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Hentai is where it’s at. We all know this shit. You don’t see cucks putting up posters of Western cartoon sluts or 3D SFM babes. It’s all about that hentai. You sex-starved degenerates are always chomping at the bit to get your grubby, grease-coated hands on some new waifu fap material.

That’s why hentai games are the best type of porn game out there. There is also a fuck ton more of them than any other kind on the market. SFM is the only thing that comes close, and that’s just because any fuck with a computer can make that shit. The Japanese just pump out sexy hentai as their main export or something. But I’m not complaining. I like jerking off to some big tittied slut getting fucked by tentacles as much as the next dude.

But I don’t always want to settle for just one game. I want a sampler platter of options to explore. I want a site where I can pick and choose from any full-length hentai fetish fest that I want. And, of course, I wouldn’t be saying this shit unless I had found exactly that. is a site that, well, only has hentai games. It’s all in the title.

Get Ready to Sift Through a Fuck Ton of Ads

The site launched back in 2014 and has been adding games to its massive catalog nearly every day since then. There are thousands of games to check out on this quality site. And these are full-length titles with hours upon hours of content in every game. That’s fucking insane. And I’m surprised that they aren’t getting more of you fucks to the site. Not that 470 thousand monthly visits are by any means a small number.

I think I see why their numbers aren’t higher. It really didn’t take much looking to have a guess. You can probably see where I’m going with this. Ads. That’s right; this site is fucking littered with banner ads, pop-ups, redirects, and more. You can’t look anywhere on the page without having to look at some jackass fucking a melon or something. The banners aren’t a huge deal. Annoying, but they are manageable and don’t really get in the way. But holy fuck, there are a ton of redirects and popups.

Browse Through Thousands of Full-Length Hentai Titles

I get why they’re doing it. This is a download site where you get premium hentai games without having to pay a dime. So, they facefuck you with ads until you give up and pay for the premium membership like the little bitch you are. It’s how all of these sites work. If you really can’t stand them, you’ll have to donate four bucks a month to the site’s Patreon.

But enough about ads. Let’s talk about the actual site. You can find a search bar, social media links, and a requests button at the very top of the website. Below that will be the main header that you’ll be using to hop around the site. There you will find options for the following: H-list, Language, Type, Uncensored, Genres, Android, Advanced Search, and Game Not Work?.

That last option is just a page to report broken games or downloads that don’t complete. The advanced search menu is pretty damn handy. You can narrow your search down using 8 different menus with different category tags and boxes for things like language, clothing/style, types of babes, and more.

Incredibly Advanced Search Feature With Many Different Filter Options

It’s fucking awesome. I wish more game sites let you narrow your search down to something so specific. Want to find a game with lots of gore, amputees, rape, and have it all be in Japanese? You can plug those exact terms in and get the game of your fucking dreams. And that game is called “Maggot Baits” if you are a sick fuck and actually want that shit.

All of the other header options are fairly standard. There’s a long list of genres and types of games you can choose from. They have everything. Visual novels, platformers, action games, simulations, and tons more. You name it, and odds are that you’ll find it on this kinky site. And, of course, you can narrow your search by a range of a hundred or so fetish categories like pregnant, torture, elf, loli, bukkake, and all of that good stuff.

Games With Every Fetish & Kink Under the Sun

The rest of the site is dedicated to game previews. You can organize them by action games, RPGs, visual novels, or by the most recent additions. Same with the search results. You’ll get the same type of page regardless of how you pop around this site. Each preview has a decently sized image preview that usually has some hot cover art or a screenshot from a sexy scene in the game. You also get the full title, version number, type of game tag, and what language the game is available in.

The full game page has a lot more information. You can see what company produced it, when it was released, if it is censored, if there is voice acting, what fetish tags it has, the size of the file, and what platform you can go ahead and expect to play it on. Down below all of that, you’ll see a selection of screenshots from the game, a lengthy description of it, and detailed instructions for downloading and running the game.

If you don’t buy-in for the free account, then you’ll have to sit through a page full of ads before you get taken over to the actual download. And the downloads are quick. No data caps or restrictions on downloads. You can expect these files to be clean of viruses and malware as well since they come from a reputable file host.

Good Mobile Experience

And the mobile site works pretty well. It’s still jam-packed full of every single ad that they could manage to fit on the screen, but it works. You can browse through the Android section of the site to download whatever kinky mobile game you want to download onto your phone. The game previews are large and take up most of your screen as you scroll. You’ll be fapping to hot babes getting fucked by tentacles while on the go in no time. Well, if you ever left your house. You’ll probably just use the mobile games to play while you’re too lazy to sit up out of your damn bed.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

The huge catalog of free games, of course. What else could even possibly be my favorite feature? This site has an amazing selection of premium games that you can download without any catches or strings attached. The site design was decent. Oh, and the advanced search page was next fucking level.

Being able to narrow down your search by every little detail was amazing. Not many premium porn sites can even come close to that level of search functionality. And, as a side note, I dig that the site has a dark theme. It makes for easy browsing at night.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

My god. The ads. Chill with the ads. I get having a bunch on a site like this. I really do. But this site takes it a little too far. The popups never fucking end. If they did away with even a quarter of the ads that they have on the site now, they would be much more user-friendly. I bet they’d bring in a lot more of you fucks too. It just really takes away from the entire experience when you’re getting sent over to other spam sites again and again.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, provides a lot of great content for free. Yeah, the ads suck dick, and the user experience isn’t the best, but you can’t have everything. Well, you can. Sometimes. Just not here. But this site is definitely good enough to earn my recommendation. This site has a ton of exclusive titles and games that you usually can’t find for free. I highly recommend that you weebs give this site a shot if you’re looking to bust a nut to hot, fetish-filled hentai games.

PornGames likes OnlyHGames

  • Thousands of premium hentai games available for free
  • No membership required to download as many games as you want
  • The advanced search feature makes finding the perfect game easy
  • Lots of games with hardcore fetish content

PornGames hates OnlyHGames

  • The ads suck