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They need our help to complete their database of games. They’re giving out 30 days of VIP in return. Do we care and why? Pace yourself, young padawan. H-Suki is a website. It is an English website, for the weebs. Everything here is Japanese. You got hentai games, you got hentai visual novels, you got… hentai… non consensual sexual arbitrage simulators. It’s all well and good, because it’s fiction. Hentai game download sites in English are kind of like museums. You go to a foreign country, take their goodest of shit and put it on display. Yes, I know goodest is not a word. I did the right click add to dictionary thing. Can you please let me be me for five fucking seconds?

At first glance, H-Suki seems to be a well catalogued hentai content download site that peddles games, videos and manga releases. That word, Manga – it means comic books with girls with big bug eyes and high libidos. Japan is a different world, man. Those folks don’t have any sex, ever, but they pitch a mad story, seven times a day. I guess if you’ve never gotten laid all you can do is fantasize about what that might feel like. It’s also the most likely reason why hentai is completely detached from real life scenarios. I’ve had some sex, believe you me. I have video evidence. Real women don’t scream like racoons trapped in a mouse trap. They mostly just sort of sit there zoning the fuck out while they orgasm. 

<h3>A Little Bit of Everything</h3>

Anyways, back to H-Suki. It’s a three-way site. Videos, games and mangas – all given equal love and appreciation. I have to try and pivot towards the games a bit more than the other two categories since this is a porn game review site and all, but I won’t dump it all completely. There’s worthwhile shit here. I’m just operating under the assumption that you guys like clicking buttons that make pussy pop. There’s a lot of that here. There are also a lot of visual novels, which I… I’m sorry, I can’t. I don’t get it, ok? I don’t understand why you people want to listen to women talk for hours on end while you hold down the fast forward key. What’s the point of this shit? Does it make the fap more realistic? Then fucking watch a hentai. That way you don’t have to press any buttons.

“Oh but Mr. Porn Dude, you can skip the conversations in Ren’Py visual novels a lot faster than you can skip through hentai” – Yes, dipshit, but you could also use the damn bar on the bottom of any video to jump ahead an hour in time and hope to see some tentacles doing mad quadruple penetration on a bitch. You don’t get that in visual novels. At most you get to see virgins losing their cherry to a micro peen. Why are we still talking about this? Why won’t visual novels just die?

I Don’t Understand the Japanese

You know, it’s my fault. I vowed to review all porn games and now I’m stuck in this mess. For every Summertime Saga there is a Kara no Shojo. Yeah, I know that that game lets you make choices and it even has a fast travel system, but it’s set in post-world war 2 Japan. Imagine the exposition to a porn game rolling out with: “Remember the nukes? Yeah, this game is about the pussy right after”. 

You and me, we might have gotten off on a bad note. I’m a bitchy little cunt and I complain when I’m not being served pussy buffet style. Japanese games make you work hard for the money shots and most of the games on H-Suki seem to fall under that category. This comes with the upside of large playtime. I’m willing to bet that Summertime Saga, which by the way has become massive by now, can still be speedrun in the time it takes you to get through the prologue of any single game on H-Suki. It’s the nature of the beast. And on the aforementioned Kara no Shojo – there are like six of them on H-Suki. I don’t know why. Maybe they’re sequels or separate releases. Who knows?

True Love for Hentai

What I do like and appreciate about H-Suki is how wide they cast their hentai net. There are games on here that none of you have ever heard of. The library is fucking extensive. I usually refer to F95 as the go-to for the widest distribution of porn games. At least they aim to be. H-Suki is larger, when it comes to porn game specifically. There’s the downside of an almost complete lack of western games, but I mean … it’s a specialized site. They’re not ThePornDude – they’re H-Suki. Oh, and if you give a shit, Suki means beloved. So, Hentai Beloved. 

Very beloved. These people are enamored with all things hentai. The videos and mangas get the exact same level of love and dedication. The average page for any single product features all the relevant official proper links for all possible releases for the game. If the game is featured on a storefront, you’ll find the link here. I’m talking Steam and the like. Plenty of different ways to get to the game. And, of course, there’s a third party file hosting links that you can use to get your hands on the game instantly. 

It’s Free and Then Some

This is where shit gets interesting. H-Suki gives you ample reason to pony up the dough and get a VIP subscription so you can download the games straight from a fast provider, with no limitations. However, the free slow option is… also lightning fast. The only caveat is you have to wait one minute before the download starts. They’re still giving you top notch speeds regardless. I guess it’s a form of advertising for them. In theory, you could just pay money to the actual file hosting site and use that permanently. It’s that or the site itself and you get faster links. Barely matters. 

What does matter is that H-Suki is doing fantastic work at cataloguing these games. It makes other similar sites look bad in comparison. Seriously. They cover everything and anything you need to know about the game, along with handy ways to sort the games using those tags. The two most important tags are the language and the censorship status. A lot of these Japanese titles have English subs and or dubs. Most of them definitely have Japanese dubs, but beyond that, it’s a mix. Sometimes you have multi-language choices. Either way, the choice is yours and you won’t get cucked after the download. What you see is what you get.

Could Use Tagging and Shit

The only downside that I see is that they use the game’s official cover art as thumbnails which can be very misleading, because cover art is supposed to serve marketing purposes. There are no screenshots. Even one screenshot could tell you a ton about what you can expect to see. But, you only really get information on the size of the download, the release type, the platform, the language, the censorship and the status of completion of the game. That last one matters a lot because porn game developers have a habit of leaving their games unfinished, probably because they were too busy jacking off to their own work. Porn game developers get high on their own supply then they forget what their fucking job was in the first place. Sad.

Either way, that’s way more common with western developers, so it’s really not that much of a problem here. Also, I noticed that the games on here range from the late 90s to current day, so the database is being updated regularly. This is fantastic news. If I see a hentai game site promoting Bible Black one more time… I swear to Ron Jeremy, I will denounce Japanese games for life. We get it. Bible Black was good, apparently. Now, give me new shit. I need new pussy. Variety is the spice of life and I want to spice up my life with some wet animated pussies. With the advent of AI and all I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a huge surge of new hentai visual novels that are entirely AI generated. Only time will tell.

For now, enjoy H-Suki. It’s free, it’s awesome and the people that run it care about hentai games way more than I do. <strong>This is the kind of website that true weebs keep bookmarked at all times</strong>. Hell, make it your homepage. You’ll never miss a new worthwhile h-game ever again.

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  • Amazing catalogue
  • Important info on all games
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  • No screenshots
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