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Yes, it’s exactly like a hundred other sites I’ve reviewed before it. No, this is not a bad thing. Yes, I recommend DikGames. It’s awesome. I’ve said this before, but you could use a reminder – sites that aggregate top notch porn games are always a welcome addition to my roster. These sites are usually run by individuals who go out of their way to find fap-worthy content for you to enjoy. Most if not all of the time, this content is free. They don’t supply it; they just help you find it. Still, it’s free to download and enjoy, so you’ve got nothing to lose. 

There are no real downsides to playing these free porn games. For reasons that are still a mystery to me, a good 99% of all quality porn games are completely free by design. As in, the designers wanted them to be free. I guess they’re banking on donations. But you don’t care about any of that. You care about the bottom line. Next gen porn games are in and you can find them right here on DikGames, along with some handy download links. What more could you ask for? 

Why DikGames?

There are hundreds of thousands of porn games out there at this point, if you factor in Japanese visual novels. Dear God, there are too many of those. It’s hard to find good shit. I personally use F95 to learn more about porn games when I need to dive into the largest database of games and hear from the community, but there’s a bit of a catch. I don’t use F95 to find new games for the same reason I don’t go to PornHub to find new smut. There are too many entries every single day and the top of every results page is driven by consensus. I’m being shown the lowest common denominator, and usually that’s garbage. 

I don’t mean to throw stones here. I get that if a porn game is super popular then it’s going to float to the top more often than not, but for fuck’s sakes – if I see another ad for Milfy City I’m going to puke. I get it, it has 3D titties. Other games have 3D titties too, you know? We don’t have to keep shoving Milfy City down people’s throats. There are alternatives. That brings me to DikGames. I’m going to assume that this site is being run by a dude, even though I have no evidence to prove it. Whoever this guy is, he’s got great taste. 

3D Versus … Everything Fucking Else

The term 3D means something totally different when applied to porn games. First of all, the average 3D porn game isn’t actually in 3D. It’s two dimensional. However, it is comprised of pre-rendered 3D models in 3D space. It’s kind of like watching a Pixar movie. It’s 3D, yes, but you don’t get to navigate through it. It’s a movie. This is great for people with shit PCs because pre-rendered images would run on anything short of a calculator. The clear downside is that if you actually want to find a game that’s properly three dimensional you are shit out of luck. I can count on one hand the number of actual three-dimensional porn games I’ve played and most of them are in VR. 

As for regular 3D games, for the PC, they’re few and far between. The dude behind DikGames tries to serve you a healthy mix of 3D and 2D games, sort of thrown around at random and sorted by quality. Again, this is his idea of quality, not the direct effect of game popularity. This is the better method. Trust me. The alternative is coming back every day to see the latest Milfy City patch until your eyes bleed. Again, no shade on Milfy City, but at this rate it likely won’t be finished in my lifetime. 

New Porn Games are Awesome

Artists are not sitting on ass, it would appear. They’re doing God’s work. I bless every artist who devotes his life to the arduous task of drawing unique and never before seen cartoon titties. This is amazing stuff. There are also writers in the mix, putting those drawn tits to good use. All in all, these new free porn games are fantastic and I can’t recommend them enough. Most of them are targeted at average straight dudes, so the chances of seeing something fucked up are pretty damn low, but there are a few freaky titles here and there. You just have to keep your eyes open. 

I shit you not, I wasn’t aware of how many new porn games there were this year because I had tunnel vision on a few titles that I keep spastically replaying for no good reason. I pulled my head out of the sand and lo and behold new porn games were visible across the fucking horizon. What I find really interesting is that there are countless free porn games on DikGames that are actually finished. As in, they’re not Patreon bait. Yes, there are a lot of those too, but the dude behind DikGames was kind enough to make a nice and neat completed games section. I like to consider that the anti blue-ball section. Some people like unfinished games. Not me. I want to dive in and wrap it up.

Someone Really Cared

You can tell from every single game’s individual page that the owner of DikGames cares deeply about these games. They’re not just trying to make a quick buck. They like porn games as much as you do. This guy straight up reviewed every single game manually, the same way I do, except he doesn’t do textual reviews. He gives the games stats. Story, visuals, engagement and core loop each get a rating out of 100. A percentage. Whether or not this is accurate and helpful remains to be seen. I mean, the dude gave Being a DIK and Timestamps: Unconditional Love the same exact rating. This does not click. One of these games is a creative masterpiece. The other one is fap fuel. 

Still, the owner of the site gives the fans of the site ample space to voice their opinions and concerns, below every single game, with very neatly organized comments. You can see what the public has to say. At the risk of sounding self-defeating, I’m not so sure that the opinions of random horny dudes on the internet carry a lot of worth, but who knows? You might learn something new.

Perfect Layout

This is the second main reason why I recommend sites like DikGames over game libraries like F95. Sure, the selection will always be smaller, but you’ll see the good shit up front with nice previews and handy menus. You can sort through the games with the click of a single button. You jump into the downloads equally as quickly. The whole goddamn process is so much smoother and more enjoyable when you’re on DikGames. This is how browsing for porn games should be. It should be a breeze. 

I also really love what they’ve done with the monetization. The ads they’re running are absolutely not intrusive. I managed to get from the home page to a specific game page to the download destination without getting rerouted once. In the process, I saw some moving ads on the side of the page that were not annoying in the slightest. There were moving titties or some shit. It makes for great decoration. Whoever made this site was trying hard to impress and it shows.

Get Free Porn Games, Bozo

If you’re a fan of porn games, then you should be on DikGames. If you’re not a fan of porn games, then you should become a fan of porn games then end up on DikGames. All roads lead to immersive fapping experiences. It’s inevitable. And don’t give me that bullshit about how you’re old school and video games are beneath you. Either bang a real broad, or get yourself a virtual one. Don’t piss on my fap parade. These are fantastic porn games that are guaranteed to milk you harder than any porn video you might enjoy watching.

Immersion is key. It ensures you feel connected to the action. Just by making some random decisions within these porn games you start to feel connected to these virtual women and your boner becomes that much more powerful. It’s truly an unforgettable experience that is coming at you for free, in droves. Jump in at random, download a fuck ton of porn games and enjoy yourself. This is what living in the future is all about.

PornGames likes DikGames

  • Simple, clean layout
  • Lots of previews
  • Free download links
  • Owner reviews
  • Comments section

PornGames hates DikGames

  • Nothing