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Sacred Sword Princess

I know most of you nerds have dreamt of being transported to a fantasy world. You can play Dungeons & Dragons all you want, but we all know you cucks wouldn’t last a minute if you were transported there. After all, you’d arrive as you and not your edgy lone-wolf drow rogue who can’t even stick with the fucking party.

Do you think your “smarts” or “charisma” would land you some mad villager pussy? You’d be wheezing and dying of an asthma attack after getting chased by a fucking goblin or something within seconds of arriving. And why would a busty village maiden want to fuck some fat lard when she could get with dozens of buff, alpha hunters? It wouldn’t work out for you. Those fantasies should remain a fantasy.

But I do have the next best thing. I’ve got a hot hentai game that lets you live out that fantasy. Sacred Sword Princess is yet another free hentai game by the folks over at It launched back in March of 2018 and has been a pretty massive hit since then. The game is a harem builder with an auto-combat style that makes it great for casual and competitive gamers alike. It’s one of those games that is easy to learn but hard to master, especially once you get into the late game.

Play as the Only Male in a Strange Fantasy World Where Evil Reigns

You can find the game at under the in-browser titles, or you can go directly to it by plugging in Don’t know why its “princesses” up there, but the game is definitely called Sacred Sword Princess. Whatever. I’m not going to think about it too hard. Some fuck was probably jerking off at the same time they made that link. You can’t blame them too much. This game is hot as hell.

You start off the game waking up from having gone to sleep in your regular-ass room. Instead of waking up on a bed of empty Cheetos wrappers and Mountain Dew cans, you wake up in the middle of a beautiful forest. Don’t be too alarmed. I know some of you haven’t been outside in years. It’s just a game. It can’t hurt you.

Creampie Hot Sluts to Unlock Their Secret Powers

A petite babe with angel wings named Luna wakes you up and starts fondling your dick. She talks about it being some sort of sacred sword or some shit. But, eventually, some monsters come that scare her away. You’re just some dude, so you don’t have anything to fight with. But just then, a busty warrior babe comes over and ferries you off to a cave where you can’t be killed.

Well, at least not right away. The monsters are coming, and neither of you is strong enough to take them down. That’s when Luna gives you the low down on a sacred ritual that you can do to make that warrior babe stronger. You need to fuck her. You are the only male in this world, and your seed makes these cumsluts strong enough to take down evil. So, you take that bitch to pound town, and she joins your newly founded harem of sluts dedicated to taking down the evil of the world.

Events, Competitive Play, Gacha System, and Much More

You get a tutorial of all of the menus by Luna. And it’s good that she’s there because there is a fuck load of menus and options in this game. You can complete storyline quests to level up your harem, find new sluts, and fight monsters. You can gamble away your hard-earned dosh in the gacha machine in an attempt to unlock new hotties. You can take part in events, daily challenges, and raids. You can craft items, play in a competitive league, and so much more. This game has so much that you can do.

Speaking of things that you can do, these babes love getting fucked. The hentai scenes are uncensored and fully voiced in Japanese. What a wonderful combination. Now, the dialog isn’t anything to go writing home about, but it does have its sexy moments. But the real fapworthy content is definitely in the sexy art. These aren’t fully animated scenes, but the audio and uncensored fucking make them nearly as good.

Fapworthy Hentai Scenes are Uncensored and Fully Voiced in Japanese

The in-game animation is pretty decent. Well, at least during regular cutscenes and on the home screen. You get to see your hot harem babes in their scantily clad armor showing off for you. In-battle animation is, uh, not so sexy. It’s a top-down style with big-headed sprites that run around the battlefield. It looks like an older DS game. But you’re not really supposed to focus on the graphics here. You want to build up and level your harem so that you can automatically blow right through encounters without having to click many buttons.

You can turn auto on and just kick back while your babes fight your battles for you. This works fine for the first couple hours of the game. Later on, you'll need to put your dick away and start really focusing on the gameplay because it gets intense. But, thankfully, you do get new hentai scenes every so often. It’s not a quick process by any means, but at least they keep that good shit coming. And you can go back and fap to any kinky scenes you have unlocked by going to the “Story” option under the “Harem” tab.

Take Your Harem Anywhere With a Great Mobile App!

I know some of you cucks are already complaining that you’d have to go on your desktop to play this shit. Thankfully, you betas never have to leave your cum crusted futon to play this game. You can download the Android version of the game directly from I think it plays even better on mobile. It’s easier to set it to the side as you pummel your way through battles and encounters. You only need to tap on something every so often to keep things going. And you can sync your progress across platforms!

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I liked just how much you could do in this game. It’s not one of those titles that throw you into a shitty game that has maybe 2 hours of content tops. You could play this game every day for months and still not run out of shit to do. And it’s free to boot! Well, unless you count the microtransactions. There are a ton of those, but at least those are all optional.

The hentai scenes were hot as fuck. I liked that you get full Japanese voice acting, sexy sound effects, and uncensored art. There aren’t too many titles on Nutaku that offer all of that. I would say this game is worth a look for that fact alone.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

The game gets to be a real slog as you get further into it. There’s so much to do but so little in the ways of AP (Action Points). You end up waiting around for that to recharge more than you actually get to play the damn game. It makes it so you either have to waste your time or your money to keep playing, and that fucking sucks. I get that they need to incentivize you fucks to dish out the money for these refills, but it comes at the cost of ruining the later game experience.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Sacred Sword Princess is a pretty fun hentai game that is good for busting nuts and wasting some time. It’s got a lot of shit and bitches to fuck. That’s a pretty solid combination in my book. If you’re looking for a fun mobile or desktop game with hours of hot hentai content to explore, then look no further than Sacred Sword Princess. Build your harem of hotties, fight bad guys, and save the world from the ultimate evil by nutting in kinky warrior sluts. I highly recommend you all go and give it a shot!

PornGames likes Sacred Sword Princess

  • Save the world by fucking hot babes
  • Lots of content
  • events
  • and raids to take part in
  • Uncensored hentai scenes with Japanese voice acting
  • Fun
  • repetitive gameplay
  • A great mobile app version of the game

PornGames hates Sacred Sword Princess

  • The game requires either a lot of time or money as you get further into it