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It’s called Fetish Games; it could just as easily be called “Recent Porn Games”. It’s a great site. It’s simple, it’s clean. I like it, and no not just because they put a link to my site as the first damn button on the nav bar. You think they’re being too nice to me? Maybe I should have been a footnote. Eh, whatever. I love being loved. I’m not going to hold back any punches just because they love me, though. I have a standard to uphold. Fetish Games is a strong 5/7. Firstly, I love the domain name. They really lucked out with that one. I mean, Fetish Games? Come on, that’s a slam dunk. You already know what you’re getting and the site hasn’t even loaded yet.

That being said, they do branch out a little bit outside the fetish zone and I appreciate that. There are way too many good porn games out there that are just sort of barely fetishistic, but are worth recommending and that’s the kind of shit I appreciate. I mean, I don’t want to give games a pass just because they’re not exactly what I asked for in advance. You don’t know what you’re going to get. They’re like those chocolate eggs with the random gifts inside, but instead of a plastic dinosaur, you get titties and pussy. It’s always a treat. 

The Game Selection

Let’s get to the beef. These games are dank as fuck. Do people still say dank? They’re good. It means they’re good. I’ll admit, though, a huge number of them are titles I’ve never seen before. I found that strange, I mean, most of them are 3DCG Ren’Py titles. You know, like Milfy City. But, I haven’t seen 90% of these. Bad Bobby Saga? Masters of Raana? Become Taxi Driver? Seriously… become… a taxi …driver. Don’t worry, it’s still about pussy somehow.

I tried a bunch of these games, which wasn’t at all difficult. I got em, I ran em. I’ve got a good PC and all, but I’m willing to bet that every single game on here would run on a 2003 PocketPC. Now that’s compatibility. Most porn game developers use barebones Python engines. I don’t really know how that trend started. I mean you’d think they’d be drawn to something a bit easier and more promising like Unity, but no, most of these games are just… images moving around on screen. That means they’ll run on any machine. Yay for the future. 

Getting a Fetish Game

You see a game, you click a game, you get image previews. They load quickly and there are no bullshit ads in the way to harshen your mellow. The image previews are actual gameplay stills, which I appreciate because fuck cover art. Ok? Let’s say it together: Fuck cover art. It lies. You have no idea what a game is about if you just look at the damn cover art. I want to know what kind of buttons I’ll be clicking so that I can know in advance which of my hands to lube up for the self-fuck sesh. 

In case you’re wondering, most of the games on here fall under the mouse in right hand category, with the occasional click to decide what you want to do next. Not a lot of text, not a lot of action. They’re pretty barebones, like I said, but they’re loaded with content. In fact, the sexual content is like 99% of the game. The rest is just …interactivity for the sake of immersion.

The actual downloads are streamlined as fuck and I was surprised to see that there’s no ad-bouncing in between. You know what I mean? Like, you press “Download from Mega” and you get bounced between several ad pages before you can get the link. Yeah, none of that. You press Mega, you get Mega and the game is on your PC faster than you can apply the aforementioned lube. I love this shit. I live for this shit. The games are already free on their own, by developer decision. A third-party site shouldn’t be dicking me around to let me download them, so I’m glad that Fetish Games knows that well.

The Extensive Catalogue

The big question on my mind going into Fetish Games was: What kind of fetishes, though? I mean, one man’s fetish is another man’s Tuesday. You might be too young to remember this, but back in my day, in like the 90s, choking a bitch out while she orgasms wasn’t common. Nowadays, every time I got a chick on my dick, she’s got her hands around my throat like my Adam’s apple is her sex lever. Times change. We also like to pretend that sex with transgender women is somehow a fetish. It’s not. I mean, being obsessed with girl cock counts, but that’s different. Trans babes are just … babes – i.e., women of the breasted variety that I want to fuck anally. I’ll fuck their asses whether they’ve got a cock up front or not. 

I got horny; I got off track. It happens. The catalogue! Let’s do a peruse. I’ll do a quick word dump: daughter, giantess, empress, lockdown, bimbo, master, little man. I’m pulling these straight from the titles. It’s no big puzzle – there are different interesting fetishes here including but not limited to being big, being small, being dominated, dominating, and so on. A lot of these are spins on BDSM with some fresh internet-born concepts like vore or being stepped on by a Brobdingnag woman. If you don’t get that reference, read a book. It’s not my fault your education system failed you. 

The Navigation is Simple – Good

Seriously, fucking good. I’m tired of stupid porn game site navigation that sorts the games by some dumb shit that no-one asked for. The games on Fetish Games are categorized thusly: By game, by engine and by language. Fucking thank you. There’s also a tags category. I didn’t touch it because I don’t fuck with tags. They’re too specific. I like my adventures. Anyways, the games category has nice lists like Android, Mac, Windows, Trending and so on. There’s also a “completed” section for fellas who don’t like getting blue balled mid fap. God bless.

The game engine section sounds nerdy, but hear me out, ok? The game engine largely dictates what you can expect to see. If a game is made in HTML (yes, that’s actually a thing) it’ll likely have images and a fuckton of text that you have to read. Sometimes these games have a bit of animation, but it’s rare. It’s very rare. I’ve seen it. Degrees of Lewdity does the best job out of those games. You can check it out if you’re curious. The Ren’Py games come in two varieties: 3DCG of the same rehashed models you’ve been seeing since Milfy City with some original stories and of course, Japanese style visual novels.

Fetish Games is a Modern Site

And by that I mean, they don’t have too many Japanese visual novels. Not to dunk on the weebs and all, but when a game site’s games are more than 10% visual novel, I want to drown myself in bleach. There are too many of them. I know that some of you guys basically mainline hentai visual novels straight into your arms, but come the fuck on man. We need some modern shit, some primo 3D graphics. Granted, 3DCGs are all prerendered, but if that’s the price we pay for being able to play this shit on every single platform, I’ll take it. It works. Plus, a lot of these games are animated on top of being prerendered, so it works.

The site’s games are mostly fresh, with a few older titles that cannot be skipped because they’re just that awesome. I like the collection and I like that there’s clearly someone behind these selections who gives a fuck about the games. Now, I don’t know how well they represent all fetishes, but we’ve been over this – porn game sites can’t read your mind. Here’s a thought! If there’s an underrepresented fetish on here that you’d like to see, maybe shoot them an e-mail or something. It’s not like they don’t have every reason to include it. They just might not know that people have an elbow fetish yet. Tell them. Tell them now. 

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