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Hell Girls

Hell Girls is a Simple, Gem-Matching Game Sprinkled With Lewd Hentai Scenes. I’ll admit being a simple man who likes simple games. I don’t need all of the crazy bells and whistles to have a good time with a game. Sure, I’ll fuck around with those from time to time. But sometimes I just want to be a filthy casual and play some simple-ass mobile game that only takes one or two brain cells.

I can’t be thinking all the fucking time. I bet you cucks feel the same way, especially since you guys only have a couple of brain cells as is. Anything more than fapping and watching porn and you poor fucks might overheat. Sometimes simple is better.

You can probably guess that I have a casual, simple game for you nerds today. You’d be right. Hell Girls is a gem-matching game that’s along the same lines as Candy Crush Saga. I know you cucks have heard of that one. Everyone has played that fucking game. Hell Girls is basically that but with hot hentai porn. It’s a match made in fucking heaven…or hell, as the title would suggest.

Only $3 for a Fun Game With Hours of Lew Content and Addictive Gameplay

You can nab this game on Steam for around 3 bucks, and it seems like it goes on sale pretty often if you somehow can’t afford that. Or, of course, you can don your pirate cap and seek out a free copy elsewhere. The game is complete. It launched way back in 2016 by SakuraGames. The occasional patch is still thrown on there, but the game as a whole is all done.

You get thrown right into the action. A cat dude acts as your guide and shows you the ropes during a short tutorial. Then he just fucks off. There’s no huge story or anything for him to explain. He probably has like 10 lines total before you’re on your way and playing by yourself. He’ll pop in occasionally to explain some new features or tactics, but that’s it.

You play as three maidens who fight monsters. That’s the story. Nothing else matters. There’s no big bad guy. You’re not trying to save the world from the forces of evil. Your friends aren’t captured. You’re just some slutty babes who like killing monsters and getting fucked. That’s all that there is to this game.

Simple Game With Minimal Exposition & No Complex Story or Plot

Talk about a straight to the point game. The three maidens you have are each based off of an element. One for fire, one for ice, and one for lightning. Each babe has different powers that will be better for certain fights. You want to try and balance playing as each; otherwise, you’ll end up getting stonewalled and have to grind out levels for them by revisiting old fights. You can also find towns where you can buy skill books that give you additional powers for certain maidens.

But let’s backtrack to how the game is laid out. You explore a darkened map where you work your way from encounter to encounter. Beating encounters will reveal more of the map around you. You can earn up to three stars per encounter, depending on how quickly and efficiently you kill the monsters. There will be towns interspersed throughout your journey, but you only need those to buy spellbooks. There aren’t really any consumable items in this game.

Take Down Baddies by Matching Gems in Huge Combos for Massive Damage

Each encounter will usually have three baddies that you need to take down. You do this by matching certain gems. Shield gems will beef up your shields. Star gems do magical damage. Sword gems do physical damage. Heart gems heal you. Bottle gems give you mana.

It’s pretty basic shit. You’ll have to destroy blocks, get around obstacles, and try to make the largest chain of gems possible to deal massive damage. Every time you link a certain number of gems, you’ll get spell books that blow up the area around it and give you some pretty big bonuses.

The win condition is straightforward. You need to drain the enemy’s HP before they drain yours. Your special abilities are great for this. You can heal, deal damage, boost your attacks, and much more. And the game doesn’t make it terribly easy. You need to focus and get into this shit to win. You can’t lazily swipe at shit until you get a look at some hentai tits.

You will also be presented with choices as you play. You’ll need to decide whether you pillage the fort you just saved or if you’ll give that dosh back to the village who needs it more. The decisions have some minor influence on things that happen later on, so consider each one carefully. Sometimes not taking the cash will result in getting much more dosh later on in the game. But sometimes that instant money is well worth the sacrifice if you’re stuck at a battle.

Fap to the Occasional Lewd, Uncensored Hentai Illustration

You fucks want to know about the porn. You want hentai bitches with massive tits getting fucked by orcs, vines, and all manner of creatures. Well, you get a little bit of that. This game is lightly sprinkled with lewd scenes. There aren’t animated scenes or anything luxurious like that. It’s some pretty simple stuff.

These scenes are more along the lines of a single illustration. To give credit where credit is due, these are some hot fucking illustrations. They are completely uncensored and include some steamy dialog to go along with it. But it’s usually just the single picture without any sort of animated action. It was disappointing, especially considering that it takes a good while to get these scenes. They are random and crop up every hour or two. This definitely isn’t a game you’d jerk yourself off to all night.

Unfortunately, No Mobile Version for This Mobile-Style Game

It’s lame as fuck that this game isn’t on mobile. It’s the quintessential mobile game for fuck’s sake. This game would slay on Android, even if it wasn’t an official app in the Google Play Store. Talk about a missed opportunity for sure. The game is set up for swiping gems and beating levels while going about your day. I couldn’t imagine having to settle in for this shit on my desktop every time I want to play it.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

This game is all about the repetitive, addictive gameplay. They nail it. It’s simple. It’s addicting. It’s fun. I had a great time wading through battles and developing strategies to take these fucks down. There’s something so satisfying about stringing together a massive chain of gems and watching as you decimate a tough monster. No wonder games like this one got so damn popular.

I also liked that the game kept things simple and neat. There’s no need for a crazy story, dynamic characters, or any of that usual shit. It would take away from the experience. I think they made the right call in keeping Hell Girls relatively bare-bones compared to other fantasy games out there.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

How the fuck did they not make a full mobile version of this game? It’s fucking insane. I’d say they should do that now if the game hadn’t launched over 3 years ago. That’s when all of these gem-matching games were at their peak. I just don’t see why they didn’t capitalize on that market.

Other than that, I wish there was more hentai. The illustrations become increasingly rare as you plow through the later stages of the game. I’d really like to have some lightly animated scenes or something to fap to. Even doubling up on the scenes would make it more appealing to you horny cucks out there.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Hell Girls is a simple, fun, and addictive hentai game. You really can’t go wrong for the low price of the game. You’re getting tens of hours of content for three fucking dollars. I bet you betas spend double that on fast food every day. If you like casual, gem-matching games, then you should absolutely check out Hell Girls. If you’re looking for a quick fap, then I might skip this one. There are painfully few hentai scenes to enjoy in this one. But, hey, it’s a fun game!

PornGames likes Hell Girls

  • Fun
  • repetitive
  • and addictive gameplay
  • Simple game that gets right to the point
  • Low price tag for the hours of content you get
  • Uncensored hentai illustrations

PornGames hates Hell Girls

  • Lewd hentai scenes are few and far between