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I’m not entirely up to date with my Japanese porn game lingo, but I don’t think that Hentaku means much in and of itself. I think it’s just a spin on hentai. Simple. Either way, this place hosts a lot of fucking hentai games, with a decent smattering of western stuff thrown into the mix for good measure. Either way, I’m very happy to be playing these games. Normally, I don’t lose a lot of time doing research for these sites, because I know most of the games I see. Being a DIK is on every single free porn game site and HentakuGames is no exception. And yet, there’s so much on here that I’ve never seen before.

I know about the Japanese porn game scene and I certainly know the indie game dev scene, but I didn’t know there was a very specific overlap of Japanese indie porn game devs who make tiny smut, packaged in free zip files that you can download to your PC for instant local interactive smut action. These are all new to me. Most of them have dogshit names like “I found a woman who is very perverted” or some such. It’s nonsense, mostly because it’s a direct translation from the Japanese title, which in itself is way too fucking long and descriptive. Just name the damn game “bitch fucker” and be done with it. Anyways, the names are annoying and there are some roadblocks, but HentakuGames is looking very promising regardless.

First Impressions

It’s all very Japanese. The occasional 3DCG on this list is actually western and known to me and all the rest of it, well, it fell off the Google Translate truck. Seriously, I can’t get over these names. I tried downloading a few of these Japanese titles and I ran into several problems. Firstly, I kept pressing download and getting stuck in an ad reroute loop, until I realized that the download button isn’t the download button. The download button is actually under the download section, which is above the download button. Yeah, fuck it. I give up on trying to understand. If it works, it works. And yes, it does indeed work. It’s fast, though I had to click through a few annoying reroutes to get to my destination.

I got my game and I unzipped it and … it broke. I couldn’t run it. As it turns out, you have to do language wizardry to Japanese zip files in order to get your computer to actually read them properly. If your computer can’t spell out the names of files and folders properly, it can’t run the game. So, you have to do some magic WinRAR bullshit that involves changing the character encoding to Japanese, so that the program knows how to properly name the files when unzipping them, and oh dear God, why is this even a part of a game porn site review? Well, because it’s crucial. You can’t play the games otherwise.

Why HentakuGames?

Why the fuck not? No, for real though – they’ve got some amazing games on here that I haven’t seen anywhere else. That means a lot coming from my mouth, ok? I play this shit religiously. I love smut games. Then again, I’m a bit of a vanilla jackass – I like cocks in pussies and about as many large breasted blond secretaries as you can render for me. I rarely dive into fetishistic shit for my own personal fapping experience. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just… I’m boring. My favorite part of a woman is the taste of her vagina and those sweet moments when she’s not actively speaking words at me. I’m that simple. You probably aren’t. If you’re here, reading this review and you made it this far in, my boy, you are probably hard for hentai games. No shame in it. They’re great. I get it. You’ll find a ton of them here, that’s for damn sure. 

I personally love what HentakuGames have done with the place. The whole site’s design lends itself to easy browsing, though the whole long name bullshit does get in the way more than it needs to. Still, they were nice enough to add a screenshot gallery for every game, showing you the actual gameplay that you can expect to find within, instead of having to rely on splash art. I like this approach to game review and curation. And, speaking of the curation, whoever is behind HentakuGames really knows their stuff. I mean, they’re not just making me look uninformed – they’re generally killing it. This site is loaded with fap potential. I rarely find myself overwhelmed with so much quality content that I do not know where to start. I feel like a kid in a candy store. 

The Japanese Games

Ara Ara Auntie Incest. That’s the first game that caught my eye. Then I checked out Run Away Riding-Chan and Naked Reincarnations of a High School girl. I’m sure she’s 18. Anyways, these titles should give you a general idea of what to expect. Depravity a-plenty, without a lot of complication. The Japs are especially big on recognizable tropes, especially the ancient ones. You know, like aunties, schoolgirls, vampires and the like. They also really like non-descript young male protagonists. You could probably theorize in a scientific paper no less that all Japanese porn game protagonists are in fact the exact same dude. Check them out, you’ll see what I mean. Oh sure, they have a different backstory, but that only goes as far as defining how they’re related to the other characters. In terms of personality, all the protagonists in these games are NEETs. 

That should just about help you immerse yourself better than anything, no? Most people that play porn games are NEETs. I don’t know what it is about porn games but they really draw in the unemployed crowd. Maybe it’s just a sign of the ages. Millennial dudes are hitting 30 without a job, education or girlfriend to show for their twenties. Enter Japanese porn games. These will make you feel like a winner, albeit for a few hours. Then you get ripped back to reality and you have to deal with the fact that you’ll probably die alone. Oh well, everyone dies alone, technically speaking. Be an island. Play your porn games. At least they’re all free.

Overall Quality

Off the charts. Unlike mainstream video games, porn games aren’t bogged down by recent bullshit developments in the graphics card manufacturing sphere. In other words, they don’t have to have post processing filters, RTX, and other such bullshit. They just need titties. That’s exactly why most porn games work on most computers, right out of the box. Seriously, if you see a porn game on this site that you like, chances are it’ll be compatible with your system, no matter where you are or what you’re browsing on. And yes, I understand that you might be a bit on the fence about downloading and running an executable from a random third-party website that you know nothing about, but I ran a few of these games through a professional grade cross-antiviral sweep and found zero malware on them. 

That being said, run your own scans per game if you want to be cautious. It doesn’t cost anything. You only need to run the executable itself through the antiviral check. The game assets are irrelevant. Also, don’t give porn games admin rights, as a general rule. They shouldn’t be asking for it to begin with. All in all, HentakuGames is here to provide you with a seemingly never-ending list of high-quality porn games that are sure to keep you interested for, well, the rest of your miserable NEET life. 

New games come out every single day, so the chances of you expiring this list are zero to none. Granted, not all of the games on here are going to match your exact fetishistic preferences, but that’s ok. All you really have to do is jump to the next results page to find something closer to what you’re interested in. They’re catering to every fetish on HentakuGames.

I personally like the harem games. They remind me of real life. Just me and an uncountable procession of babes, getting it on, one on one, or in glorious orgies. It’s a regular Tuesday for me. So, if you want to get a taste of the good life, check out the porn games on HentakuGames. They will not disappoint. They’re easy to download and even easier to enjoy. Hell, most of them were made to be played one handed. You’ve got nothing to compromise and everything to gain.

PornGames likes Hentaku Games

  • Top tier curation
  • Free and easy to download
  • Countless new titles
  • Some obscure Japanese games

PornGames hates Hentaku Games

  • Nothing at all