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How many times have you watched a stream with a hot gamer girl just breaking high scores in a game, having a blast? How many of those times did you want her to rip her top off and flop her amazing tits around like it’s Christmas Eve, and she just pulled her favorite dildo out of a stocking? You don’t have to answer that. A Pornhub search gave me the answer I expected. More than 1000 videos of streaming “accidents” and “gamer girls gone wild”, all having a decent amount of views and upvotes. People love to see titties in real-time, even if they have to pay a subscription fee to do it.

Well, some dudes got the idea that all of that can be made possible without the fear of getting permanently banned or penalized. In fact, is originally developed to be a site for the adult gaming community. Trust me; it’s as hot as it sounds. It’s still in BETA, but the number of functionalities and features the site currently has to offer is impressive, to say the least.

Streamers Without Borders

A lot of people have the wrong idea when it comes to expectations from this site. So much so that the creators had to put several disclaimers explaining what this site is actually all about. is a streaming service for the adult gaming community. That does not necessarily mean that you get a naked chick pleasuring herself with a Wiimote while calling you daddy as you watch her stream, or a couple doing quickies in between games of FIFA. Don’t get me wrong; you can still get that kind of shit on this website, and so much more. However, it all depends on the streamer and his or her willingness to put on protective gear and climb Mt. Cock. The definition of this site implies that anyone can stream as long as they are streaming gaming content, so if you get a 70-year-old grandma helping Mario save Princess Peach while butt naked and cussing her way to glory, you better put some respect on her name. is full of amateur game enthusiasts as well as people who are not afraid to take their clothes off. The site is still pretty new and not so well known just yet, so you can’t expect there to be a lot of activity, streamwise. However, there are quite a few devoted streamers that are active daily and stay true to their purpose. You can visit their profile, see all the provided information about streaming times, and even see the stream goals they set. Most of them even provide links to their social accounts, so if you are not a full-blown pervert, you can show some appreciation by following your favorite streamer on Twitter or even Instagram. You can also re-watch past streams. That means that if you liked someone’s private fuck-fest, or you simply liked the way someone handled stealth kills in your favorite game, you can feel free to revisit that content.

Keeping the Lights On

This site allows you to help them provide quality streams while also supporting the content providers. There are 2 ways you can contribute: by fulfilling stream demands or by offline tips to your favorite streamers. Now, to do any of this, much like any other streaming site, you need to subscribe to your favorite streamer. Even though the content is free, the only way you can do pretty much anything else rather than passively watching the stream is if you initially pledged your loyalty. It costs a bit more than a Twitch subscription to a streamer does, but that makes sense given the fact that the site is still in development and in need of all the support it can get. It’s an original and pretty unique site given what it has to offer, so it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone that truly sees the big picture.

The offline tips are pretty straightforward. These are basically donations that show your appreciation for a fellow gamer. This is one of the main sources of income the streamers on this site get as earnings, and as such, it’s pretty important. The lowest amount I have stumbled upon until now is 10 PD, or Plexstorm Dollars, which roughly equals one dollar. According to’s rules, the streamers get 5 cents for every PD, so the earnings are still pretty low. If you are a fellow streamer whose videos are pretty much safe for work, you might want to try your luck, earning more money on another streaming platform. If you like to play butt-naked, however, or do something that’s completely not appropriate for younger audiences such as playing Dark Souls with an electric dildo, then you might as well stick to PlexStorm. It’s an up and coming streaming service for mavericks such as yourself. You will surely be in good company on this site.

Now the stream demands are something else entirely. They are pretty much virtual controls that allow you as a viewer to control the actions of the streamer. This site can and usually does feature porn in it, so you can imagine all the fucked-up possibilities streamers come up with. I recently felt a dire need to jack off and visited a stream of a couple playing League of Legends ranked games. It was a pretty vanilla stream until people started donating like crazy and meeting demands. Next thing I know, the dude whips his dick out and deepthroats his bitch during a team fight. They lost the damn team fight. They lost the damn game because the dude was a dick and the girl sucked.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

The demands, also known as tip rewards, feature the widest range of possible demands that I’ve ever seen. You can pay a dollar to see someone’s cat. Not a girl’s pussy, her domesticated cat. You can also pay a few dollars to remind the streamer to stay hydrated. That sounds pretty awesome, right? Wholesome, even. You can also pay some big bucks, however, to make a girl ride a dildo for 5 minutes.

Okay, that was pretty much expected. It’s an adult site, after all. How about this, you can also decide to really splash the cash and help a fellow nympho buy herself a brand-new dildo which she promises to break in during a private one-on-one session with you. That’s the type of shit you pay strippers in a club to do, and then some. If I get the chance to pay someone to try every single Kamasutra position while slashing note tiles on BeatSaber on insane difficulty, you can be sure as fuck I am going to do just that. You can’t see that shit anywhere else. Unless, of course, if you can get your side bitch to do it, but that would take a hell of a lot more effort. I prefer just throwing money at my screen.

There U in Community Stands for United has one of the most commendable communities currently active on the internet. It’s a group that everyone would love to be a part of. Every single member is an active contributor, and everyone is super supportive of the work and development of the site. The main rule that users need to obey is the one forbidding hateful or offensive comments of any kind directed towards the streamers. That rule, as well as the rest, are pinned on the community’s discord channel for everyone to see. Every person is welcome to join, as long he follows the rules and guidelines. These fine people all have a common goal, which is making the adult version of Twitch and the main source of NSFW gaming streams available on the internet.

Like I said, this site is still in its BETA phase. That means that it is not as profitable for streamers as you might expect it to be. The traffic on the site is still pretty low, and the earnings are close to none. However, there are people that see the potential and invest time and money in support of the development. This site really shows signs of something special in the making, but only time will show how much of that can actually be achieved.

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