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I reviewed a website just like this one a couple days ago. I saw this on my stack today and legit thought that it was the exact same one. It’s not. This is a new and exciting porn game website that looks, feels and functions exactly like all the other sites of this nature. Dear God… we’ll never run out, will we? Why am I complaining? More sites mean more reviews for me. I like reviews. I guess I’m just holding out for something new. Maybe something like a website that straight up reaches out through the computer screen and jerks me off. We’re still living in the past. If I want to jerk, I have to work. Either that or I could ask one of my babes to suck me off beneath my desk while I do these reviews. 

Anyways, GameCax. Let’s talk about GameCax. It’s a porn game site that catalogues and offers download links for countless porn games all of which seem to be of the modern age. Meaning, no flash games and no retro shit. It’s all modern. Some of the games might be as old as five years, but you’re very much looking at either 3D gaming or high quality 2D pre-rendered shit. There’s also a lot of high quality hand drawn art. There’s a little something for everyone. GameCax doesn’t do much in order to stand out above other sites of this type, but I don’t think they have to. There are a few bugs here and there and I’ll talk about them below, but overall I like what they’ve done with the place. They are without a doubt bookmark worthy. 

The Games on GameCax

The game selection is the most important part of any porn game site and that’s what makes these reviews the most difficult. It’s hard to rate an entire catalogue. When I review hentai game sites at least I know what I’m in for. GameCax is a random smattering of unrelated games that are loosely held together by the promise of boners and fucked up surreal sexual situations. All the worlds within all of these games are far more sexual than whatever the fuck it is that we’ve got going on here on Earth. I like these worlds. I wish I could live in one of these worlds.

The smattering is made easier to navigate by a bunch of dropdown menu that GameCax has so kindly provided to help you get to what you need faster. It’s a good system. The first menu that you see is the genre menu, which is … misspelled for some fuck-all reason. I don’t know what to tell you. They made an oopsie. The first category is of course 3D Sex Games. Ever since Milfy City, these things are rampant. I like them. Being a DIK and Acting Lessons are life changing porn games. However, there are way too many shitty knockoff titles that use free models that you’ve already seen in other games and these particular games suck ass. You’re kind of at the mercy of the random bin. You never know. 

The Freaky Shit

The second and third categories on the list should tell you everything you need to know about people who play porn games. That includes you. These are incest and furry porn. Disclaimer: No real incest or animal abuse is depicted in these games as of my knowledge. These are animated games featuring nothing but fictional consenting adults. Ok, we got the boring part out of the way. Let’s talk about your cringe fetishes.

You people love your incest games. I don’t get it. Every single 3D porn game that I’ve played has some sort of incest in the main version of the game. I say main version because most of them also have mainstream versions that had the incest pruned, usually by changing mom to stepmom and sis to stepsis. Modern problems require modern solutions. 

Amp Up the Pain

Further down on the list we’ve got BDSM games and actual rape simulators. Again, disclaimer, this is legal shit and I am not seeing any laws being broken here. This is all make believe, you goddamn judgmental pricks. People who have a problem with rape simulators are exactly the same as political pundits of the early 2000s who said that Grand Theft Auto was going to encourage people to commit vehicular manslaughter. Fuck off. It’s a video game. I doubt that people who play Counter Strike are likely to go outside and shoot AKs. I also doubt that people who play Lawnmower Simulator are ever going to actually step out and touch grass, but that’s a different point all-together. Games are games. They’re fun pastimes. Get over it.

Ok, now that we’ve plugged the holes, let’s get into the violent games. They’re fucked. They’re really fucked. You got two variants, more or less. Japanese and regular. No, I don’t mean that in a racist way – the Japanese hentai game industry has certain expectations and norms about how they structure sexual scenarios. They have these certain tendencies to write women in a really cringe and defenseless way. Even 40-year-old women act like schoolgirls. It’s weird. The more western stuff is a bit truer to life. Babes actually have strength and endurance. They have spirit. I’m pretty sure that the average Japanese man has never actually spoken to a woman.

And So Much More

There’s a gay category. It’s weak. Most of the gay category games are actually straight games that might feature a gay scene or two. It’s just not the same. Gay porn games are a sad minority. They also put all the sissy games here, which is sad. Most sissies I know are straight as hell, they just have an inferiority fetish. I rarely see gay dudes who intentionally sissify themselves. If you dig through the gay category you will find a handful of actual gay games. That’s about it.

There are a few other categories that seem helpful, but really I consider them decorative. I mean, there’s a vaginal category. A vaginal category on a porn game site. Isn’t that just… 99% of the games? It’s useless, come on. The RPG porn games category is great if you want to quickly get a list of shitty games that no-one should ever play. RPG Maker ruined RPG games for me.

GameCax Vs. The Rest

This site is a bit weak, compared to some others I’ve reviewed before, but it’s still well within “good” territory. I mean, it’s useful. The games are great. There are more than enough games to keep you entertained for one lifetime. They’ve got the real A-listers on here like Summertime Saga. They even managed to get the latest version up, which is fantastic, but… it doesn’t work.

Check this out. Summertime Saga has a Mega link that comes out for free, from the developer, every time there’s a new version. I checked, it’s up and it works. However, GameCax doesn’t link to it. Instead, they link to their own … Mega link. The same file, on a different Mega upload. That would be fine except…their link is down. So, in other words, GameCax is purposefully linking nothing instead of linking the already free Mega download to a free game that’s put out by the developer. 

Situation Normal All Fucked Up

I checked a bunch of the other games. A ton of them had broken links. Hell, the first five games I tried to download were not available. I can get them elsewhere, hell, I can just look them up by name. They’re all free anyways. They’re available everywhere on the web… except on GameCax. This would be fine if GameCax was a review site, like mine. I don’t have any download links. Then again, I do not distribute. I review. GameCax is a porn game download site with masses of broken download links. Not good. 

If they fix this shit, then they’ll float way higher up on my list of preferred porn game sites. I mean, I like the curation. These are fantastic titles. Having the common sense to keep Summertime Saga on the first results page shows you know what you’re doing. The new NLT game, Genesis Order is up there as well. Great signs of good taste. Alas, if I can’t download them here the chances of me hanging out on this site are low. Why should I stick around if they’re only going to serve me halfway? <strong>In its current state, GameCax is the site equivalent of a babe who gives great hand jobs, but leaves you halfway through, blue balled and confused</strong>. 

PornGames likes Gamecax

  • Amazing games
  • Countless titles
  • Great categories

PornGames hates Gamecax

  • Broken download links