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Some hentai websites have a games section thrown in for the hell of it. This site right here is a games site with hentai as an afterthought. These kinds of sites are relatively rare, at least, compared to hentai sites. Still, you’re on BestPornGames, so you’re staring at the business end of many high-quality porn gaming sites. You’re used to this kind of format by now. Kimochi is a simple-ass website with a ton of heart. It’s one of those websites run entirely by people who care about quality porn gaming. It’s the polar opposite of a flash game repository – this is a home of quality gaming smut.

However, Kimochi is far from the biggest or the most impressive porn gaming sites I’ve seen – there are quite a few other sites I’d place above this one if I were forced to rate them all. Still, the dudes behind this site have done a fantastic job gathering a huge library of quality games and curating them. There are almost 500 pages of games on here, and every single one of them is a downloadable PC game. They vary in length and quality, but they all pass my bullshit meter. I’ll repeat it for the people in the back of the audience: <strong>There are no Flash browser spam-clicking games on Kimochi</strong>. These are all high-quality productions, ranging from indie to million-dollar budget Japanese productions.

The Japanese Know Hentai Gaming

I can’t prove that any of the developers behind these games have actually spent a million dollars on development. Still, if any developer has broken that milestone, it would most certainly be some Japanese studio, and the game would probably be a visual novel. Hell, I’d wager to bet that the highest-investing and the highest-earning hentai game studio in the world is Illusion. You must have heard of Illusion by now. If not, then what the hell are you doing reading about hentai games? Illusion are the boys and girls behind RapeLay, the video game that flipped the world upside down when it came out back in 2006. It feels like it was only yesterday that people were boycotting that game, saying that it encouraged young people to go outside and rape Japanese schoolgirls. What a load of shit!

Since RapeLay, Illusion has solidified their status as the king of not giving a fuck with tons of quality 3D PC games that let you dominate your very own custom-made female sex slave. There’s diversity among their games, but for the most part, these are harem games with free controls in 3D space – that is, they’re not visual novels. I guess that’s why they get their own entire section on the site under the hot games dropdown menu. The only other hot game listed is Custom Maid 3D 2, which pretty much broke records across every hotness meter when it first came out.

Beyond Visual Novels

You might have noticed both from the site’s name and the titles mentioned above that this is a very hentai-themed site. Some of the games break the mold a little, but this is a hentai game site for the most part. This is very important, though: It’s not a Japanese site that specializes in visual novels. I have to stress this because I know that visual novels don’t appeal to the common crowd. Visual novels are mainly made for nerds who like reading about pussy for hours on end. Those games usually feature several women who won’t shut up about their problems across 10 hours of gameplay. That’s not my idea of a good time, and I doubt it is to you.

Given the popularity of visual novels in Japan, you’re bound to find many of them on Kimochi, but they’re not the only types of games on the site, and that’s important. You can find more action-oriented games on the site. The Illusion selection of games and Custom Maid by Kiss are great examples of hentai games that are 100%, not visual novels – they let you bang the chicks manually. You get to thrust your member into hot hentai babes with keyboard and mouse controls, depending on the babe.

The Latest and Greatest Games

Whoever’s running this site is doing a damn fine job of updating the games list regularly. As far as I can tell, they’re keeping up with current events in the porn gaming world and adding new titles as they come out. <strong>Most of these games are already free by default, but Kimochi is here to help you find them and throw you a fast and free download link</strong>. I appreciate the curation. I also appreciate the fact that all of the games come with large thumbnails and an additional gallery that you can check out to see what exactly you’re getting yourself into. Some of them even have gameplay videos.

I’ve covered some of the latest and greatest porn games on this site directly, but I still recommend Kimochi. I can’t cover every single porn game that comes out, especially if it’s incredibly niche. I also try to keep a wide berth around games that are in pre-alpha because you never know what to expect from indie developers. They could just up and disappear if they feel like it.

Kimochi is one of those sites that you jump to on instinct every single time you get the feeling like you want to jerk off to some interactive animated titties. It’s the place to be if you’re not quite sure which game you’d like to play. Naturally, it’s also a great place to find some new game recommendations when you’ve sucked your game library dry.

Great Community

This entire site stays afloat thanks to the hard work and dedication of the large Discord community behind Kimochi. The owners of this site straight-up encourage people to request new games to be added to the site if they can’t find their favorite titles available for download. This is basically a clubhouse for dudes with refined taste in animated pussy. If you’re a nerdy pervert, you’ll find a ton of like-minded people on Kimochi’s Discord server. Try it out; you have nothing to lose. At the very least, check out the overall vibe in the general chat.

These active fans are possibly the main driving force behind the regular updates. They find hot games worth playing and suggest that they be added to the site for download so that other people can enjoy them. I really appreciate dudes that respect my passion for porn.

Very Well Designed Site

Kimochi is as simple as it is sexy. Most of the screen is reserved for the games. You can see a preview of each game with either some cover art or a screenshot of the action. You also get to see precisely when the game was posted on the site, which is especially handy if you’re on the prowl for something fresh.

The site is almost entirely black, with some lighter greys for the menus and borders. That’s about it for the design. That’s what exactly I want to see out of my porn game sites. I don’t need a bunch of over-colored shiny and animated menus that are out to give me a seizure. I want it simple, and I want it clean. That being said, there are ads on this site, and an ad-blocker is not exactly welcome. It’s an easy enough compromise, though, since they don’t spam you with shady ads. They throw random porn shit at you here and there when you click through the game links. It’s absolutely worth it, in my opinion, because the download links take you straight to a drive-hosted file that you can download at maximum bandwidth. You’re also free to share the link with other people, but don’t link to it directly. You might end up being the reason these links get taken down.

Extra Goodies

I had to write an entirely new paragraph for this part: There’s JAV and Hentai on this site thrown in just for fun. It’s not the site’s primary focus, and there’s better smut elsewhere for sure, but what is here is damn good. It doesn’t feel like an afterthought – the smut on this site is damn hot. And, It’s not all censored. They went out of their way to separate the censored shit from the raw, proper smut.

To top it all off, many of these games have Android variants that would work great on your phone, and there’s even an entire section for them. So, by all means, if you’re in the market for a bunch of free, high-quality PC porn games, check out Kimochi.

PornGames likes Kimochi

  • Tons of quality games
  • Super-fast drive downloads
  • Well-designed website

PornGames hates Kimochi

  • Ads can be a bit annoying at times