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This game starts off simple enough. You’re a dude who’s signed up to pick up the slack during a late shift at a processing firm. I remember playing the demo for this thing a couple of years back, and I absolutely loved it. Every single time a porn game developer creates something new, I feel like an angel gets its wings. What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a unique game, across the board. It’s original, it’s polished it’s well written, and it’s damn fun to play. Plus, you can play it one-handed. What’s not to love?

Unique Art Style

The most noticeable stuff always gets said first in these reviews, and that’s not about to change any time soon. So, first thing’s first, the art style to this game is outstanding, and I hope no-one else ever copies it. Developer Oko seems to have invented this style for use in all of his games, and I applaud it. It’s weird as shit; it makes me feel very uncomfortable, and I like jacking off to the sex scenes within. It’s everything I could have possibly ever asked for. I don’t need porn artists to be incredibly talented and successful, I just want them to innovate a bit here and there, and Oko is definitely leading the charge in that sense.

On the surface, it looks like just another retro Nintendo game, but there’s so much more to it than that. First of all, it’s not a pure 8-bit style like we had back in the day. It’s more like some sort of cyberpunk bastardization of what video games used to look like, mixed in with some noise and fuzz to make the whole thing look very janky. In fact, I think the whole point of this art style is to make you feel post-apocalyptic. The game isn’t exactly set in an apocalypse, but it does take place in some drab future where the value of human life is lower than usual.

It’s easily cyberpunk, is what I’m trying to say. So, everything looking dirty as fuck makes perfect sense and mixes really well with the game’s overall vibes. And the fucking, dear God the fucking, it’s oh so good. When you see a girl’s bent over ass ready to take a cock in this game, it always feels like finding a gem in the rough. With everything in this world being drab and depressing, a nice round ass in your face is like a breath of fresh air or a splash of cold water. You’re always sort of on the edge of gratitude, because there’s nothing fun to do in this world except have some quality lays here and there.

The Story

Well, you kind of get the vibe already, it’s a half-horror half-thriller type game that takes place in a much sadder, much more grey version of our world. It’s modern and takes place in a very populated city, but the people are all sort of zombie-like, in that they’re all bored out of their minds. The bitches are a lot more memorable, but that’s only because you know that one way or another, you’re going to bang them.

Speaking of banging bitches, this is all very well written too. You don’t just walk up to them and ask for sex, that would get you slapped in real life and they wouldn’t like it in-game either. This game goes for a slightly more realistic take on the whole horny whore trope, and I love it. I can tell you about the demo, for instance, without spoiling the base game.

In the demo, you could walk into the women’s room while your plain-looking coworker is sitting on the toilet. You know she’s already into you, so it’s not that big of a risk. It’s then pretty easy to talk her into letting you use her tits as a neat place to park your dick.

But, if you want the hotter bitch in the office, you’ll have to “accidentally” watch her riding a giant dildo in the women’s bathroom, by peering through the vent on the other side. Then, you jack off and through the vent, straight onto her face. She notices you, takes you aside, explains that this is not acceptable, then … sort of warms up to the idea, when she notices how horny the whole experience made her.

From here, the demo gives you ample opportunity to have some consensual relations, or, you can choose to trick her by not giving her caffeine and wait until she falls asleep. After that point, you can just sort of have your way with her while she’s passed out. It’s an all-around party at this office, and all the asses are very fuckable.

Tons of Content

This game was actually officially finished all the way back in 2018, but if you started with the demo, you might be a bit disappointed when you download the finished version. The demo content was completely scrapped. I guess it didn’t quite fit the story. Either way, you get more of the same, so consider the demo a tech teaser or something. You still get a ton of sexy content in spades.

Officially, the completed product features 4 romanceable characters with over an hour of gameplay, but since you can end up with vastly different endings depending on what you do, this shit’s replayable. There are apparently over 39 thousand words of dialogue and story, over half an hour of new music and five hundred sound effects, which … I mean, thanks, I guess? I don’t really care about sound effects that much, but if the developer’s gonna boast, I’ll listen. He’s done a great job so far.

Oh, I almost forgot the most important part. There are 15 hentai scenes in total, three of which are described as deluxe. I guess that’s a way of saying that they’re endgame content. I’m not sure. I’m still playing through this game, because they’re just so much to explore.

It’s Really Fun

I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys smut games, because there’s honestly nothing in here that you could possibly dislike. The writing is incredible and immersive, but none of the women ever talk about their feelings or any boring shit like that. It’s all interesting, and it’s constantly flowing forward. There are no boring, long, and drawn-out paragraphs. Every conversation flows smoothly from one sentence to the other. You’re never actually bored.

Plus, you get a lot of open exploration. You get to walk around, examine things, and generally make your own adventure through this fascinating world. Normally, I hate exploration in porn games, but here I’m willing to give it all a pass, because it’s actually fucking interesting. It would appear that this is one of those developers that understands that I don’t want to take my hand off of my boner. I want to keep playing forward and see more of the good stuff. So, an hour to get to endgame content is very much my pace.

This right here is a porn game that I can recommend to each and every one of you, because I’ve tried it, I’ve loved it, and I know I’m going to play it again. It might not have full HD sex scenes or 3D renders or any of that modern shit, but those games are a dime a dozen. What you have here is a unique gem that’s the result of a specific type of pervert having a very specific type of fantasy.

Cyberpunk is Awesome

Oko really knew what he was doing when he put this game together, and I think the final product shines as a result. The story is so original that it will most definitely stick with you. It’s not just about dating and fucking random bitches; there’s mystery here. There’s dangerous shit hiding under the surface, and you’ve always got a sort of fear in the back of your mind. You want to keep your character safe, and the pussy is just a giant bonus.

I don’t know what it is about the Cyberpunk genre that really gets me going, but I had the same feeling when I played HardCoded. See, that game also goes for a sort of grungy futuristic tone, but if you had to pick out screenshots out of a hat, you could immediately know which game you’re looking at. You have Oko’s unique approach to art to thank for that. That’s what makes this game one of my all-time favorites – the fact that it doesn’t actually resemble any other porn game I’ve ever played. Though, if I had to compare it to a non-pornographic video game, I’d say Uncanny Valley is the closest I’ve ever seen. So, if you liked that game and you also like titties, this is the game for you.

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