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Oblivious X (discontinued)

It’s time to ride the Nutaku train once again, boys and girls. We’ve got yet another exclusive by the name of Oblivious X, though I’m almost certain they’ve dropped the X from the title recently. Either way, the game’s up there on the platform, and it’s making a lot of people really hard. It’s hot, it’s fun, and it’s got all the bells and whistles you can expect from a Nutaku gacha game.

The Story

In standard Nutaku fashion, this is a fantastical game that takes place in another universe, one of angels, demons, and heroes. In this case, the angels are malevolent, but they’re not called demons for some reason. I guess they were trying to play it cool and innocent. Anyways, you have to fight back against them using heroes. You don’t get directly involved yourself. You can think of your player as a mix between a drill sergeant and a daddy, not to be confused with a father. Fathers don’t bang their heroes, daddies do. Anyways, you train your heroes with the hopes of them becoming big and strong and preferably very agreeable.

Once you have your team of well-trained heroes, you direct them against a ton of evil angels that must be defeated on your quest to save the world or some shit. I have to admit, I’ve played too many gacha RPGs that after a while, they all start to mix together, and I stop paying attention to the story. I mean, I’m still pushing forward to the finish line, but I’m more enthused by the pussy than anything else. The story isn’t bad, far from it, it’s just that I’m kind of jaded at this point.

The general idea is that the world is fucked, and it’s up to you and your team to save the world. You are not the only hero wrangler in all the lands. There are many others like you. These would be the other players that are also hanging out on Nutaku. All of you, with your combined forces, will push back against the evil and save the world. And along the way, you’re going to have a lot of sex with a lot of really hot hentai babes.

Combat VS Story

I’ve seen this kind of mix of styles in other Nutaku games as well as damn near every RPG Maker porn game out there. The combat and the visual novel portions of the game are completely separate, and they’re mixed throughout the game. You start off with a visual novel section dumping some of the exposition and explaining why you, BitchFucker69, are the chosen one. You are the one who will deliver this world from darkness, with the power of your enchanted rod. You will tap hordes of whores with your +10 to charisma staff, and this will lead to the banishing of the great evil.

In this initial visual novel section, you get to meet some of the characters. Most notably, you meet your first hero. She explains that she is equal parts scared of the evil and aroused for your cock, and it’s up to you to figure out how you will balance your fuck sessions and the actual combat. Then, you get to fight some baddies, and you learn how the combat system works.

The Combat

So the combat starts off, and you see your heroes on screen versus some monsters. I say, heroes, really I mean heroines. Well, I say, heroines, I mean hot bitches who also happen to be good at combat. The game lets you learn the ropes and see what you can command them to do. They can attack, they can use skills, and they can die like the bitches they are, if you let them do the fighting automatically.

Did I say automatically? Why yes. You can leave the combat on full auto, kick back and relax. This would work really well if the bitches were actually getting fucked while they fight, but they’re not. In fact, this part of the game uses the cutesy chibi style of anime that has literally zero fapping potential. The girls are slamming against monsters, and none of this is arousing. It makes me wonder why anyone would even use the auto, unless they got so sick of waiting and figured that it would be better to minimize this game and wait for the smut to come up.

Plus, if you leave them on full auto, they do all kinds of dumb shit. Right off the bat from the tutorial, I tried the auto mode, and one of my heroines used her ultimate ability on some weak ass scrub, while there was a greater threat on the board. That greater threat, who happened to be a demon looking ass spider monster, wiped my entire team in a single hit. God forbid she actually save her ultimate ability for the ultimate threat. Nah, fuck that. Ult the trash mobs instead.

These girls cannot be trusted to carry out the combat automatically. They’re absolute dumbasses, and they need all the help they can get.

Beyond the Combat

After you’ve learned the ropes and gotten used to the gameplay, you eventually make your way to the main menu of this game, and that’s where they gotcha-get you. You realize that this game was optimized for frequent bursts of gameplay, not drawn out sit-downs. It makes perfect sense if you’ve played a Nutaku game before. These games are built around the idea of you coming back for more, regularly. You can’t just sit down and play until you’re blue in the face. Plus, if you’re hoping to speedrun your way to a smut scene, you can forget about it. Your dick will atrophy by the time you get there.

You have a bunch of menus that give you access to various options for improving your bitches and choosing who gets sent out on the next combat expedition. You have a sort of linear story to follow. It’s like a campaign with various combat encounters. However, you quickly get to a point where you realize that you can’t progress unless you dump real money into the game. You can forget about grinding. You can’t even farm your way to success. You have to either pay up or wait real-life hours for the game to be playable again. And, the waiting times increase the longer you’ve played.


It seems the game is optimized entirely around motivating you to spend real money. If you’re some sort of super millionaire, you can dump cash into this game and not even bat an eye. You’ll have a great time, you’ll see a lot of smut scenes, and you won’t have any problems.

If you’d like to play for free, on the other hand, it would be wise for you to check out some other Nutaku games in parallel, because this game will fight your enjoyment any chance it can get. The first few smut scenes with every girl are not that hard to unlock. But if you want to see the extreme hardcore shit, especially with the legendary bitches, good luck with that. It’s not going to happen unless you do nothing but play this game every day after work or school.

The Art

Leaving the best for last, let me say that the sex scenes in this game are super-hot and well worth fapping to. I enjoyed every single sex scene I saw, and I very much have no regrets over the nuts I busted. The girls are all drawn in this extremely sexy hentai style in a high resolution with giant tits and fuckable round asses.

As for the rest of the game, well, the art is of a very high quality, but it’s just not hot. The combat is cute, but cute doesn’t get the blood flowing. The girls flat out look underage during battle. They’re not underage; I get that, it’s just a type of art style that saves on space and makes everything more manageable. It’s fine.

Still, it’s hard to maintain an erection while you’re playing the core gameplay, and that makes for an overall poor experience. They could have at least made them half-nude with some oversized tits to keep me going, but no such luck — the game literally movers between fap-worthy and absolute vanilla between the combat and the rest of the game.

I can recommend this game to people who like returning to an RPG title over and over again, for the simple pleasure of enjoying the party optimization, equipment, and skills. The smut scenes are not the core gameplay here; they’re just a bonus that comes way after the hard work. If you don’t mind that, then you’ll enjoy this game very much.

PornGames likes Oblivious X (discontinued)

  • Hot sex scenes
  • Tons of different girls

PornGames hates Oblivious X (discontinued)

  • Gacha mechanics
  • Boring combat