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Planes Of Eros

Back then, someone asked me if I wanted to go to a fucking casino and waste my valuable time and money there. Of course, I fucking declined. I mean, why would I want to go there? To waste my fucking money? Then, he suddenly interrupted me and told me that it's not what I thought it was. Then I fucking discovered Planes of Eros, a browser game where you get to play a casino-style slot machine game full of erotic animations and artwork. However, to know more about this game, then you should stay on the edge of your seat as I'm about to drop some knowledge regarding Planes of Eros, so without further ado, let's get on with this fucking review.

A Casino-Style Sex Game

Initially? I was quite impressed to see that Planes of Eros has a fucking option to go full-screen. So, if you're looking for a pornographic video game with your excessively expensive monitor and fill it with sexually erotic pleasures, then this might be the perfect choice for you! It would seem that the Planes of Eros itself is actually quite enormous because I had to wait for all the elements to download for about a minute or so. However, I'm not actually bothered by the long waiting time as long as I'll be able to have a top-quality gaming experience. Not to mention that I'm only playing this to fucking jerk my dick off.

Moreover, I seem to be experiencing some difficulties whenever I play in the Google Chrome browser but seems to be working fine with Firefox and Opera. I mean, really? What the fuck is up with that? Google Chrome is a web browser that almost 90 percent of the human population uses. Yeah, I know, a computer is given Internet Explorer or Opera when you initially open it, but come on, I know that most of the people only use it once to DOWNLOAD Chrome.

The Gameplay

Since Planes of Eros is obviously a fucking game, I want to talk about the gameplay itself and other elements that you might possibly enjoy playing. To be honest, I've actually encountered games like this before, and I can actually guarantee that this would render you helpless as you become addicted to the game and spend countless hours playing it. The Planes of Eros is centered around gameplay similar to slot machines, but with more sex and erotic animations.

Moreover, you also get to have a master crest that has different special powers in it, such as lowering the overall stats of an enemy or some form of healing. I can guarantee that it's not the easiest game out there. However, I've seen comments and other reviews that they've actually finished playing it with one hand while using the other as an alternative to a fucking pussy as you jerk off to some sweet artwork and animations of characters fucking each other relentlessly.

Moreover, when you win your first ever fight, Belial plays out an animated scene of you savagely fucking her to your heart's content. She'll be tied up with a rope, and after you fuck her really tight pussy hard enough, you can do pretty much whatever the fuck you want with her. She'll be trying to resist at first, but she can't really do anything about it as you drench her whole body with your cum.

What About The Pornographic Elements?

Time after time, you will be able to find some pornographic clips playing in front of your eyes. Planes of Eros actually did a very good job of showing you some erotic animations as you fight through enemy hordes while building up your army. The game has a fairly fun plot overall, but it's not too grim such as having an instance of my dick becoming legendary tool pretty early in the game.

Moreover, ironically enough, Planes of Eros has voice acting as well to accommodate the nude erotic animations that it exhibits. The voices are in Japanese; I don't actually see this as a negative because fucking think about it. Who are the fucking experts in hentai pornography? The Japanese, right? So it's actually quite fitting to hear it on the porn part. Anyhow, the sound is quite terrific, and the inflections make listening pretty hot as it can make you cum with that alone. As you all of you fuckers already know, I don't fucking speak Japanese, so I can't judge the game's translation of the dialogue. Still, I'm actually hopeful that it's pretty accurate, knowing that the creator Nutaku always strives for excellence.

Wait, There's A Gallery Page?

If you just want to look at some anime chicks to jerk off to, head over to the gallery page at any point in time. Yes, it actually fucking exists! This is the place where you can see all the unlocked story clips and erotically lewd scenes. Moreover, if you've participated in any special events that the game master provides, Planes of Eros will automatically send you exclusive scenes in the gallery too. If you're asking me, that's actually quite an amazing feature.

I can only imagine the number of geeks and nerds who come to review pages to look for cheats and hacks to get to the sex scenes much faster. I mean, who am I to blame them? You're not even here to "enjoy" the fucking game as you're only playing it as a reason to jerk off your sloppy little dick with lewd animations and erotic sex scenes.

What I Like About The Game

Holy fuck! I can't believe I'm saying this. There's actually a lot of things to love in this game. Regardless if it's just a mere casino-style slot machine game, it actually has good elements in the game that make it worthy of playing. As you already know from what I've said earlier, the graphics are quite amazing, not to mention that every pornographic scene is accompanied by a voice actress that would literally make you cum as you hear her scream when you penetrate a character's unavoidable pussy.

Moreover, I would like to thank the fucking universe that the developers of the game actually put an option to play Planes of Eros in full screen. Most of the games can't actually do that, especially the type that you can play in web browsers, in which it's what this game is. Furthermore, due to its capability to play in full-screen mode, the players would truly get an immersive experience out of it, not to mention that the game is updated on a regular basis. So, I guess it's a fucking win-win situation, which makes me love this game even more.

My Recommendations To Improve The Game

I like to sprinkle all of my fucking reviews with a touch of the 'negative,' because as you already know, people don't always think I'm quite a chill guy. Without further ado, let's start with the first one, Planes of Eros is a little too strong when it comes to its tutorial. When I have options to choose from and shit like that, I don't like how it darkens heavily around the GUI. If you idiots don't know what a GUI is, it's the graphic user interface where you get to interact with the elements on the screen, such as a button and shit like that. Moreover, it feels really stiff and not at all that enjoyable, thankfully it doesn't last very long, so it's not a big deal either way.

Moreover, the overall game settings are somehow, kind of slim… You know, it's like there's little to no screen scaling, the range of the game's resolution is limited, not to mention that the text speed of the dialogue is like a fucking snail. I would fucking recommend changing all of that if you really want this game to excel beyond expectations. However, I shouldn't put my hopes up as I can't really expect too much from a basic browser game.


You know what? I really think Planes of Eros is quite an enjoyable game when push comes to shove. I went through a couple of fights in about three hours (yes, I wasted that much fucking time into this game) while I was writing this review, and I think it's better than most of the game titles out there. Furthermore, Nutaku also has a track record of providing high-quality products, so you can say that this was actually expected.

My advice? Well, to anyone who is looking for an anime-themed porn game, just head over to your web browser and search for games made by Nutaku, I can almost guarantee that you'll love everything that you'll see, especially the game called Planes of Eros. Overall, The gaming experience is enjoyable here, and also the hentai is pretty out of this fucking world. Immersive gameplay with updates on a regular basis, not to mention that the game is fucking free to play! It doesn't get any better than that.

PornGames likes Planes Of Eros

  • The game is updated regularly
  • Immersive gaming on full-screen display
  • It's free to play

PornGames hates Planes Of Eros

  • It's quite laggy in the Google Chrome browser