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Affect3D Store Games

Affect3DStore, the most successful website that no-one’s ever heard of. If you’re a fan of Lust Epidemic, or high-quality 3D gaming in general, then chances are you should know about this site. Also, chances are you’ve never heard of it. But, if you’re a game developer, maybe you’ve wound up here once or twice. This place is the caviar of the 3D porn industry. It’s the kind of place that rich people buy exquisite pornographic renders. I assume they then jack off to this shit for hours, with their pinkie sticking out, while they sip tea with their other hand.

So what makes this site so special? Everything. The quality is peak; the prices are peak. You can’t buy shit on this site unless you’re rich, although you might be able to pull it off if you’re completely insane. A single animation on this site costs as much as a monthly subscription to a proper high-quality porn site. You’d have to be out of your mind to consider paying that much for one tiny bit of porn. Or, maybe you’ve got extremely high tastes, and you can’t be sated with meager pornography. Either way, I’m gonna review the shit out of this website, because beneath all the expensive price tags, there’s a lot of pussy caviar to be enjoyed.

The Kind of Content

Affect3DStore are somewhat of a one-trick pony when it comes to the type of content they offer. It’s all just 3D renders of pussy. There’s some variation, sure. Sometimes the pussy will also come with a cock, because futas are life, but overall, this is what you get. High quality renders of women have been a very popular type of porn for the past few years, since it’s now super easy to get into 3D modeling and most artists are perverts, or so I hear.

But, you might be wondering why I happen to be reviewing 3D renders on a game review site. Well, it’s because these aren’t technically animations, and they’re certainly not 3D models. You do technically get the models, but they’re rigged and animated. It’s like a movie that records and plays itself on your computer, live. Plus, you get to be the cameraman. They give you ample opportunity to set up your own enjoyment, instead of giving you a preset scene that you can’t fiddle with. That would be a movie. This, this is more of an interactive experience.

Interactive Titties

The gist of it is that you find yourself a pair of tits or two that you really like, packaged in a neat little downloadable experience. They don’t weigh very much. I mean, the files are tiny. You won’t be downloading more than a few hundred megabytes at a time, at most. Sure, there’s variety, but overall, you’re getting off easy, pun intended. You get the game, fire it up and bam, you’ve got a sex scene playing. Then, depending on the developer and what they included into their project, you can make it faster or slower, change the positions of the sexual encounter, fiddle with the environments, and even choose outfits for the chicks. Again, it all depends on what the developer coded into the game. You can’t make your own shit. This is not a sandbox you’re paying for. It’s more of a movie with extra steps.

But, I’ll admit, playing a few of the free demos for some of the larger projects on this site was very satisfying. I got to move a really hot, really high-res bitch around and see all of her moving parts. I could make her titties bounce, get her to shove a dildo up her ass and see her finger her pussy to climax. It was fun, and I very much enjoyed jacking off to this smut. It’s quality shit that makes modern modelers look like two-bit animation jockeys. As it turns out, when you get a group of perverts working hard within a specific industry, they prove that they are the best at what they do. They have the best motivation, I believe. When your career end goal is to craft a perfect pair of tits, you push forward with fervor.

Different Flavors

I mentioned that most, if not all of these goddamn interactive animations, are in the same style, so I can’t make the headline read different styles. I’ll have to settle for flavors. There are differences between different porn creators on this site, that much is very clear. What makes them all similar is the fact that when you model a realistically proportioned human woman, you’re kind of confined by nature. You can’t exactly make a 3D anime girl and have her look human at the same time. It breaks the immersion. These renders are all about the realistic skin and limb movement. That’s what makes them hot.

So, how do these people on Affect3DStore innovate? Well, it’s some mix of texture and facial feature fiddling. Plus, they all draw genitals differently. Take this studio named Dreamlight, for instance. Their chicks are super-hot, but some of the other creators here seem to put their style to shame, sort of. The thing is, Dreamlight are trying hard to make realistic looking 3D women. That means that the largest breasts go up to double-Ds. They don’t inflate the tits to massive, Earth-shattering proportions. On top of that, they try to make the skin as human-looking as possible—ditto with the hair. There are no weird hairstyles. They’re trying really hard to emulate real human beings, but sticking with the hottest chicks that exist in the real world. Their tits respond to gravity enough to look real, but no so much that you wouldn’t want to titfuck them.

Then, for a complete 180, you’ve got Miro Affect3D. I’m pretty sure that these guys are affiliated with the website itself. Maybe they own it; I’m not sure. Anyways, their chicks are… less than realistic, let’s say that. First of all, a good amount of them have cocks. Ok, that’s realistic, there are chicks with dicks in the real world, I get that. But, they’re not regular cocks. They’re gigantic cocks. No, not like mine. Horse-sized cocks gigantic. These are the kinds of cocks that you could use to break down a metal door with. As for the rest of the female form, well, the tits are no more believable. Sure, they’re hot, but they’re so ridiculously large that they probably generate their own gravitational field. And, they’re perky and up in the air at all times, so they defy regular gravity at the same time. Some of these tits are several times the size of the chick’s head, and yet, they balloon upwards. That’s not realistic, but it is very fap-worthy.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, you have a choice between actual realistic women and fantasy realism on Affect3DStore.

Worth the Price

You’ll notice that the range of prices here is almost as wild as that of Steam. You’ve got some animations that come with a single-digit cost and others that cost upwards of $50. So what’s the difference? Well, they provide different amounts of content, plain and simple. The smaller ones usually offer one chick at a time with a few scenes that you can see her in. Some of them will give you upwards of 20 scenes, which is great, but that’s still just one girl in one environment. It’s much easier to animate a girl that you’ve already finished than to make a new one from scratch. I get this; it makes perfect sense.

But then, you have the gigantic productions. These will have more scenes than you can count with all kinds of customization. The ones made by Miro Affect3D are the absolute best, from what I’ve seen. You get several chicks, futa options, different outfits, and ridiculously detailed environments. Normally, I wouldn’t give a shit about environments, but in this case, I’m making an exception. These bedrooms and sex dungeons might as well have been crafted by angels. The level of detail really blows me away. I’ve never seen this kind of quality in 3D modeling in video games, and I doubt I will any time soon.

Affect3DStore is the place you want to be when you’re searching for the greatest 3D models of naked chicks in the world. I have yet to find a better repository for high quality animated pussy. If I find it, I’ll let you know. Right now, Affect3DStore are doing their best to remain on top with only the greatest renders in the business. Sure, they’re pricey, but considering the number of man-hours that go into perfecting the ultimate vagina or futa cock, I have to forgive the price tags.

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