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Hentai Bedta! I know you horny fucks want more hentai games. I think the world will stop turning before horny weebs give up on anime, hentai, and all of that shit. And I get it. Seeing some big tittied bitch get fucked by monsters is a timeless art form that never gets old. Watch, hundreds of years from now, we’ll have “art” by Shadman hung up in our museums. I’m just glad I won’t be alive to see that dystopia. Though knowing that fuck, he’ll somehow have achieved immortality. But, anyway, I’m not here to talk to you about that cuck.

I’m here to talk to you cucks about hentai. I found another great site where you can bust a nut to hot hentai games without having to pay for a damn thing. I know all of your cash is tied up in microtransactions for Raid Shadow Legends, so I made sure to find a site that is perfect for your broke fucks. It’s called and has been around since back in late 2011. They’ve done fairly well since then. The site currently brings in a little under 600 thousand horny weebs to the site every month.

A Healthy Number of Intrusive Pop-Up, Redirect, and Banner Ads

I like to comment on my first impressions of a site. You know, pick out the first notable thing that I see. But I couldn’t even see the site on my first visit. The page was flooded with giant pop-ups, redirects, and other annoying ads that obscured my entire view of the site. What the hell is up with all of that? I haven’t seen ads this bad in a long fucking time. If they took it one step further, my printer would start pumping out flyers for penis pills. The site is nearly unusable unless you have AdBlock or something.

If you can manage to peel away all of the layers of ads, then you may get a glimpse at the site beneath it. It’s not bad. It looks like a basic ass blog site with a weird background that looks like it would be better suited as the backdrop for an Etsy page rather than a hentai site. I don’t think anyone else has ever looked at their porn site and gone “Oh, you know what this needs? A textured paper background.” But they did it here, and it sure is...something.

Confusing Header Menu With Many Off-Site Links

There’s a header with thirteen different options that are just thrown on there in no real order. And, of course, nearly half of them take you off-site to other hentai porn sites. They even have a notice over on the right that lets you know that “Hentai Games” now directs you to another site. You know, the option you would use to find games on this game site. It says that you can find the real link in the “Categories” section.

The options you’ll want to use in the header go as follows: “Home, News, Game Doujins, How to Play H- Games, Advanced-Search, Password, About Genres, and Contact.” Most of these are straightforward. The about genres page just gives you definitions for fetish tags in case you didn’t know what the fuck “vore” meant or whatever. The password page gives you codes you need to enter to access certain game files.

Explore a Large Catalog Doujins, Videos, and, Most Importantly, Games!

The game doujinshi page just lists off some popular series and gives links to content that features those characters or games. But those are doujins. We don’t give a fuck about those for this review. We want hot sex games! There are a few ways you can browse here to find the perfect game.

Let’s start with the homepage. There you will find the newest games that have been added to the site. And, by the looks of things, the site has a pretty frequent upload schedule. You can expect a couple of new titles every day or at least every other day. I’ll give them credit for that. It’s not easy to keep up an upload schedule like that, but they have done it for nearly a fucking decade.

Hot Hentai Games Available to Play on a Variety of Platforms

Off to the right, you’ll find a quick list of categories. Perhaps this is what they mean by a category section. Regardless, you can find a list of options for things like “Android Hentai Games, Flash Games, 3D, Siterip, and some language-specific sections.” If you want to sort by fetish content, then you’ll need to scroll a bit further down to get to the tag section. There are a ton of them. But they aren’t in alphabetical order.

You can’t even make them be in alphabetical order. They are ordered by the number of games with that tag. So, get Ctrl+F ready because it’ll take fucking forever to search through them any other way. But they do have some solid tags. You can sort by all sorts of kinky fetishes like “Ahegao, Mind Break, BDSM, Pregnant, X-Ray, and Incest.”

Informative Previews & Lots of Kinky Fetish Tags

No matter what you search, you’ll get a page full of hot game previews. Each one has a huge preview image that showcases four screenshots from the game. Below that, you can see who made the game, see what language it is in, find out what format the file is in, view how big the file is, and read a few of the fetish tags for the game.

From there, you click on “Info” to get your download link. It’s that easy. You will need to disable AdBlock to get that link, and that does mean you’ll have to sit through a page full of ads before you get your link. Once you do get it, then you’re good to go! The files download quickly without any need for a subscription of payment.

Poor Mobile Experience

It’s not worth doing a deep dive into it, but I would avoid the mobile site. It isn’t formatted for mobile use. It’s also nearly impossible to close out any of the ads that pop-up without accidentally clicking on them. It’s annoying as all hell. So, yeah, stick to the desktop version of the site where the ads are at least semi-manageable.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features has a lot of great content. Despite all of the problems I had with the site, you are still getting a lot of content for nothing. You don’t have to pay up at all for the thousands upon thousands of premium-quality hentai games on this site. It’s fucking awesome. And I liked that the site had an advanced search bar. I didn’t get to go into it above, but damn is it pretty comprehensive. You can search by tags, game genres, and all of that good shit. It makes getting around this confusing site slightly easier.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Oh boy. You, presumably, read everything up top, so you know that I have some things to say about this site. But I won’t beat a dead horse here. Let me give you these quick and easy. The site needs a better theme, branding, and design. The whole nine yards. It needs a makeover. The ads need to be cut down at least in half. They ruin the entire user experience of the site. It’s no wonder they don’t bring in more people. Most of you cucks probably click off the site when you see that shit. And they need to update the mobile site. After all, they have a whole selection of mobile games. That’s not good for anything unless I can actually navigate to them on my phone.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, could be, well, a little bedta than it is. Ha. I crack myself up. Anyway, the site needs some work. I recommend giving it a look and seeing if it’s for you. I mean, getting loads of premium games for free is a pretty sweet deal no matter what way you look at it. You’ll have to deal with loads of bullshit to get them, but I think that’s quite a bit better than having to dish out 20+ bucks just to fap. Go give a visit and see what sort of fapworthy gems you can find!

PornGames likes HentaiBedta

  • Thousands of fetish-filled games
  • Download any game on the site for free
  • No profile or subscription needed

PornGames hates HentaiBedta

  • Intrusive ad clutter
  • Confusing menus & offsite links make it hard to navigate
  • The design could use a revamp