6+ Nude Mods, Sex Mods, Adult Mods & Porn Mods
Porn Dude reviews the best porn games of 2020. Find free porn games, hentai games & sex games sorted by quality!
Updated on 15 January 2020
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Nude Mods, Sex Mods, Adult Mods & Porn Mods

I want to download nude patches, install nude skins and nudify my favorite mainstream games!

I take it Steam didn’t have that golden showers mod for the Sims you were looking for. Why am I not surprised? Even if you want something as simple and vanilla as naked titties and boob jobs for the broads in Skyrim, people act like you’re some kind of pervert. Well, maybe you are, but that’s exactly why you’ve come to the right place.

A lot of the big game mod sites have rules against adult content, banning users just for asking how they can add butt-fucking to GTA. Fuck those guys! The websites on my list have NSFW mods and nothing, but Computer geeks with perpetual hard-ons have worked long and hard on these ways to add explicit perversion to your favorite games. You get to reap the benefits all for free, you lucky bastard.

Which mainstream games am I able to turn NSFW?

If you’re new to game modding, you might be really fucking surprised how many games are customizable with add-on ding-dongs and digital cooters, bonus broad-boning bonanzas, and optional oral orgies. You’ll find naked ladies to run around the wastelands of Fallout 4 with their titties bouncing and big-booty MILFs cooking crack cocaine in their underwear in a Sims 4 kitchen. Replace the female voices in Skyrim with moaning hookers and sprinkle New Vegas with working prostitutes you can bang for some bottle caps.

If you’re only a little bit of a pervert, there’s lingerie for Dragon Age and sheer dresses for The Witcher. If you’re a real freak, add anal plug tails to The Sims or skullfucking to Darkest Dungeon. My point is, most games that supporting modding will let you see the bitches without their clothes on. The better ones will give you even more.

How do I install a nude patch?

In most games, it’s easy as hell. You’ll typically just download some files and drop them in some particular folder where they’ll work their magic, turning respectable warrior chicks and housewives into stone-cold sluts. Sometimes the installation is fully automatic, and all you’ve got to do is run an installer.

The most important thing is to read the goddamn instructions. They’re typically simple, broken down step by step, and you’ll have it done in a matter of seconds. Don’t get on my ass because you couldn’t be bothered to open the readme file, and all the broads still have their clothes on. I’m The Porn Dude; I ain’t tech support!

What are the best nude mods of 2020?

That depends on what games you play and what kind of perverted shit you’d like to add to it. The sites I’ve chosen for this list have the best mods with the most realistic boobies and the roundest butts, the raunchiest new characters, and dirtiest sex animations. If you’re a big gamer, and a huge pervert, you’ll probably want to check them all out.

The forums at LoversLab are an absolute goldmine for gaming perverts looking to pimp out their sandbox games and first-person shooters with buxom zombies and horny catgirls. They’ve got entire sections devoted to games like Fallout, Skyrim, and The Sims, plus a really active community to interact with.

Nexus Mods has a great library of mods for hundreds of games. Most of them aren’t NSFW, but it’s easy to browse just the ones that are. Lewd Patcher has a much narrower focus on Patreon and Steam games, but the mods tend to be super kinky. Have fun adding a bunch of incest to those already freaky storylines.

The Sims, in particular, has a massive modding community of their own, and it turns out a lot of them are degenerates. Some of the sites on this list are dedicated to perving out to the game. WickedWhims offers up Sims 4 mods that add animated sex, strap-ons, semen, and STDs. There’s also Basemental Drugs if you want to add drinking, drugs, and crack whores to your virtual dollhouse.

PornDude, what’s your favorite porn mod?

Honestly, I thought The Sims was just a game for bored and unfulfilled stay-at-home moms to play while they got day drunk on wine. With the X-rated mods, you’ll find on these porn mod sites, the virtual world you build can be an absolute paradise of degeneracy.

Most of my Sims are polyamorous perverts, banging as many people as they can. Broads flash people in public or just walk around naked in broad daylight. I’ve got teenage sluts with big butts twerking and trying as hard as they can to get pregnant. There’s a ton of incest, too, and I hope somebody comes up with a mod to make the inbred babies come out deformed.

Can I request a sex mod for my favorite game, if it doesn’t exist yet?

Yeah, and you definitely should start making noise about that mod you imagined for Oblivion that turns your sword into a huge dick that fucks enemies to death. The forums at LoversLab would be a good place to start. Their thriving community isn’t just fans of porno mods, it’s their creators as well, and they’re always listening for new ideas on how to add adult material to our favorite mainstream games.

PornDude, this sounds like the perfect prank to pull on my sister and her shitty Sims 4 game!

Yeah, you call it a prank now, but what are you going to call it when you’re spending twelve hours a day in her room, jerking off to your modded universe of naked, pregnant teen exhibitionists? Maybe you can have some nice sibling bonding time and introduce her to the joys of tweaking your favorite games with custom nudes and add-on sex scenes.

Ever since the infamous Hot Coffee Mod, hard-up old prudes have gotten their panties in a bunch over the idea of adding nudity to games their kids might play. They’d love to see these porn game mod sites go down, and let’s not forget about the game companies themselves. I’m always wondering when Bethesda’s going to start mailing out cease-and-desists. These sites could be gone in a flash, and then how are you going to find the best free nude mods? That’s right: just bookmark this page.

  • LoversLab.com is a thriving community dedicated to NSFW game mods. Explore the wastelands of Fallout with your dick out and learn the secret to turning Skyrim into a masturbatory fantasy playground where everybody is naked and horny. Get tips on turning The Sims into a 3D sex simulator, chat about your favorite X-rated mods, and make requests!
  • WickedWhimsMod is a complete sexual overhaul of The Sims 4 that lets you enjoy the base game with some much needed sexual add-ons. You can have every type of sex imaginable with as many people as you’d like in the game with this mod. Plus, you can customize your character’s body and sexuality in extreme detail. It’s the perfect Sims mod.
  • NexusMods.com is the best place in the world for getting your hands on some nude and sexy mods for any video game that’s ever been made. If there’s a nude mod for a game, you’ll find it here, for sure. And, they’ve got their own mod manager, so the installation of mods is an absolute breeze. This is truly one of the greatest gaming-related websites out there.
  • deaderpool-mccc.com/#/releases is the place to get your hands on the latest releases of Deaderpool’s MC mods, which add a ton of customizability to your Sims 4 experience. Whether you want to control the demographics of people who live in your neighborhood, or you want to remove some annoying behavior from your Sims, these mods will have your back. The mod is safe for work, but can be combined with some more raunchy mods, in case you really want to get the most bang out of your game.
  • LewdPatcher.com is a simple, but very important website where you can get your hands on patches for every porn game that needs one. These patches restore removed content, remove added censorship and bring back the original experience that the developers intended for their games. It’s truly an essential website.
  • BasementalCC.com is one of the most essential adult mods for The Sims 4, adding a ton of gang warfare, underground drug industries, and, of course, police intervention. It’s an amazing way to improve your game with some adult themes. Give your Sims something fun to do with this free mod that is sure to enhance your enjoyment of the game.