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I’ve been reviewing sites like NTR-Games since day one. They’re very cookie cutter in terms of their mission statement, but they’re actually helping the industry, so I more than tolerate them. Hell, I’m actually grateful they’re doing what they do. They make it easier for people to find high quality porn games without having to search far and wide. This is especially important now that the damn industry has become flooded with mediocrity. I’m not judging. I get that everyone has the right to make porn games. It’s just that it’s become so easy to make the damn things that everyone and their grandmother wants to be the next Summertime Saga. It doesn’t work like that. You have to actually have talent and a good work ethic to become the next big thing.

NTR-Games are the filter between you and the aforementioned mediocre bullshit. If you want to find recent porn games that are worth playing, you come to this site and check out the recommendations. There’s always something new in the world of porn gaming, especially given the trend of unfinished games being released to the public for preview. It’s getting so trendy to release games before they’re done that, we’ll soon have more unfinished porn games than finished ones. And, they’re all published for the public to enjoy. Imagine that. I don’t mind the business model; I know that it encourages donations for independent game developers. Either way, most of the titles on NTR-Games are actually worth your time. I didn’t comb through every single title, but I know enough about the industry to give this place a passing grade. <strong>These games are indeed worth playing and they’re the perfect pastime for any PC users</strong>. There are games for other platforms, but for the most part, this is a PC porn gaming site.

<h3>A Fantastic Website</h3>

Design wise, they’re doing a rather fantastic job. Leave it to video game enthusiasts to understand user experience. The site is properly gussied up and while it doesn’t use the entire screen to bombard you with games, it’s the next best approach. You get a nice breakdown of every game in a list, with relevant information and an image to give you a hint of what you can expect. These images are a bit misleading, since they’re mostly cover art.

They serve as marketing, but they’re not informative. Judging by one of these images, you could never really know what the game is about. That is, you could surmise whether it focuses on babes or dudes, but beyond that it could be literally anything. You can’t tell an RPG from an action shooter by these covers. It would be much better if they used gameplay screenshots instead, but they don’t. You get the cover art and that’s about it. There are also descriptions under the images but they tell you about the story and not the actual gameplay. They’re the opposite of intuitive and certainly the opposite of helpful.

<h3>More About the Gameplay, Please</h3>

Sure, it can be really nice to know the story to a game, but that only works if you presuppose quality gameplay with some stills that show you what to expect. Hell, I’ll take a gameplay trailer if you’re offering one. Alas, you get none of that on NTR-Games. Instead, you get marketing content that makes all the games look roughly exactly the same. This isn’t NTR-Games’ fault, mind you. I kind of do the same thing on this website, when I think about it. I lead with the cover photos and my reviews are way too long to capture the core of the game in the first few sentences. You have to dive into the whole thing if you want to truly know what the game is about. It’s a bit problematic, I know. On the upside, at least I take screenshots of the actual gameplay. Ok, that’s a lie. I take photos of the smut, because I like fapping. But I try to at least include one image of the gameplay. At least there’s that.

Marketing porn games is always a problem, because they don’t really lend themselves to proper previews. The game is made to be experienced with input. It’s not a movie or a gallery of images. Plus, the smut within the game rarely tells you what to expect from the gameplay, unless they’re one and the same. They usually aren’t. Usually, in porn games, you do a bunch of tasks that have nothing to do with sex, in order to get to the sex. That’s how they’re structured. Hell, in most visual novels you have to listen to women bitch and moan about their problems if you want to get to the pussy. It’s kind of depressing overall, I won’t lie about that.


<h3>This is a Cuckolding Website, Yay</h3>

Now would be a great time to talk about NTR-Games’ name. The letters stand for Nekorare, which loosely translates to cuckold. These are all supposed to be cuckold games. Why didn’t I mention that earlier? You’d think it’s super important. Well, it isn’t. Most of these games are hentai games. Hentai games are fucked up by default, so it’s not like these games stick out as particularly naughty. It’s all the same spiel in a different package. Most of the time you’re just on the lookout for a new visual style, because the similarity between most modern porn games ruins the experience for everyone. I’ve seen people on porn game forums praise games for simply having an original style, not even a good one, just… one they haven’t seen before.

The unfortunate consequence of being on a cuck exclusive gaming site is that most of the games will seem roughly identical, on account of how most cuck games are made either by Japanese people or by people who were inspired by Japanese RPGs. I am not talking about the turn-based combat or the leveling systems, even though those sometimes appear. I’m talking about the crap-ass top-down perspective with 8-bit character sprites and an open world. This shit was revolutionary back in the 80s. Today, it’s a fucking eyesore. I don’t mean to be an elitist, but goddamn it, when I’m playing a porn game, I don’t want a retro vibe that makes me feel nostalgic. I want to stay aroused consistently.

<h3>Downloading Cuck Games</h3>

The upside of having NTR-Games as opposed to hanging out on F95 for example is that here you receive curation from one credible source. Whoever is running this site clearly knows what it’s like to be a cuck, or at the very least they have deep appreciation for the fetish. You’d like to receive your content recommendations from someone like that. Now, you can download the games directly from NTR-Games as well, but my advice is that you use this place for the curation, then download the games elsewhere, like on the aforementioned F95. Why? Because that place has significantly better version control than any other porn game website on the internet. They have dedication to constant updates. If a game has an update, it arrives there first. I don’t know how they manage to be so responsible, but it’s true.

You could also just get your games from NTR-Games directly, it’s not like there’s a real reason not to, especially with games that have been finished. I like this site’s regular upload schedule and I really like their curation. It’s definitely properly fixated on the fetish rather than on padding the numbers. That being said, I can’t get over the fact that most of these games look extremely similar and they involve you running around an open world doing menial tasks in order to progress the story. On the flip side you’ve got visual novels, which I normally hate with a passion, on account of how they have to speaking to women for hours. On NTR-Games the visual novels are actually kind of enjoyable, since the cuck themes are interwoven into the story. In an average visual novel, you just talk to women to kill boredom, which in turn creates more boredom because women are inherently not entertaining when they have their clothes on.

I love NTR-Games and what they stand for. The cuckoldry fetish might not be my own, but I am not one to kink shame. I also have a deep respect for porn games in general, since they create smut out of virtually nothing at all. It’s basically software magic at this point. A bunch of ones and zeros that manage to give me a boner. Tell me that’s not magical shit. You can’t. If you want to dive into a seemingly endless supply of cuckoldry themed porn games, then you’ve come to the right place. So, get to downloading already. 

PornGames likes NTR Games

  • High quality games
  • Tons of choices
  • Excellent design

PornGames hates NTR Games

  • Too many RPG Maker games