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Seed Of The Dead

I have to say, before I was playing third-person adventure games like Witcher 3 or Assassin’s Creed, I was into the FPS genre. No genius, FPS doesn’t exclusively stand for “frames per second.” I’m fucking talking about first-person shooters. If you’re living under a rock, games like Call of Duty, Counterstrike, Half-life, and Farcry are examples of first-person shooters.

In an FPS, you see everything from the first perspective, thanks, Captain Obvious. You get a clear view of the surroundings around you, plus you get to see your weapon. So when I heard of Seed of the Dead, I was fucking amused that this game was actually a first-person shooter. Right off the bat, I thought this game was some sort of wacky, turn-based RPG. So without further ado, here’s my fuckingly honest review of Seed of the Dead. Enjoy motherfuckers.

What Is It?

As mentioned earlier, I fucking thought that the game was a boring RPG game. The reason I said that was because of how the game was shown on Steam. As I visited the game’s Steam page, I saw the cover art, which was quite reminiscent of Persona, another popular RPG. I was supposed to give the game a soft pass, but if not for the video playing, I wouldn’t have reviewed this gem.

To my surprise, the game was actually an FPS. At this point, I knew I had to try this game out. So what is Seed of the Dead, really? Seed of the Dead is a game that has a lot of shared elements from other genres, games, and a movie I just actually fucking remembered right now.

Suckerpunch anyone? Don’t remember it? No? Okay. Seed of the Dead borrows a lot of mechanics from Left 4 Dead such as the visible health bars of your hot and sexy allies. More on these girls later.

Another thing I noticed is the atmosphere of the game. The look and feel of the game make me feel like I’m in an alternate cyberpunk version of Tokyo or some other city in Japan. It also feels like more of a Resident Evil vibe, at least for me. Overall the game is like a hotpot made out of awesome games and genres.

As you start the game, you immediately see three hentai bitches. At first, I thought you get to control these characters. It turns out; they are your companions in the game. You control a guy who kind of looks like Sasuke from Naruto or L from Deathnote, dressed in a military outfit.

The hot redhead wearing a slutty university uniform is Hikari Kondo. She’s a cheerful bitch who is very kind to you and the other bitches. Hikari actually made me smile as I saw her portrait picture smile in the HUD. This bitch was also a star athlete, particularly good in track and field.

Next up is Aya Kagano. She’s the one with purple hair. In hentai, Aya’s image is the smoking hot teacher with huge tits. Aya is the leader of the group and is known to be very calculated. From her bio, I think she’s an aspiring doctor or a medical student at the time of the outbreak.

The third hottie in your team is Kirara Suzune. Of the three heroines in the game, she’s the youngest. She’s the one with yellow hair and kinda looks like Sailormoon. She has small tits, similar to the girls you see in loli hentai.

Since the game is an FPS, there’s an abundance of weapons available in the game. There are AK47s, P50s, and even .50cal machine guns. If you progress further in the game, you’ll even get to wield a plasma blaster. Melee combat is also in the game, with simple baseball bats, machetes, and surprise, surprise, a lightsaber. I was glad I got to hold a lightsaber in this game. The freaking thing even makes cool noises when you swing it around!


As I said before, the game takes place in a cyberpunk-like city somewhere in Japan. You play as the male character in the game, with three companions, namely Hikari, Aya, and Kirara. The start menu of the game can be deceiving. As I got to the main menu, I was thinking to myself if I would play this game because of that ugly start menu.

Although it shows the Hikari’s ass and the other girls trying to fend off zombies, the left side of the menu looks bland. You can choose the game’s difficulty here. As you start the game, you hear the voices of your three companions. They bring you up to date on what’s happening around you.

This introduction is a bit lengthy, but well worth it if you want to get to know the characters a little bit more. Unlike some RPGs that don’t let you skip these kinds of interaction, Seed of the Dead has a next, skip, and options button if you want to get it over with. If you go through the whole interaction, you’ll get interrupted by a Z or a zombie. I don’t know, maybe the people in the game are dumbfucks and wanted to call them Z.

Anyway, as you prepare for battle, so do your companions. You’ll get to see the firearms they wield. For Aya, she holds a 12 gauge shotgun, Kirara holds an impressive Gatling gun, while Hikari sports an H&K G36C. A prompt appears saying that I have to work with my three hot companions to kill zombies. After defeating a certain number of these fuckers, a new wave would appear. It takes five waves to complete a stage.

As the stage began, I was given a baseball bat with a saw blade attached to it. Talk about equal rights. Anyway, as I bashed my way through the wave, I noticed that the zombies here looked like the Colossal Titan from the “Attack on Titan” anime. After completing the first wave, another prompt appears, saying that items will appear. There’s a timer on the upper left side of the screen that indicates how much time you have left to collect these items.

The items can be weapons, ammunition, etc. During breaks, you can also do what you came here to do. Dude, you get to FUCK! After all that talk, you get to fuck your three hot bitches in any way you like. When you fuck them, make sure you do it properly by hitting the right notes. Kinda like playing guitar hero, you should be on point, getting the rhythm during sex can give you and your heroines certain buffs that can help you for the incoming waves.

Oh, and you did notice that your three companions have HP bars? Yes, they have that because they’re not invincible. A zombie can hurt them, and when their HP drops to zero, they’ll fucking die. THEY WILL FUCKING DIE. Unlike other games where I like my heroines to be fucking abused, I do not want them to get hurt in this game.

If your companions sustain enough damage, they’ll enter a stunned state. In this state, they get fucked by enemies nearby. You only have a limited amount of time to assist your companion during this state. When you fail to help them, a cutscene will appear. The cutscene will show an enemy fucking and raping your companion. After they’re done, they fucking kill them in the most brutal way. FUCK THAT.

As you help your bitches up, you’ll notice that they’ll lie down for a while. If you’re clear, you can fuck your companions, helping them recover their HP faster.

What I Like About the Game

At first, I honestly had doubts about the game. After seeing it through, I kinda like playing with the three bitches. The graphics won’t wow you with anything, but they’re decent. Gameplay-wise I loved the game. It’s easy, and you don’t need a lot of brainpower to play Seed of the Dead. Pick up a weapon and fuck up a zombie with it, that’s it.

The sex scenes are okay and are expected for this adult game. The voice acting is also good. Hikari, Aya, and Kirara’s voices fit very well. The moaning, the screams, the laughter, every sound that comes from their sexy bodies sounds good.

I also liked how so many small details are in this game. As mentioned earlier, Seed of the Dead has a lot of borrowed influences from certain movies and games. I fucking believe that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and that the game pays respect to these influences instead of bastardizing it.

What I Don’t Like About the Game

The graphics of the game are good, but the main character is fucking shit. Most of the time, you’ll only see his hands. For me, it’s fucking lazy of the devs not to put much effort into the player’s hands. They fucking look like jaundiced hotdogs with long creepy fingers.

The design on the basic zombies are scary, but as I progressed through the game, some unique enemies appeared and looked like shit. Instead of looking terrifying, these “special” enemies can’t even scare a five-year-old. They look so shitty that the scariest parts of the game aren’t the enemies, but the dark environments that they’re in.

I also don’t like the censored parts of the game. Yes, faggots, there are censors in the game. This censorship is an homage to Japanese laws that pixelate dicks and pussies. Although it’s not a big deal for me, as this is fucking expected from a hentai game, it might be a deal-breaker for shallow headed dick heads who came to the game for some uncensored action.

I also don’t like how the game portrays the deaths of my precious companions. FUCK THE DEVS ON THAT. I was fucking caught off guard when I allowed a zombie to fuck the brains out of Kirara. At first, I thought there was a chance to fight off that fucker off of her. I quickly realized that I had made a mistake.

After fucking the hell out of Kirara, the fucking zombie fucking stomped the poor bitch’s fucking head on the fucking pavement. Blood splattered all over the place. FUCK. Call me a weak-hearted son of a bitch for all I care. I do not like blood to get splattered all over me after I fuck the brains out of someone — the fuck.


I would totally recommend this game for those who are into first-person shooters. Now that I think of it, the game kinda looks like Borderlands and Left 4 Dead combined, with a hentai twist to it. If you believe that’s an overstatement, then do your own fucking reviews faggot. I like what I see. The price is also reasonable, as I think this game is a steal for $3.84 on the Steam store.

PornGames likes Seed Of The Dead

  • Hikari
  • Aya
  • and Kirara are well designed
  • The level design of the game is awesome
  • A wide selection of firearms and melee weapons
  • Pays a lot of homages to specific games and movies
  • Sound is good
  • Exaggerated Jiggle Physics
  • cause it’s hentai bitches
  • Simple gameplay
  • Feels like a cross between Borderlands and Left 4 Dead

PornGames hates Seed Of The Dead

  • Weak Character
  • the game is more about the three bitches than you
  • Stronger enemies look like shit
  • Censorships
  • Companion’s fucking death scenes