb fucks out there who can’t figure out how to press the download button, and you can read some reviews. The game gets a rating out of 5 stars. It’d be nice to have that rating in the previews. That way, I don’t click through to the fifth 1 star game in a row again.

Like most sites, you can see all the games that are similar to the one you’re looking at. And, last but not least, you can hit the download button to get any of these kinky porn games for free. To the site’s credit, it doesn’t throw you on some jank-ass ad page first. You get sent right to the file host where you can download the game with ease. There’s no catches either. You don’t have to sign-up for some pricey subscription or premium downloader account to get this awesome content.

Great Mobile Site With Mobile Games You Can Download and Play on the Go!

The mobile site is great. The entire layout is formatted properly for mobile users. There’s no need to zoom in on shit or fuck around with shitty menus. And this download site actually has content that you can play on your phone. Hit the “Android” option below the game tab to get a whole slew of kinky games that you can nut to while on the go. Or, fuck it, throw those games on a tablet and jerk off to them in the comfort of your own bed. The choice is yours.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features kills it with its selection of hot porn games. You get a little bit of everything. SFM, western, hentai, toon, you fucking name it, and this site has tons of it. Being able to download games quickly and directly from the file host was a nice touch. I hate having to sit on those cluttered ad pages with all of the ads for dick growth pills for 15 seconds before I can move on. Fuck, if my dick gets any bigger, I think I’ll pass out when I get hard anyway. And the overall site experience was pretty good.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Get some fucking filter options and category pages! I’m still shocked that they don’t have that shit. Hell, they don’t even have a tags page. All of those pages should be standard. Especially for a site like this where you have to flip through hundreds of pages of content to find what you want. That alone would make the site so much better and easier to browse. If they did that and cooled it with the ads a bit, I’d say this site was a must-visit. But, as is, they still have some work to do before they reach that level of awesomeness.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is worthy of my recommendation. I think you fucks should check it out. It’s packed with thousands of premium-level games that you don’t have to pay a cent to play. I know you cheapskates must like the sound of that shit. That way, you can spend more cash on crusty anime body pillows or whatever it is you betas buy. No more crawling to your mom to beg her for a 20 spot to get a new hentai game. Once you’re older than 16, that shit gets cringy. But, yeah, go give this site a visit if you’re a fan of free porn games.

PornGames likes Fap Nation

  • Thousands of premium quality porn games available for free
  • Fast and easy downloads with no required subscription costs
  • Loads of hot games full of fetish content
  • Quality desktop and mobile site design

PornGames hates Fap Nation

  • Frequent pop-up ads
  • The site lacks filter options and category pages