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Lust Games

LustGames! How are you doing, you horny idiot? I guess you’re here because you have nothing better to do than lock yourself up in your mother’s basement, searching for the best video or the best game to masturbate to. Or maybe the reason why you’re here is that you’re tired of searching for the best game and videos to empty your cum-filled balls with. Well, all you have to do is sit back, read what I have to say, and I promise, you can be on your merry way again.

What I have for you here is what I call paradise. Yes, a website where you can find all the kinds of games that you are thinking of. has tons of games with different genres for you to enjoy. This is the perfect website for all those motherfuckers who are only good at one thing, masturbating. is open for anyone, allowing you to download everything you want. See how fucking great this is? What the fuck are you waiting for then? Check the contents of the website now!

LustGames Blogs

There will be a time where your mind will become as dry as your dick. Yes, thinking about a lot of things can cause you some problems, especially when you don’t know which game you should play or which video should you watch. Luckily, has blogs! In there, you will find different blogs, lists, and tutorials that are all related to the website. Don’t know which 2D game to play? No worries! They have the best list of the best games.

If ever you find it hard to decide which game you should go for. You should definitely check out the blogs section. It has a list of games for Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows. Be sure to check this out whenever you’re in a tough spot.

The Games

I won’t lie, I love games, and if there’s one thing that I want, it would see a fuck ton of porn games! The moment I entered, it has exceeded all of my expectations the moment I reached the bottom of the page. There are 469 motherfucking pages bitches! Scroll all through the pages, and it will make you feel like you have a never-ending list of games to enjoy! But it does not stop here!

On the website, you can find taboo games that are quite hard to find on the internet. Incest? Hentai? You name it, the perfect game in is waiting for you. Some games are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, so whichever platform you’re in, what kind of lame-ass excuse do you have?

To ensure that everyone gets the best, the games that are added to the website are manually reviewed by their team. Every game on the website can be downloaded for free without having to be a member or to pay. The site is optimized several times whenever a new game is added, giving the user fast loading pages and providing a good user experience.

What I Like About The Site

Just like what every horny bastard love, porn games! And is fucking full of it! I just can’t believe how much porn games I can download through this website. It’s just like paradise. Another thing that I like about the website is after you enter the site name, it directly brings you to the porn games section. There is no need to navigate around the website and look for the games. Whatever game it is that you are looking for, I am quite sure you can find it in

Also, the website has different kinds of games. Ready to cater to your needs and desires. This is what I love about these sites. I never have to worry about not finding the games that I like because if ever I don’t find it, at least there are other games with a similar description. What’s even better is there are currently 469 pages full of porn games waiting for me to download!

The website also has a straightforward layout. It's very easy to find what you are looking for, no distracting clips around the site, simple colors, making it very easy for the other horny idiots out there who only know how to pull their dick out of their pants. Each game has a small description of what the game is about below its title. There are also tags below the description to give you an idea of what happens and what you will see while playing the game. To its right is the game’s thumbnail.

The games might not have video previews with them, but to make up for it, the website displayed some pictures of what happens in the game. And damn, they had pretty good pictures, it’s almost like the highlights of the games. Just by seeing the pictures, it got me excited at some point and even gave me a boner.

The games are also super easy to download, which is good. If you choose a game, just scroll down, and you can find the download links. There are multiple links for me to choose from, so if ever one of the links doesn’t work, at least there are other links. I guess there is no room for excuses not to download the games here.

What I Don’t Like About The Site

Oh boy, there are quite a lot of things that I didn’t like while I was going around the website. First is that the website has no fucking categories. Fuck this shit. I wasted quite a lot of time going around every page looking for the type of games that I want. Also, how am I supposed to know which porn game is the most popular or got the most downloads? There aren’t any!

Since the website layout is very basic, it almost looks like there was minimal effort done back when the site was still being set up. There are a lot of things that are missing that could help the user explore the website better. Yes, there are a lot of games, but how the fuck do you expect me to find the best game? Plus, the pages get annoying at some point because I have to go through some effort of typing the page that I want instead of just clicking it.

Getting to the download links is fucking annoying. Why? Because of the amount of the shit ass ads that I have to go through. Sad to say, whichever link I click, there will be ads that will make my life a bit harder. Dude, all I ever want is to download and have fun while playing the game. Ads can be easily avoided, but the fact that it’s on the download links annoys the fuck out of me.

I forgot to mention the description of the page is too long and boring. I can’t believe I wasted my time reading the page’s description at the bottom of the freaking page. The page almost looks like an amateur made it. There are very few visuals that can help give a small excite to the person browsing the page.

Recommendations to Improve The Site

I want the websites to be one of the best go-to websites whenever someone is looking for a porn game to masturbate to. With that being said, could easily make it to that list by giving the users a better experience while they are on the website searching for a game. Now, searching for the best game could have been way easier if it has categories. Seriously, instead of going through every single page, I could save a lot of time by directly going to the category that I like.

How about a ‘sort by’ option? This could also make the website a whole lot better. Why? Because having one gives a user an idea which games are new, which games have the most views, and which games have the most downloads. Lastly, minimize the ads. Let us get those games without having to go through all those annoying ads!


On top of all the things that could have made the website better, it is still one of the sites that most horny fuckers go to when they need games to satisfy their needs. Every game on the website is available for me to download and enjoy. With a great number of games stored within the website, I would definitely revisit the site whenever I’m looking for some action.

PornGames likes Lust Games

  • Easy to navigate
  • Basic layout
  • User-friendly
  • Lots of porn games
  • Fast loading time
  • Screenshots of games
  • Games for different platforms

PornGames hates Lust Games

  • Lots of Ads
  • No categories
  • No ‘sort by’ options
  • No stimulating images