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Wild School

Wild School is a Hentai Slot Game That Takes Your Real-Life Cash. Got some dosh burning a hole in your pocket? Maybe you write smut and just have too much cash to know what to do with. Perhaps your mom is rich and gives you a hefty allowance every week. We all know you’re not some sort of wealthy businessman with an actual life. You’re a beta cuck through and through. Too spooked to go to a real casino to blow that dosh on fun games? I don’t blame you. Those places will eat up and spit out even the best gamblers out there. Frankly, that shit requires confidence that you probably don’t have.

That’s why I’ve got an online slot game for you fucks today. It’s better than actual slots in that it’s full of hot hentai porn. It’s probably best that there are no weeb casinos. Could you imagine? Your shoes would stick to the ground like you were walking on syrup.

Fucking gross. And could you imagine the smell? It would be like a constant anime convention. That shit could be concentrated into a weapon, I’m sure of it. And I think I can go my entire life without needing to see some cuck in a fursuit at a blackjack table.

Love Hentai & Gambling? Then You Will Love What Wild School Has to Offer

The game I have for you money spending fucks is called Wild School. It’s a hentai game where you follow the story of three slutty babes who go to a kinky school, and, well, that’s fucking it. You don’t need a crazy story to play some fucking slots. Anyway, you can find this title over at

I couldn’t tell you fucks when the game launched. There doesn’t seem to be a wiki page for it anywhere, but has been kicking it since 2003. Talk about a long fucking time. There are tons of titles on this site worth a look if gambling isn’t quite your speed. And the site brings in a massive number of you cucks every month. Nearly 4 million of you lards to be exact.

Play the Game to Uncover the Cute, Kinky Story of Three School Girls

The game will start off with a cute animation of these school girls on their way to class. There’s a busty blond, redhead, and brunette. A little something for everyone. You get beautiful voice acting and sound to accompany every little animation. It’s pretty fucking hot. But that intro will be the only real animation that you get to enjoy.

You can hit the “Story” button to open up a comic with many pages that regale you cucks with the story of these sluts. It’s full of amazing, uncensored hentai sex scenes...but you need to play to unlock them. You only get the barest taste before you need to start spinning those slots. But the story is fun. The writing is okay. It won’t win any awards. It definitely feels like something that was tacked on as an afterthought.

No Frills. No Min-Games. No Bullshit. Just You and the Slot Machine.

Here’s the catch. You need an account to play. There’s no getting around that detail. Do you know why? There’s no free currency. That’s right, whip out those crusty velcro wallets. You need to pay for every single spin of this slot machine. There aren’t any cute mini-games. There are no daily bonuses. They are no little mystery gifts. This is straight gambling. No bullshit. Just you, your cash, and the slot machine in front of you. So, don’t come crying to me when you lose your fucking money. I warned you.

Sound intimidating? Well, it should be. You can bet a fuck ton of real money in this game. And the payouts can be pretty good. You can spin for as few as 25 tokens, which isn’t even a dollar. Or you can go big and bet upwards of 250 bucks and let it ride on a single fucking spin. Holy shit, my palms are getting a little sweaty just thinking about throwing that much money down the drain.

Win or Lose Hundreds of Dollars With the Spin of a Wheel

This game doesn’t hold your hand. There’s no consolation prize for losing hundreds of bucks. It’s just sucked away to never be seen again. If you’re unsure about how things work, then you can go to the information menu to get a gauge. Every icon and their payouts are listed plain as day. The game even seems to have a decent RTP (Return to Player) of around 95 percent. But we all know that 5 percent can feel like it comes up a lot more than it should, right?

All during the game, you’ll get hot voice lines whispered in your ear. Bet a large amount, and one of these whores will whisper, “Oh, senpai. It’s so big.” Bitch, I know. Though some of you cucks will probably swoon after hearing that, that’s how they get you to spend those big bucks. And the icons are pretty fucking hot as well. You get busty babes with their tits poking out, lilly-white panties, and much more.

One of the Purest Slot Machine Experience You Can Get Online

I may be shitting on some parts of this game, but that’s because I’m not that big of a gambling man. I prefer to not lose thousands of fucking dollars on the spin of a wheel. But, for what it’s worth, this is one of the purest hentai slot machines that you’ll find. It’s not some shitty game the relies on tons of mini-games. You come here to actually gamble. There’s no bullshit or anything to stop you from doing just that. And, hey, you can win a fuck ton of dosh if you play your cards right.

Download the Mobile Version to Gamble on the Go!

Want to know the best part about this shit? You can take it anywhere. That’s right; there’s no need to limit your gambling addiction to just the desktop. You can take this shit on the go with a free Android or iOS app. And the game works great on both platforms. I mean, it’s just a single slot machine. How hard could it be to get it right? And they do get it right. You can log in and use your tokens to test your luck no matter where you are.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

This game is a lewd gambling experience that doesn’t fuck around. You don’t have missions. They are no goals. You just play a real fucking slot machine with real money. I like that about this game. I like that the truth of the matter isn’t shrouded in mini-games, premium currency, and all of that usual shit.

And, though it costs money to get them, the comic pages are pretty good. You get a long-ass story full of lewd scenes that will drive you hentai lovers wild. But it feels like the porn is a small bonus instead of the focus. This game is all about winning real money—that kind of steals the focus away from the kinky hentai scenes.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Man, I wish they gave you more than just 100 coins to start. I spun twice, and that shit was gone in a blink. I didn’t even win anything. I couldn’t imagine doing that with hundreds of bucks. So, I guess my favorite thing about the game is also my least favorite. Working with real cash is fucking spooky, man. I would have liked to have access to a free version of the game where I could just fuck around and unlock comic pages without the looming threat of losing my fucking money.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Wild School is the game to play if you like hentai and like gambling with your real, hard-earned money. It’s an incredibly simple, yet dangerously addictive game that will no doubt suck some of you fucks down into its depths. I only recommend giving this game a try if you actually have some money set away to blow. Otherwise, steer clear and hang on to your meager saving. It can all be flushed down the drain in an instant in Wild School.

PornGames likes Wild School

  • You are gambling with real money
  • Unlock hot
  • uncensored hentai comics
  • Lovely voice acting
  • No frills
  • no mini-games
  • and no bullshit

PornGames hates Wild School

  • You are gambling with real money
  • The hentai feels like an afterthought more than a selling point