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If you’re a fan of Degrees of Lewdity, you’ll be very familiar with the interface to this amazing new video game that is, of course, entirely Patreon funded. It’s another one of those, guys. Well, another free porn game that’s loaded to the brim with quality. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that this is the brainchild of just one guy in a basement somewhere. <strong>Become Someone is mostly a text-based adventure game, again, like Degrees of Lewdity</strong>. I’m also pretty damn sure they’re using the exact same game engine. It’s browser-based and fast as fuck. I recognized it from the save menu. I don’t know what it’s called, but I can tell it’s a pure HTML game engine that mostly just moves text and images around.

Luckily, Become Someone is not entirely text-based, yay, there’s over 3GB of content in here, and over 90% of it is actually fully animated porn featuring some of the most popular pornstars from western productions that you’re probably already familiar with. So, if you’ve ever fapped to Sasha Grey or Piper Perri, congratulations, you’ll both enjoy and recognize the bitches in this game. So, what’s the deal? How can a game be both text-based and loaded with porn videos? It’s actually quite simple. Hell, try the game out for more than a minute, and you’ll see how they put shit together. It works pretty well as far as I’m concerned.

<h3>Open World RPG</h3>

You’ve got your standard open-world gameplay with multiple destinations across a small town and a bunch of bitches that you can interact with. There are also some RPG elements, allowing you to improve certain stats of your character, thereby unlocking certain interactions down the line. For example, if there’s a bitch who only bangs buff dudes, you got to hit the gym. It’s straightforward shit, but it works really well. That’s the second reason why I compared this game to Degrees of Lewdity. The concepts are very fucking similar. The only exception, really, is that that game uses tiny 8-bit animations to portray the smut and the map, whereas <strong>this game has actual art for the open world and actual smut videos for the action</strong>. It’s kind of a more adult version of Degrees of Lewdity, but with significantly less of a fantastical approach.

Become Someone is a modern game set in modern times. You have a touchscreen phone; technology is properly 21st century appropriate, and so on. There’s also no magic or fantastical shit as far as I could find, which works great for people on the lookout for a porn game that is more down to Earth. Basically, if you’re a Chad who doesn’t have the time for nerd shit, you’d play this game. If you were a nerd, you’d play Degrees of Lewdity on account of the better writing.

<h3>This Game’s Fun as Fuck</h3>

Speaking of the writing, while it might not be the best I’ve ever seen, it’s pretty damn acceptable and impressive given the game’s scope. Consider that this game features dozens of bitches, dozens of locations, and countless interactions across both the bitches and the places you’ll be visiting. All of that shit is written in text form, explained to you with exposition and options that allow you to pursue alternate options in certain situations. You pave your own way while reading the dialogue and exposition and choosing what to do next. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot of fucking writing in the game, and I, personally, didn’t catch any typos, dumb humor, or unnecessary bullshit. The game is very straightforward, and I have to give it props for that.

Anyone can play this game and enjoy it. I said it’s the Chad version of certain nerdy games, but honestly, as long as you like pussy and you’ve got time to kill, then you’ll enjoy Become Someone. That’s just how that works. It’s an incredible open-world game that’s downright fucking busted with content. I doubt you’ll get through half of the damn game in one sitting. Hell, you’ll probably be grinding away at this game for days, if not weeks, and then they’ll update it, adding even more content, so you’ll just come back for more.

<h3>Easy, Accessible, Flexible, Fun</h3>

By the way, this game has zero grinding for an RPG with stats in it. You can go to the gym to become stronger or go to college to get smarter, but that’s a one-button click. There’s no contextual mini-game or annoying time-wasting shit that you have to click through to unlock the sexy content eventually. The sexy content is the default gameplay, and it never goes away. Granted, sometimes you have to take a break to get from one location to the other, and not all the bitches are down to fuck from the get-go, but we’re talking about seconds here. It takes a second to go from your house to the mall; for example, then you can find some bitch there and strike up a conversation.

The best part of this being an HTML game that uses WebM videos and gifs for the animations is that everything loads seemingly instantly. You can play the game on the official site that I’ve linked to here, or you can go from there and catch a download link. The game weighs a little over 3GB, but it won’t take that long to download. Now, the game loads instantly in-browser, and you never have to download it if you don’t want to. On top of that, it allows you to save your progress across devices, no matter where you played it, no matter which browser you used, and no matter which game version you were on, as long as you don’t try a new save on an older version of the game – which you wouldn’t do because that makes no sense.

<h3>Runs Great on a Smart Fridge</h3>

The point is, the game is flexible as all hell. If you play it online, the loading times are always lower than 1 second for every single animation or porn clip that you watch. But if you’re on third-world internet and it’s ruining your experience, then take the L and download the entire game to your PC, then play it locally. That way, the loading times are literally in the milliseconds, and you can breeze through the game faster than if it were a triple-A first-person shooter. It’s really fucking fast. HTML is a simple language, and browsers load text and images with the speed of fucking lightning.

I don’t have a preferred browser for this shit, but I tried the game on every browser I had, and it worked exactly the fucking same. I also took some screenshots for you to check out the action within the game. I don’t want you to feel tricked in case this game’s format isn’t exactly your cup of tea. You can’t see it in the screenshots, but most of that smut is animated unless it’s like a photograph of the bitch in question, and she’s just introducing herself. I appreciate the balance between the photos and videos. Usually, they use images for exposition and videos for smut scenes. That’s a good fucking distribution.

<h3>Download it, or not; Doesn’t Matter</h3>

Naturally, if you download the game, you get all of this smut content built into the download, and you can just sift through the WebM videos and photos manually, without launching the game, since it’s all just one big folder full of smut. That’s a cherry atop the cake in case you’re looking for a random smattering of high quality, low length smut clips, or you’d just like to rewatch a particular clip that you saw in the game, and you don’t feel like digging around through it to find where it was. There is a gallery built into the game, and you’re free to use that instead, but digging into the game files works even better, so by all means, do it whichever way you prefer.

I can’t recommend this game enough given that it’s actually an open world, it has literally no farming or grinding, it’s loaded with smut, and it’s entirely free to play. It surpasses all my expectations and doesn’t set off my bullshit meter in the slightest. Hell, the entire thing is community-sponsored, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you signed up for the fucking Patreon because Become Someone has a ton of potential and a lot of room to grow in the coming years. They could keep expanding this game for the next decade or two, and it still wouldn’t be too much content for me. That’s the beauty of open-ended open-world games.

PornGames likes Become Someone

  • Loaded with smut
  • Free to play
  • Online or locally
  • Saves are exportable and transferable
  • Patreon funded

PornGames hates Become Someone

  • Not a goddamn thing