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Crystal Maidens

I get not being big on downloading porn games. You never really know if that download is trustworthy or not. Sometimes it feels like you need a fucking degree in computer science to navigate some of these sites. They’re usually packed with ads and all kinds of unsavory shit.

It can be hard to get the game when there are 15 download buttons that don’t fucking work or take you offsite while a dozen dick growing pill ads are flashing at you. So, yeah, I get your frustration. Luckily for you, in-browser games still exist and are incredibly popular. Yeah, even porn games can be played right there in the browser with no downloads or catches. is a giant of the browser-porn industry. This site has hundreds of exclusive titles that will have you fapping like crazy. I’ll be delving into their RTS (real-time strategy) game called Crystal Maidens this time around. Just to give a little background on Nutaku in case you somehow haven’t heard of them, they’ve been around since back in 2014 and have rocketed to the top since then. They bring in almost 130 million of you horny hentai gamers every month. Holy fuck, those numbers dwarf most sites out there ten times over.

Play This Hot Game In-Browser With No Required Downloads or Fees

Searching “Crystal Maidens” on the Nutaku site will take you to the game, or you can plug in to get taken directly to the action. It’s a real-time strategy game that is completely free to play. You can expect strategic gameplay focused on moving troops around and clearing battlefields. You can play it in the comfort of your dank neckbeard nest on your desktop, or you can download a mobile app version of the game on your Android and take this hot content with you.

This game doesn’t hesitate to throw you right into the fucking action. You awake to some hot slut sucking your dick. You give her a huge facial and then ask what the hell is going on. The plot is pretty loose. I mean, most of us aren’t really in this for the narrative. If you are, then you might not want to go with this game. It’s all about the gameplay and hentai scenes for this one.

Fully Animated, Uncensored Hentai Scenes that Will Blow Your Mind

The basic plot is that you had a shipwreck and landed on this island full of hot maidens who will do your bidding to fight off the evil necromancer of the land. Your job is to recruit these bitches and go out destroying crystals that give him power. Pretty simple shit. What happened to your crew? What exactly are maidens? What is the necromancer actually doing? Who the fuck cares! Just sit down and get fapping. Don’t think about it too much and you’ll be fine.

And holy fuck, the hentai scenes are glorious. These are some of the most fapworthy animations that I have seen in a free game in a long time. Every scene is completely uncensored and very fluidly animated. You get to see every little detail of these babes as they get fucked. The animation really is on a whole nother level.

Well, the hentai animation is. Don’t expect to get turned on by the animation or scenes in the actual gameplay. It’s a top-down strategy game with tiny sprites. That’s not a bad thing. It works really well for the kind of game that it is, but it sure as hell isn’t sexy. Thankfully, that combat is intertwined with hot scenes and dialog that will keep you fapping.

Fun Gameplay with Engaging Combat That is Easy to Hop Into

The game functions a lot like most mobile/browser games. You have to manage your energy and resources while conquering levels. Beating levels will give you experience, which lets you level up maidens, buy unlockable card packs, and all of that good shit. You’ll stick with the first three babes you unlock for a solid portion of the start of the game. And it’s also about which ones you think are the hottest. After all, leveling them up and doing more with them will unlock hot scenes that you can jerk off to.

Combat is interesting. You get a battlefield where you can place your maidens down on. As they move forward and fight the baddies, there will be a line that moves forward with them. You can move your maidens or place additional ones at any time during combat behind that line. This opens up a lot of room for strategy and finding the perfect way to tackle missions. The first couple of missions will be easy peasy, but the game really ramps up the difficulty as your progress, especially after the first big boss.

Optional Microtransactions Will Make Late-Game Leveling Easier

Leveling up refuels your energy, so you should be able to play for a good while at the start without needing to stop. But at higher levels, you’ll be left with nothing to do for hours while it recharges unless you want to dish out the real-life dosh to refuel it. Additionally, there’s a gacha system where you can spend premium currency to try and unlock new characters and items. It’s the basic system that all of these microtransaction games go for.

But at least you can play the game without buying shit. It is possible. It’ll take a lot more grinding and time, but you can do it. It’s not like you’re lacking in free time. What else are you betas going to do? Go out with friends? Yeah, okay, sure. But I had a decent time with this game. The gameplay was fun, and the animations were pretty damn fapworthy. Though I had to mute the fucking game after awhile since it plays the same background track over and over and over again.

Excellent Mobile App Version of the Game

Like I mentioned at the start of this review, you can download a mobile app version of the game. You need to go to the game’s page on a mobile browser to get it. You can expect it to run pretty much the same. All of the same features are available on the mobile app version. You can even log in and sync up your progress without worrying about having to start over. I’m sure you fucks are super excited to take this kinky game on the go. You’ll be hitting rock bottom while hiding away in Denny’s bathroom, jerking your dick to busty hentai sluts in no time at all.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

The hentai scenes were hands down the best feature of this game. These scenes were fucking incredible. I’d love to see an actual hentai show with this level of quality animation. You get these scenes pretty frequently as well. It’s not one of those games that will blue ball you for hours upon hours. And I actually liked the gameplay. Some of these free browser games can be hit and miss when it comes to the actual game, but I was a fan of this one. It’s engaging, simple, and easy to sit down and play.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Please, please, add some new audio tracks. Holy shit, I couldn’t stand it. That song will haunt my dreams. On that same train of thought, having voice acting and more sound effects during hentai scenes would be great. Just having that single track play in the background while my character let loose a load all over some hot bitches face with not so much as a spurting sound was weird. Other than those small issues, I had a lot of fun with this game.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Nutaku hit it out of the park with Crystal Maidens. It’s a solid RTS game with some jaw-droppingly sexy hentai scenes. And it’s completely free. You don’t often get such beautifully animated, uncensored fuck scenes without paying up for some sort of premium subscription. It’s one of those games that you can fap to one day and actually sit down and play another. It’s a solid experience all around. I highly recommend you horny hentai addicts give this game a shot!

PornGames likes Crystal Maidens

  • Fully animated
  • uncensored hentai scenes
  • Fun
  • repetitive gameplay
  • Easy to learn but difficult to master difficulty progression
  • Completely free to play

PornGames hates Crystal Maidens

  • Repetitive audio
  • Not much in the way of voice acting or hot sound effects