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7 Angels

Are you looking for a game that combines both the tits and ass of a sex game and an addictive puzzle formula? If so, then 7 Angels is the absolute perfect choice for you. But, specifically, what makes this game stand out from the rest? And what makes it so special? Let’s take a look at the details that make this title a fantastic sex game.

A Unique Approach

Dating apps are all around us. They only seem to be growing in popularity, and it doesn’t look like they’re going away anytime soon. So, why not create a game that revolves around this concept? This falls under the category of the “dating sim”, and 7 Angels presents a unique perspective on it.

Basically, you’re the user of one of these dating apps. You hook up with a girl named Lilith, and things quickly heat up. She asks you to help her get back at her boyfriend, and the choice lies entirely within you to either help or ignore.

This portion of the game revolves around interacting with hot as fuck women and trying to get into their pants. Now, the way you go about this is a fun gameplay mechanic. You flirt with these horny women, and every once in a while, you end up with a dialogue choice. Do you play the shy guy with the big cock? Or, do you lay the love on so thick that you woo her, and she ends up sucking your cock with her pretty little mouth?

Either way, you choose the dialogue option you want to go with. In all clarity, I didn’t make many alternate choices, so I’m not entirely sure how much the choices change the outcomes. I assume that the outcomes are slightly different, but I can’t be entirely sure.

The situations you get into are pretty funny, and the game doesn’t take itself too seriously. For Lilith (the first girl you encounter), she gets into a pretty interesting situation that she needs your advice on. With dialogue options that are laced with humor and situations that will cause you to chuckle, having the ability to choose these different statements and questions adds a much-needed layer to the game.

Also, a large portion of the dialogue system relies on energy. This energy comes from the actual portion of the game that you play. Every time you solve a puzzle correctly, you earn multiple gifts. One of these gifts is usually a set of lightning bolts that act as your “energy”. Every dialogue choice costs a varying amount of this energy, so you won’t be able to play the game for a super long time before having to wait for it to refill.

It’s a system that many games utilize in hopes that the player will shell out cash in the game store. Microtransactions are prevalent in this game, but that comes with the territory of the game’s model. Free-to-play means the money has to come from somewhere, and charging for something like energy is just one way of making a profit.

An Experience Like Candy Crush

Besides the dating sim aspect of 7 Angels, there’s a real game portion that makes up the bulk of your time. This game model is probably going to look familiar to you, as it plays very similarly to other popular free-to-play titles like Candy Crush Saga and its countless clones.

The goal of the game is to connect the same colored spheres together. They all randomly fall into the puzzle area, and it’s up to you to connect them. The challenge and fun come in the fact that, just like Candy Crush, you only have a limited amount of turns to gather up the number of points you need to continue. If you don’t, then you have to start all over.

But, 7 Angels takes the traditional formula of this type of game and puts its own sexy brand on it. The little spheres have penises, vaginas, and boobs on them. And, they look quite silly since they also have little googly eyes on them. It’s a unique visual that makes you look twice the first time you get to the first puzzle.

Also, there are multiple ways to get through the puzzles. Sometimes, a sphere will fall that acts as a bomb. Clicking it wipes out an entire area and makes room for more little sex balls. Another one that vaguely resembles a diamond unleashes lines both horizontally and vertically to take out a few lines of spheres.

Now, you can connect the spheres even if they aren’t necessarily next to each other. They have to be close, but some instances let you thread that line through a small crack. It’s fun to connect them and try to gather the needed amount of points. And, the objectives change. You’ll engage in puzzles that instruct you to gather a certain amount of points using either any means necessary or by detonating 20 bombs. It just depends on the scenario you’re given.

Hot Rewards

Not only do you earn more energy and other cosmetic rewards (which you use to give to these sexy ladies to “get closer to them”), but you also unlock pics. These pics are taken by the sluts themselves, and they tend to start mild. As you solve more puzzles and inevitably help them out more, these pics change from a harmless nip slip to seeing her pussy gushing.

Achievements give you rewards as well. Many collectibles are available for each girl, and every one of them have a ton of photos to collect. It’s a fantastic system that makes you want to continue playing. It even had me debating about spending money on microtransactions just so I could see what would happen next.

What I Like

I really enjoyed the creative structure that the game took. Taking an addictive and fun template from Candy Crush and meshing it with silly sexiness is a great combination. I also liked the use of the text messages furthering the relationship between you and the women. The dialogue choices are fun, they advance the story, and they’re pretty humorous at times.

I also enjoyed the collectibles and rewards. They were spaced out just enough so that you get a continuous stream of them until you inevitably hit the brick wall these games are known for.

What I Hate

That brick wall I just mentioned is the only negative I have to bring up. It sucks when the game pressures you to shell out cash just to advance the story or to give you more energy to spend on randomly generated puzzles that you aren’t guaranteed to solve.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend you play this game. If Candy Crush is something you’ve sunk a lot of time into, this is right up your alley. You get that addictive gameplay and get to see some boobs and pussies along the way. Not too bad of a deal at all.

PornGames likes 7 Angels

  • Addictive
  • fun
  • and challenging gameplay
  • Worthwhile rewards
  • A fun and engaging story

PornGames hates 7 Angels

  • Microtransactions