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Nutaku Shop

Most of you should already be very familiar with Nutaku and everything they stand for. They are the paragons of pussy, and I’ve reviewed their games a million times over before. But, you might have noticed that all of the Nutaku games I’ve reviewed are online titles that, in one way or another, involve gacha gaming, micro-transactions, and the like. I might have given you a bad impression of Nutaku in that way and I apologize. The thing is, those games are all free and free games on Nutaku come with micro-transactions to make up for the fact that they’re giving you awesome hentai pussy action for free. They have to cash in somehow and personally I like their gacha approach as a solution to the problem. It would suck if they didn’t have any free games instead.

Well, today, we’re here to talk about NutakuShop, which is the exact opposite of all of their free games. Now, you might be thinking, fuck that, I’d rather play free games. Nah, hear me out. The free games, the ones with the gachas, can easily soak up tens if not hundreds of dollars if you want to clear them thoroughly. Compare that to say, paying ten bucks to get a full video game title that has no micro-transactions what-so-ever. It’s a fucking bargain. Well, that’s what NutakuShop is all about. These are games made by various developers who needed a place to call home. And, this library is gigantic.

Sexy Steam

I don’t mean steam as in evaporating water, I mean steam as in Steam, as in the biggest gaming platform in the world that absolutely destroyed mainstream porn games a few years ago. I have nothing against Steam. I play games on there all the time. But, when it comes to porn games, if there’s an option to buy a game on Nutaku, I stay there. I know that the chances of a game getting gutted, censored, or flat out removed from the site is much lower here. It’s not that Nutaku is some sort of all-knowing, all-powerful porn gods. It’s just; they haven’t let me down yet. They’re honest about what they do, and they’re proud of their work. Plus, their website is really well made, and it’s super-fast. And then there’s the added bonus of knowing that their servers aren’t wasting time or space on non-porn games. This is a smut den, and you always feel welcome here.

As one of the best pornographic gaming platforms, NutakuShop attracts a ridiculous amount of third-party developers who need a place to sell their games. The amount of games here is staggering, and so is the quality. They don’t let just anyone upload games; they have standards. This is not a community-driven section or anything. Fuck that. This is a place for all the games that passed Nutaku’s standards and requests and were perfected and finished. You don’t get any half-baked excuses for smut titles on NutakuShop; it’s all high quality.

What’s Popular

Oh God, how the fuck do I even begin with this… Well, there’s a lot of visual novels here. Most of them are hentai styled. Nutaku seems to be magnetically polarized in such a way that hentai smut gravitates to them at really high speeds then crashes in a cum explosion. They love their hentai babes. I’d say that maybe 90% of all of these games are classically hentai, meaning that you straight up get the generic Japanese art approach with them. Of those, 90% are visual novels, and a few try to innovate with the gameplay. For the most part, though, you get visual novels here.

Even the non-hentai games are visual novels, for the most part. There are a few RPGs and action games, but apparently, people would prefer to read rather than fap. Or maybe they’re fapping while they’re reading. I don’t know how they do it. I find it really hard to focus on two things at once. But, more power to them.

The non-hentai games innovate with the art style in any way that the artist felt was appropriate. Each artist has his own style, so you see a lot of variety here. There are some standard realistic 3D renders of chicks, and these are probably the rarest out of all the games. Realism isn’t too popular on NutakuShop. Beyond that, you’ve got the games that try to look like actual children’s cartoons, but with pussies and cocks.

Some More Innocent Games

Among these, you’ll also find a lot of point and click adventure games that try and dish out a story, and I found those to be the most interesting out of the bunch, at least for me. I like the idea of being immersed into a story then rewarded for my accomplishments with some quality smut scenes. Speaking of point and click, though, I found one of those games on this list, and the first thing the description said was, “This game contains no nudity”. I was disappointed as the cover got me kind of curious. It was dark and mysterious, and the gameplay screenshots looked really interesting.

As it turns out, even though Nutaku isn’t exactly bending over backwards to get non-pornographic games onto their platform, there are a few games that end up on this list without flashing a single pussy or cock. Why? How? Well, I’m not exactly sure. I found a few of these on other sites as well, so it’s not like it was their last resort. I guess they were hoping to use NutakuShop as a marketing location. They probably knew how popular NutakuShop is among people of certain demographics, namely young dudes, so they got their games on here in order to spread the word. I’m just guessing.

Insane Quality

I mentioned that Nutaku are very careful in vetting the games that go onto their site, and I stand by that. Most, if not all of these games, are the pinnacle of porn game perfection. Note, they’re not the hottest games; they’re just perfectly coded. They don’t crash, they don’t have compatibility issues, and they’re not unfinished. They’re polished experiences that stand the test of time. So, if you buy a game on NutakuShop, you can bet your ass that it’s going to be a ton of fun and a guaranteed entertaining experience.

I am a little disappointed with the popularity of 2D graphics. I think we’re far enough into the future that we can finally use 3D models of tits so that we can watch them flop around on screen. Watching tits is so much more fun in three dimensions. It’s not that 2D tits can’t be hot; it’s just, for over 20 years, I’ve been jacking off to 2D hentai. Why can’t we up that quality and put our graphics cards to good use? Is it really that expensive and tedious to model 3D babes? Or is it that computers can’t run 3D tits on the fly? Whatever the case, this place is devoted, for the most part, to 2D tits, and it seems to be the industry standard.

This has nothing to do with NutakuShop, mind you; it’s just how porn games are made these days. We rely heavily on 2D graphics, but at least we know that most porn games would run on a toaster, if you tried it. The only porn games I’ve found that can’t run on specific PCs are the ones that are made for VR. Everything beyond that is so very accessible, and this is true for every game on NutakuShop, from what I can tell. So if you have a dingy ass work laptop that isn’t that great for gaming, well, thanks to NutakuShop, it’ll be perfect for jacking off to some quality smut games.

The Prices

The prices of games on NutakuShop range from somewhere around the 3-dollar mark and then way up to $50 a piece. Though, there aren’t that many expensive games, most of them fall under the average bell curve. Custom Order Maid 3D 2, for instance, costs $50, but that’s a game that defies even my expectations. It’s a dating sim game with three maids in it, in a hentai style, but it’s actually properly 3D. It’s one of the very few visual novels that takes you into the future, with proper 3D models, but the same hentai style you know and love.

There are also a few free games on here, but keep in mind that those are straight off the Nutaku homepage, so if anything, these are ads for gacha games, rather than actual downloadable games, per se. I’d recommend you give the place a careful browse and find something you’d be proud to play. Also, don’t be ashamed to check the prices on other sites. Nutaku will have sales sometimes, so it might be very profitable to buy a game here, when it’s on sale.

PornGames likes Nutaku Shop

  • Tons of games
  • Extremely high quality
  • Varying prices

PornGames hates Nutaku Shop

  • Some games are expensive