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Are you fucks looking to get your fap on to hot hentai games without having to deal with torrents? Don’t get me wrong. I love torrents. They make downloads easy and seamless, but sometimes they just don’t cut it. Older games, more niche titles, and shit like that usually means there won’t be any seeders. Or maybe there’s one.

Still, that means you’ll be sitting there with your limp dick in hand waiting hours and hours for your game to download. That shit simply isn’t acceptable. You want quick, free downloads of full-length eroge games. Is that too much to ask?

Not at all! has got you covered. This site is full of NSFW and SFW titles that you can download for free with no required profile or premium subscription cost. And you don’t even need to fuck around with torrents. It’s all right there at your fingertips. No more relying on random cucks to seed your favorite games. And HDDgames has amassed a huge collection of games since it launched back in early 2016. Over 140 thousand of you horny gamers come to this site every month for free content.

Blog-Style Site Theme & Layout

The site has a blog-style set up with a nice dark theme that makes it easy to browse at night. The background has a mirrored image of the cover of the new-ish Resident Evil 2 remake. It looks kind of tacky. I would have preferred a simple single-color background or something. As is, it looks like some teenager’s Tumblr blog.

And they don’t have the logo for the site anywhere. Even their image banner at the top is just a compilation of games and shit. There are no real identifying features that would tell you this site was called HDDgames. Come the fuck on. The site has been up for nearly four years. It can’t be that hard to get a logo done.

There’s a simple header up top with the following options: Home, Genres, Games List, Contact us, Disclaimers, Privacy Policy, FAQ, and Request Games. Most of these are exactly what you’d expect. I know those two brain cells are really sputtering around trying to figure out what I mean. Don’t worry. I don’t want you to wear yourself out. The last option lets you request games for the site owner to add. You’ll also see a rough upload schedule for requests laid out there.

Thousands of Hot, Full-Length Games to Choose From!

The FAQ has guides and answers to simple questions, so you fucks aren’t spamming this poor soul’s inbox with bullshit. The games list lists out every single game that the site has. I recommend going here and hitting CTRL+F to find whichever title you may be looking for. Sure, there’s a search bar. But this makes it so much easier to find games that may have multiple versions or different DLC options.

To browse the newly added games, you’ll want to stick to the main page. The upload schedule looks to be pretty frequent. You can expect a new game to come out every day or every other day, though it looks like the site doesn’t add too many games on the weekends. And the FAQ page mentions that eroge games aren’t uploaded as often. But that’s 90 percent of what I fucking see on here. I’m not complaining, but you got to get your message straight.

The genres tab has a drop-down menu for a couple of dozen different options. But you can’t click on the genres button itself to open up a page with all of these. You have to use the drop-down menu. Otherwise, you get taken to a broken page. The site does have a lot of good options here.

Many Different Categories and Genres, but Limited Filter Options

You have genres for “Eroge, Doujin, Casula, MOBA, Indie, Turn-Based, Etc.” I do wish there was a subheader with a specific NSFW genre section. Not all of the eroge games are under the eroge option, so you have to flip around to different categories if you’re looking for a specific type of porn game that isn’t in there.

And that’s the only way to search for games on this site. You can’t organize or filter out anything by popularity, trending, rating, or fetish. There are tags, but the tags are fucking useless. The tags usually boil down to the game’s title listed in 10 different ways so that traffic is drawn to it. But that doesn’t help users who are on the site and trying to find more anal rape hentai games.

Horrendous, Invasive Ad Clutter

During all of my time browsing the site, I was plagued by ads. Holy fuck, are the ads awful. No wonder their traffic isn’t any higher. Pop-ups that are on timers that block out content, forced notifications, redirects, banners, and a whole slew of ads that even AdBlock can’t block. It’s the textbook definition of a site that looks untrustworthy. How am I supposed to feel safe downloading content from a site when it pulls this kind of bullshit? Definitely proceed with caution on this one.

When you do get passed everything and plug in your search, you’ll get a list of game previews. Each one will have a decently sized image preview of the cover, an upload date, a tag list, and a link to the full game page. I wish the previews were more informative, but at least the full game page has all the information you need. There you get the synopsis, additional screenshots, censored/uncensored tag, platform compatibility, installation instructions, and all of that good stuff.

Quick & Easy Downloads With No Catches

There will be a variety of download links at the bottom of the page. Downloads were rather quick and seemed to be safe enough. But I would still be careful. With all of the other bullshit on this site, you need to make sure you’re actually downloading the game. But you cucks are experts. You’re probably downloading 100 gigs of SFM vore porn as I fucking speak.

And, as a short note, the mobile site was functional. But I would avoid it. It’s nearly impossible to browse with all of the goddamn ads. And it’s not like the site has very many Android/mobile games. Stick with the desktop version. It’s not worth accidentally clicking on one of the hundreds of ads and bricking your fucking phone.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

This site has a lot of great games. Not only can you find brand-new $60+ games on here for free, but you can also find exclusive porn games that you can bust nut after nut to. That’s a killer combination. The site design is decent as well. The menus were simple and easy to navigate. The game pages give you all of the necessary information that you need to know before you download that shit. And the downloads were quick. No more waiting hours or even days for an unseeded game to download.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

The ads need to fucking stop or at least be cut down by a lot. I don’t know many users who would stick around to download content on a site like this. This site is the internet equivalent of buying bootleg DVDs out of some meth addict’s windowless van. And it’s such a fucking shame because the content and the downloads are great. If they minimized the ad clutter, made the site stand out more with better branding, and added some filter options for the content, they would be golden. Really, it wouldn’t take that much effort to double or even triple the traffic that they are bringing in.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, could use some work. The site has a fuck ton of fetish-filled porn games for you to download, but the ad clutter and lack of search filters really take away from the overall user-experience. I still recommend it to those of you out there who want premium titles without paying or torrenting. I’d say it’s still worth all of the bullshit since you’re getting high-quality content without dishing out any dosh. Go give it a look! I’m sure you cucks will find some kinky hentai game on here to jerk your dick to.

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