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Lusty Lizard Games (adult games category removed)

Not all porn game sites are created equal. Some are huge with a ton of Flash games that no-one would ever want to play. Others are freemium cash grabs loaded with quality art. Then there are those sites in between that bring you high-quality PC game downloads that take forever to download. Today, we’re talking about LustyLizard, which is a type of porn game site I didn’t really know much about, because I’ve never seen anyone attempt it successfully before. This is a porn game site that’s exclusive to a single Patreon funded developer, featuring her games exclusively, plus some smut made by her friends and acquaintances and a few sponsored inserts.

A Tiny Website

Lusty Lizard is one of the smallest porn game sites I’ve ever seen. Hell, it might actually be the smallest porn game site ever made, if you don’t count a couple of joke sites that exist out there that started out and never actually got finished. I don’t judge her harshly, though, because I get the point of what she’s trying to do. This site is equal parts game porn site and portfolio. It’s made to showcase what she can do and what she has done in the past, all in one place. The fact that it’s free for everyone to access is sort of secondary to it being her actual personal website.

She has a ton of her stuff referenced and linked to on her Patreon, but it all leads back to LustyLizard.XXX. And, since she really likes loading her productions with a ton of quality, you’re not going to see more than a handful of actual games. She likes quality over quantity, that much is clear.

Animations are Not Games

If I had to gripe about something, it would be the fact that these are not technically games, they’re animations. Now, I don’t have any problems with that. They’re amazingly hot, and I jacked off to them a couple of times for this review alone. Still, I don’t like this casual tendency that people have of calling porn animations games, simply because they’re made in Flash. That’s not how that works.

And yes, there is some player input in them, like, you have to actually click the space bar to advance to the next scene. But if anything, that makes it even more of an animation in a broken porn tube player that freezes, and you have to get it unstuck by pressing a button. These animations are such a far cry from being actual interactive smut games that I don’t feel comfortable giving them a pass on that front.

These Animations Are Hot as Fuck

Now that I’m past my one and only gripe about Lusty Lizard’s productions, it’s time to open up the floodgates and rain compliments like never before. I have a huge amount of respect for anyone that manages to get me to pop a full mast in less than 30 seconds, and Lusty Lizard does so expertly. I tried out one of her animations dubbed RottyTops’ Raunchy Romp.

In this animation, a super sexy, albeit cute-styled zombie girl is feeling particularly naughty, and she talks about how she wants to pleasure herself. Apparently, this is a character from some 3DS game called Shantae and the Pirate's Curse. I’ve never heard of it, but if it’s half as hot as this animation, I’ll probably give it a try. So, 30 seconds into her expository monologue, I was hooked, and I knew I had to watch the rest of it. Now, I don’t know nearly as much about Lusty Lizard as I’d like to, but if I had to guess I’d say that she voices her own characters in her games. Either that or she hires some sort of super expert voice actress to take care of things, because, and I’m being quite literal here, her animations feature the best porn voice acting I have ever heard in my entire life. Every single word in every single sentence is pitch-perfect, properly acted out, and extremely believable.

On top of that, this simple ass, tiny ass Flash animation has expertly rigged lip animations. Triple-A video gaming hasn’t exactly been setting the bar very high in that regard, what with games like Fallout and Mass Effect absolutely embarrassing themselves with their janky ass auto-generated animations. Still, it’s really impressive to see a porn animation in which the girl’s lips are perfectly synced up to every single syllable. Hell, her little two-dimensional tongue is even synced up. That’s an insane level of quality right there.

So, if this really is Ms. Lusty Lizard herself doing all the drawing and the animation and the voice as well as the synchronization, I’m blown the fuck away. Someone from Cartoon Network should contact this girl asap and get her digits. But, if that means she stops making porn productions, then she better tell them to swivel. Her art is a gift to the porn world and to perverts like myself, so I hope she never stops creating.

Collaborations and Sponsorships

Ms. Lizard has done a great job of keeping her website afloat both through Patreon donations and cross-promotional materials. At first, they’re a bit hard to distinguish from the rest of her content, because they’re not part of an ad network, they’re manually placed. But, if you’ve been around the block a few times you’ll notice between Risky Boots, Raunchy Romp and Fap CEO, that one is definitely not like the others. Fap CEO is, of course, a very famous free porn game by Nutaku, and they have nothing to do with Ms. Lizard, per se.

It would appear that she has some sort of direct contract with them, to send clicks their way. You can find their games listed under her games section, and while she’s certainly not trying to pass them off as her own, they’re not marked as ads. They’re just some free games that happen to be there. I’m not a huge fan of this. I mean, finding a Nutaku game isn’t exactly difficult. They’re one of the most successful free game platforms out there. But, I know they like to cross-promote on other sites, so at the very least, I’m glad that some of that super Nutaku money is going into Ms. Lizard’s pockets. She deserves it for all the hard work she does.

While we’re on the subject of cross-promotion, I should probably note that this site has almost no ads at all, save for one specific ad that loads every single time, and you have to shut it off manually. It is an ad that you might have seen a million times before already, the stripper app ad with the naked girl dancing across your screen. It’s intrusive as all hell and makes no sense to me on a website that is devoted to drawn smut. It’s apples and oranges and it doesn’t belong there. But, again, I’m glad this chick’s making money, because she’s certainly applying most of her time towards making me harder. I can respect that.

The Future

Lusty Lizard has a successful Patreon with regular updates and a ton of conversation on what’s to come, so it’s clear that she’s not going to dial down on the smut productions. Plus, she’s experimented with a few different styles in the past. Not all of her work is extremely cute and cartoonish. Some of it is a bit more hentai, and a few animations are very western-inspired. It’s a mixed bag, but she stays consistent within one animation. It’s safe to say she likes to experiment.

Plus, she’s clearly talented enough to pull off any style that she’d like to try, so I’m certain that whatever she does next is going to be absolutely phenomenal. Her website has a section titled “Upcoming” and there you can see the next project that’s queued for production. I was hoping for more of a list breakdown with all upcoming animations, but maybe she doesn’t plan that far ahead. Currently, I can see that she’s planning another sequel to the Rottytops animation, which should be pretty neat. I’d certainly like to see more of it, especially if it comes with the same voice acting.


Lusty Lizard is a huge fan of cross-platform accessibility of her smut, which is why most of her work is available on mobile through an app that you can download. This makes sense considering they’re Flash animations, and that’s a dying technology. Running it on a phone would otherwise be a nightmare. But then again, you could probably watch these animations as regular videos, so either way, I’m set.

You should definitely check out Lusty Lizard’s website along with her Patreon and get a fill of some quality animations with extremely high levels of production. She really shows the porn community how far a single developer can go provided she has the talent and the tenacity.

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