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Eroge Games

ErogeGames! Japan is known as one of the most technologically advanced countries of the century, but that's not all that they're known for. If you don't know what the fuck I'm talking about, then listen up, motherfucker! Animated school girls fucking some monster hybrids, lesbian actions, goblin gangbangs, and so much more, Japan is the one responsible for intoxicating our minds with Waifus and some other erotic shit. However, it's not just the animations that they've perfected, it's also the voice acting, because who the fuck would want to experience some good hentai porn and suddenly you'll realize that the voice doesn't match the scenes? Certainly not me! Anyway, there's so much more to talk about Erogegames, so let's get on with the review.

Start By Knowing What Eroge Is

It's already common knowledge that when it comes to animated porn of females fucking various creatures or inanimate things, Japan is the one leading the charts. If you didn't know any of that, then it's time for you to get the fuck up and do something in your worthless miserable life. Anyway, Eroge, which is known as Erotic Games in Japanese, has its origins around the 90s, when companies initially introduced their own line of microcomputers, in hopes of competing against the powerhouse of the time, United States.

At the time, Japanese technology was falling behind and had figured a way to regain control of the market, thus giving birth to Erotic Games. The first one that was advertised was NightLife from 1982, in which it was a graphic adventure that was accompanied by sexually explicit images and animations. It didn't take long until the Japanese released another one, but this time it was created as an adventure type of role-playing game with colored graphics, the game became a massive success, thus the start of a beautiful history of Hentai Anime.

User Registration

Woah, hold your goddamn dicks for a second, don't turn your fucking backs from this just because I said there is a registration process. It's only there to have a clean record of the dedicated users who always use the website. At the same time, it also protects Erogegames from any illegal actions done by other users, such as posting messages that are vulgar, obscene, hateful, threatening, or any other that would violate the law in any way. Furthermore, registering also has the benefit of always updating its users whenever there are new updates and information.

However, if you're really that tight in your balls, meaning you don't trust anything I say, you can actually go to the site and experience it for yourself. As the registration process only requires its users to create a user-generated username and password, while it also asks for your Email address to send the notifications to. Other than that, there's nothing else that the website asks from you, except to enjoy Erogegames to its full extent.

There’s A List Of English-Translated Games

What? Do you really think Erogegames is a fucking selfish site that the games can only be understood by the Japanese? Fuck no! Like the Japanese, Erogegames is also generous, especially when it comes to the convenience of its users. This adds to their advantage on how they managed to take the time to translate most of the games for the rest of the world to understand. This section of Erogegames is located on top of the site, along with other tabs such as a forum, walkthroughs, and a What's New feature.

The Layout And Navigation

The layout and navigation system are both really important when it comes to establishing a website, especially for a pornographic game site, for that matter. Anyway, did you ever have that experience of watching porn from other sites and suddenly came across an ad about some porn game that got you intrigued? Well, I have, and it's fucking annoying. However, because of Erogegames' navigation system, all of your dicks won't be left out as you quickly navigate through the site's archives to find that particular game that got your dick up and running.

Moreover, the site also has a couple of features in the layout, such as the Forums, the English Games List, and the Walkthroughs. As you click each of those features, you'll be redirected to another seemingly basic layout, but it's actually a good thing if it's basic. Because of all the information that is easily accessible, you'll never be hassled by the fact that you have to thoroughly read all of the content only to find that one specific thing because the search bar is quite powerful.

What I Like About This Site

I can give a lot of praise for the Erogegames website. Why? Simply because of all the available features that are available to you once you go in. The site recommends that you register to become a member, but it doesn't matter if you don't want to register as the features are still available if you don't join. Because it's only for database purposes and for you to be able to have an alias in the forums.

Speaking of which, the fucking Forums is amazing; I actually didn't expect this website to have one, considering that it's a place meant to enlist porn games. However, the Forum is everything you expect it to be, full of pieces of information such as general discussions, Lobbys to talk about anime, manga, and others alike. Not to mention that you get to mingle with other members of the Forum who have similar interests. And I think that's about it; there's nothing more I can add aside from saying that Erogegames is one hell of a website to stumble into.

My Recommendations To Improve The Site

Tuck your little dicks in and pull up your pants up because shit will get real from here on out. To many people who are familiar with how I work, you know that I'm quite aggressive when it comes to reviews. Anyway, let's begin with the site's layout, it's not every day that you see a pornographic gaming site that has a very well-thought-out design, but Erogegames is not an exception because their layout is completely fucking basic. I know some of you may consider this to be an advantage, but come on, even a fucking 12-year old can fucking this.

The next one is the game content; most of the games found on the website are user-generated, which means that Erogegames would not be held accountable if the game you're playing is complete bullshit. Moreover, since its archive is only a list of all the game's that game programmers have submitted, you'll be expecting some good games, but most of it would be, as the kids call nowadays as trash! So I recommend getting someone to check all the contents submitted for their quality because if the contents of the site are trash, then the site itself is trash.

The last would be the translated games, I've downloaded some of the games enlisted in the English Games List and played it thoroughly. Oh my fucking God! I've found numerous grammatical errors in the game's dialogue; it's like trying to understand the words that are coming out of the mouth of a Vietnamese. Other than those two recommendations, I can't say anything else, because I can't complain about the quality of the games as Erogegames is not responsible for it all as the site is only a host for user-generated games.


To all the people who aren't Japanese but quite obsessed with the Japanese culture (A.K.A. fucking Weaaboos), then I can definitely recommend going to Erogegames. It has everything that you need when it comes to erotic hentai games. Believe it or not, some people have a fetish on censored hentai porn, and Erogegames also has it all. Not to mention that if you're in a hurry to get to the parts where there's fucking, you can also use the Walkthroughs available on the site to get to specific scenes much faster.

To sum it all up, I can honestly say that Erogegames has a completely basic layout, and it's not a bad thing. I mean, who the fuck would want a complex website layout? Especially when you're the type of person that doesn't jerk off to porn movies but to pornographic games instead. Erogegames also established a basic navigation system where you'll be able to find everything that you're looking for at the top of the website as it's already categorized by Forums, English Games List, Walkthroughs, and the What's New feature. With all those available features with just a click away, who the fuck wouldn't be able to love this site?

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  • It has its own member's forum
  • A list of English hentai games
  • Available walkthroughs to help newbs
  • A feature that lists all of the new games