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Super Seducer 2

I know I normally only review porn games, but sometimes a funny little adult title will slip through the cracks and put a smile on my face, and I just have to recommend it to you guys. Full disclosure, this game is not a smut title. Not even close. But it is a dating game, much like the ones you’re used to seeing on my lists. Except, where you play those dating games for the smut payoff, you play this one for the gameplay and writing, and it’s fucking hilarious. From what I can tell, the whole game basically made by one guy who directs his studio and has a vision.

A Stand Up Developer

From the mind of British womanizer Richard La Ruina, comes the trilogy of Super Seducer. Today, I’m specifically talking about the second one in the series, but it doesn’t make that much of a difference. They’re sort of episodically linked, and it’s basically the same game with more content than the last, each time.

This guy’s a self-professed love guru, kind of like yours truly, and normally I’d have gripes with that. Too many people call themselves players, and they go on and on about negging and all these stupid methods they use to get women into bed. There’s really only one way to get a woman into bed without being sleazy, and that’s being yourself. This guy certainly gets it. He’s so unapologetically himself that it’s very infectious. I mean he’s no jacked-up superstar, and I don’t think he’s particularly rich, but he’s a damn funny guy with a ton of confidence. He reminds me of me, plain and simple.

It’s also worth noting that he’s apparently a writer with a successful published title on picking up chicks, though he prefers to call himself a seducer more than anything else. It’s a nice title, I guess. I love seducing women too, so I can definitely relate. I haven’t read his book yet, but if it’s anything like his games, I’m sure it’s a barrel full of laughs with quality tips and tricks in between.

A Different Kind of Dating Game

So what is Super Seducer 2? Well, it’s an FMV game, first and foremost. If you don’t know what those are, I don’t blame you. They were popular in the mid-90s until developers realized that they’re too fucking expensive to produce and kind of pointless in the long run. They made no money. Now, they flopped because they used real film cameras to record these games. That’s a freaking nightmare.

These days you can record better video with an iPhone. That’s why it makes a lot more sense that FMV games are coming back, especially in niche genres. So, this whole thing’s basically just one recorded scene after another, and you get a lot of branching path choices. You decide what the main character, Richard, says to random girls that he meets in the streets, in clubs and damn near everywhere else. The game has a lot of scene diversity. I mean, at one point in the game, you can launch actual ballistic missiles at a YouTube convention. Why? Who cares. This game doesn’t take itself too seriously. But Richard sure does.

Learning the Tricks of the Trade

Ever since Eben Pagan went by David DeAngelo and wrote Double Your Dating, the internet’s been eating up pick-up artist instructional literature like it was going out of style. These books practically fly off the shelves, because dudes are desperate to figure out how to get into girls’ pants. Normally I like to make fun of pick-up artists and the people that subscribe to their nonsense, because most of what they say is cookie cutter trash that a 13-year-old might come up with. Like, they’ll often tell you that a way to a woman’s heart is to break her confidence and make her depend on you so that she loses all sense of self-worth. That sounds more like a strategic approach to dominating a small European country and not a romantic plot.

Our boy Richard here isn’t too far above these kinds of shenanigans, but he carries himself with humor, and that makes all the difference. He’s not here telling you that you’re going to double your dating or whatever. He’s just trying to throw funny and cheap tricks at you so that you have some fun and maybe use some of those to break the ice when you’re out of ideas. Perhaps you’ll find yourself at the club terrified of approaching a girl, and you’ll remember Richard’s tips, and they’ll make you laugh maniacally. That laughter might eventually make you charismatic, who knows.

Useful Dating Tips?

Now, I’m not saying that the only upside to Richard’s advice is that you can laugh at how juvenile it is. There’s some quality stuff thrown in the mix. I mean, most of it is kind of forgettable, but he does throw in a couple of important tidbits here and there. Like, how you don’t approach a woman head-on like a charging bull and ask her for her phone number. You approach slightly from the side, so that you seem less threatening. These are random-ass scientific facts that don’t really get discussed. There’s also a lot of good tips on grooming and body posture that can generally help with your self-confidence.

So, the game does actually help you up your game to a certain extent, but it won’t make you a lady killer either. I recommend that you think of this game as a fun romp through some interesting fictional scenarios and not a self-help book. The lessons are very much secondary to the humor. It’s about trying to hit on fictional chicks and having a good time doing it.

It’s Fucking Hilarious

I mentioned that this game has branching paths, and that’s sort of the whole point of the gameplay. Richard approaches a girl, you get a prompt, and you decide how he’s going to introduce himself and what exactly you’d like for him to say. Then, when she responds, you get another prompt for the follow-up, and so on. There’s a ton of prompts, and usually, you get upwards of six different things you can say at a time, and most of them are very sensible.

You can choose to say hi or flat out scream, “What’s up, girl? Where you going?”. Naturally, some are better than others, but what I really love about this game is that they threw in a shit ton of funny responses that are obviously the wrong choice, but they’re damn entertaining to watch. You see, if you choose to say the wrong thing, the game doesn’t stop you. The scene plays out. So take, for example, a choice between “Catch her attention verbally” and “Gaze into her eyes whilst beckoning her with your finger as if it’s a penis”. Yes, those are actual choices that you have when approaching one of these girls. Obviously, the first option is the better of the two, but the second one had me choking on my soda, because Richard is a fucking comedian.

And if you think that’s the craziest one, my friend, you’ve got another thing coming. At one point in the game, you can ask a cutie back to your place, but you have the option of also threatening to chop up her family and eat their livers if she says no, and Richard has to act the whole thing out. This guy’s not actually a comedian, and he’s certainly not an actor, but he’s got chops for both. I’ve never played an adult game that made me laugh more than this one.

Sexy Scenes?

This might be an adult game with adult themes, but overall it’s very tame. There are no explicit scenes what so ever, though you do get to see a lot of chicks in various stages of undress. I mean, there are scenes with strippers, implied hookers, and a ton of random babes that strip down to their underwear. Naturally, the more you romance them, the less clothes they have on, but it comes down to making out, and then that’s pretty much it, mission complete.

You don’t get to actually bang them. I assume Richard does this off-camera and more power to him. I don’t really understand why it was rated M. I guess sexual implications and hardcore flirting are kind of mature themes, but 17+ seems like a bit too much. Maybe I’m just a bit too liberal, but when I was 16, I was bending over bitches like there was no tomorrow.

PornGames likes Super Seducer 2

  • It’s Hilarious
  • High Quality Scenes
  • Tons of Content
  • Sort-of Replayable
  • Free Tips and Tricks

PornGames hates Super Seducer 2

  • M Rating
  • but no Sex Scenes