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Marchen Nocturne

It’s time for one of my favorite Nutaku titles, Marchen Nocturne. Most Nutaku titles are extremely similar in the kind of smut and gameplay they bring you, sometimes trying to be a bit original in their own little way. But, generally, you know what you’re here for. – Some freemium porn game action that’s going to take a lot of gameplay before you get to the good stuff, but you play it anyways, because Nutaku has the best-animated titties this side of the Japan Sea.

Large Tits in Flat 2D

Marchen Nocturne has all the standard RPG fanfare that you’ve come to know and love, including the ability to collect women like they’re Pokemon and training them to be better whores over an extended period of time. They don’t technically bring anything new to the Nutaku table, but the game’s so impressively polished that it really sticks out. Now, I’ve jacked off to pretty much every game that Nutaku has on their site, but Marchen Nocturne’s one of the few that I actually enjoyed playing with both hands on my desk.

Between all the girls across all Nutaku titles, these were probably my favorite and for a very embarrassing reason. Now, don’t tell anyone I said this, but I like these girls because of their fashion sense. Wait, let me rephrase. I like these girls because the outfits they wear are so ridiculously random that I just can’t help but want to rip them clean off of their bodies and plow them unconscious right where they stand. Yes, that’s roughly how they make me feel.

Cute, Skippable Combat

The game is about as two dimensional as it possibly could be, with flattened textures on a flat backdrop. I think this is the ever-popular Japanese chibi style where everything is unnecessarily cute and tiny. It makes the game look very adorable, and it also makes the combat really fun to play. Oh, did I say play? I meant watch. The combat in this game is entirely automatic, through and through. You might think this pissed me off, but to be honest, I prefer the combat passive in this game. Plus, it’s also completely skippable, since it’s automatic and turn-based. The game knows exactly how the fight’s going to end, so you can just skip through to the end if you don’t want to watch the animations.

Normally, I despise games that take control away from me. The whole point of the game is that I get to feel like I’m making a difference. Well, the thing is, Nutaku games tend to dick you around a little bit between the combat and the smut scenes, so it can be easy to despise the combat, if you start to see it as something that gets in your way. I mean, just think about it. You’re balls deep in a hentai cutie, you unload in her and want to flip her around and eat her ass. Only then, the game interrupts you, and it’s time for combat. You’d want to skip through that shit as fast as possible before your real-life boner goes down. That’s why I like this combat system.

Don’t get me wrong; the combat’s still an essential part of the game. You have to prepare your party and plan out your approach, especially once you get past the early stages of the game. Shit gets really hard really fast, and you can’t just go in guns a-blazing.

Bonus Fights for Kicks

As far as I know, Nutaku games don’t have dedicated servers or multiplayer online worlds. You don’t get to see and interact with other players in their games. But, they know better than anyone that in a game where there’s competition and challenge, it means a lot to people to be able to measure their proverbial dicks with other players. People want to know that the hard work that they’ve put into the games they play pays off, when compared to other people’s time. I’d like to think that that’s why competitive gaming is so popular these days. People usually know that they’re not the best at the games they play, but if they get to feel a little better than at least one other person, their boners get stiffer for some reason.

Down the vein of letting you feel superior to other humans, Marchen Nocturne lets you pit your teams against other people’s harems in a sort of passive online multiplayer. There are PvP events in this game that let you sign up a specific team that you’ve outfitted for combat, then, that team will passively fight against other players, and you’ll see whether you won or not. This encourages you to play further, do better, and trainer even harder. I say that this system is passive because you don’t actually fight the other person live. Plus, even if you did, you wouldn’t be able to change anything. The combat in this game is automatic, remember? So, it makes sense that they’d just upload all the teams to the game’s server, pit them against each other, then give you the results. It costs them next to nothing, but it gives you everything you need in order to feel like you’ve accomplished something.

The Story

You might have heard this one before, but you play as an average dude that gets whisked away to a magical world of fairies and monsters. The fairies need your help, the monsters need a good cock slap, and you need to get inside the fairies. It’s a very nice world to live in, provided you don’t get beaten down.

Oh, it needs to be mentioned that the main reason why these girls need you to command and fuck them is because you are their only hope of survival. Some super powerful magical mirror burst a very long time ago, and its shards spread across the realm. Apparently, some rando tried to steal the mirror and ended up shattering it in the process. Now, everything is fucked as a result. You need to gather all the shards in one place, recreate the mirror and save the realm.

I don’t know how and why exactly all the vaginal penetration factors in. Maybe you’ve got a sneaking suspicion that some of those mirror shards managed to make their way up and inside girl’s snatches. It sounds like the most reasonable explanation.

The Technical Stuff

Nutaku makes the big money by being accessible to as many people as humanly possible. That’s why, in true Nutaku fashion, you could play Marchen Nocturne on a toaster or a smart fridge if you wanted to. You can pretty much just load this game inside Chrome and be on your way in under a minute, which is still pretty impressive today. Games keep getting better, but loading times stay the same. Plus, there’s an android version that you can download straight to your phone, and as far as I’m concerned, this is actually the best way to play this game.

There’s something about Nutaku games on your phone; I can’t quite put my finger on it. I think it’s the super bright colors that look amazing on an HD screen of under 10 inches. It gives the games a lot of fidelity, and the super cute hentai chicks look all the better for it. Plus, it’s a freemium game that frequently interrupts your fun, so it would be the perfect casual game for you if you have a daily commute. You can even have this game running in your pocket as you do your job, and you can whip it out once an hour or so.

There’s a lot of bonus fun in this game in the form of voice acting and music. I can’t say much about the music, because unless it’s really well done, it’s annoying, and I found that to be the case here. It’s just repetitive and casual. You don’t really care much for it. On your phone, especially, you’d like to turn it the fuck down or off. It’s not fun to listen to, and it doesn’t add to the experience.

The voice acting, on the other hand, is always welcome, because it adds to the immersion. It makes these girls feel like real human beings while you play. Plus, while I can’t prove this, I suspect that the voice actresses for this game have done hentai voiceovers in the past, because they shine the most when they’re making loud and high pitched sex noises. That’s the kind of shit you basically have to train on the daily if you work in the hentai industry. It just makes the game that much hotter.

I mentioned this before, but it bears repeating – this is a free game. You can drop real money into it to skip some of the waiting game, but other than that, it’s a barrel full of sexy hentai that’s waiting to be dug into.

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