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I’ve been seeing more and more of these games come up on my stack lately and I don’t frankly know why. Sissification seems to be huge nowadays. Men like being sissified. I don’t know how that works. I mean, I know that most of them aren’t into dudes, so it’s not a gay thing. And, sure, some of them are trans, but I doubt that millions of dudes are randomly coming out as trans all of the sudden. I think this is very much a straight dude fetish that seems to squeeze the cum out of so many prostates. Personally, I’m not too much of a fan. I play these games for the reviews. I enjoyed Trap Quest, but mostly because I went around trying to make my character’s boobs as big as possible. They get fucking massive if you try.

SecretaryGame is a new addition to the long roster of such sissification and sex change games. The two terms seem to be used interchangeably in these games to denote some sort of natural process of men turning into women over time, as long as they submit enough. Games like these also often have some form of medicine or magic that helps speed the process along. In this game, it’s a pink pill that your boss gives you. She wants you to take it regularly and every time you pop one your body turns more and more feminine. I only played for about 40 minutes and my character, who started out as a standard dude, ended up a transgender woman with large cans a wide spread asshole and a thirst for every genital out there. 

HTML Games Are Easy to Make

Speaking of, my character was clearly a bisexual nymphomaniac of some sort, or at least, that’s how I played him, or is it her. Really, it’s up to you. I mean, these games are very queer friendly and they let you morph around through your fantasies. You don’t necessarily have to brand them or even understand them, as long as the point is to get off and enjoy the gameplay. I think there’s a lot to be enjoyed here, provided you actually give a shit about sissification.

I reviewed a couple of very similar games recently that even had the exact same layout, with the HTML browser-based engine and all, but I prefer this one to those, even though this one in particular doesn’t seem to have any smut. I experienced like 10 different sex scenes and every single one came with no nudity or visual depiction. You get art representing the rooms you are in and a few portraits to show you the people you are speaking to, but that’s about it. There’s nothing else to show. Maybe you get actual sex scenes down the line if you earn them, I do not know. I played the game pretty devotedly and found no pussy, ass, titty or even cock, except for the one shower scene that shows you … showering. That’s it.

Still, I think that SecretaryGame has a ton of potential because of the way it was structured. It’s technically an open world game in which you go through days of your life with responsibilities to tend to and a bunch of optional things to cram into your schedule, if you so choose. You make friends, you talk to people, you explore the world and you learn more about this fucked up universe in which men are just magically turned into women for fun and sexual pleasure. Just a note, not every man in this game is a sissy cuck. In fact, you seem to be the only one that you interact with. So, the characters around you are different, but they’re not surprised. They know what’s up.

Sissy Secretary Reporting for Duty

The most important character in the game is your boss. You’re her personal assistant, though she prefers to call you a sissy secretary. She’s the one who brings up the idea of sissification in the first place. Hell, she outright demands it. Now, you get to resist if you want to, but that directly affects your story. She’s playing you, like a fiddle. You are her walking talking sex toy and even though she actually needs you to do real work on your computer at the office, she’s also getting her kicks from parading you around as a sissy, forcing you to wear girls’ clothes and locking you in a cock cage plus buttplug combo for an extended period of time. She actually told me at one point that I’ve been a good girl long enough to get a break from the cock cage, but I figured, fuck it. I’ve been wearing it for two weeks already, let’s see how far I’ll go before the damn thing explodes. So, I asked her to leave it on.

Speaking of explosions, your sissy character is constantly growing hornier. I mean, you try walking around with a cock cage and a buttplug while you’re wearing a skirt. It’s only natural to get wet and wild. You can try to satisfy that horniness in private to get your bearings and generally soothe your character so they can focus better, or you can ride it out and accidentally blow a load at a random time. There are many fun ways in which you can sexually frustrate your character only to experience them having some sort of sexual explosion down the line.

Stories, NPCs and Places

The story doesn’t end with your dommy boss, by the way. There’s so much more to experience. She introduces you with a lot of people who are also looking to treat you like a female sexual object. These people will shamelessly plug you, fuck you, suck you and measure your breasts and cock for no reason other than to satisfy their scientific curiosity. Shit is whack, yo. Everyone in this game treats you like an object. It’s some sort of submission fetish and I’m sure a lot of people are going to get off to this content. 

I like how your landlady offers you some extra walking around money in exchange for cleaning apartments around your building, but she only lets you do it if you wear a stereotypical French maid’s outfit. I find it kind of funny, but again, it’s supposed to be a sexual thing. Oh, before I forget. If you find a cat out in the wild, rescue it. If you ignore it, like I did, the police arrests you on a charge of animal cruelty and your game ends. Seriously, the only lose condition I found was not being nice to a cat. I wasn’t mean, I just walked away. No bueno. You gotta pet the kitty. 

Simple, Fun, Replayable

This game resembles Degrees of Lewdity. It’s obvious. That game inspired a generation of porn game developers and it shows. Most of the fun mechanics from that game can be found in this one, except for the combat sex scenes. There’s no interaction during the sex scenes. You read them out. They’re written pretty well and they’re color coded so you can tell the difference between dialogue and exposition, but it’s still all text. I would have appreciated some visual aids here and there. No joy. You get no visual aids. You get barely any graphics and a fuckton of text.

In theory, this works great. It’s interactive Literotica with a few portrait images here and there. In practice, it’s a long form tease for nerds who really and I mean really want to be sissified in real life. Games like these might actually be therapeutic to some trans people who are in the closet. But, for the rest of you SecretaryGame is just a great fetish game that you can use to milk yourself dry. I’m pretty damn sure that if you enjoy this game, you’ll end up wearing your own butt plug and chastity cage. It may not be my thing, but I get the idea. It’s fun to experiment.

I’d say that you should try SecretaryGame right away, especially since it’s entirely free, runs in-browser and you can download it to your PC if you so choose. This also works on phones. Basically, it’s an HTML collection, a website. You can browse locally or online, it doesn’t matter. You can save your game at will and you can customize a great deal of the gameplay ahead of time so that your experience matches your expectations. It goes beyond difficulty choices. You can straight up choose to skip entire chapters if you don’t like intros, for example. This game works really hard to try and please you through fetishistic domination and I love that about it. 

PornGames likes Secretary The Game

  • Open world gameplay
  • Tons of potential
  • Very fetishistic

PornGames hates Secretary The Game

  • No on-screen pussy or cock