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Well, this is a really weird way to fap… All right, let’s take it from the top. Picarto is a streaming website where you can watch people do their job, live. No, there’s no gaming; it’s not Twitch. If you want an adult version of Twitch, you can check out PlexStorm. Bitches play League of Legends while also taking a cock up their ass on that site. If that’s what you’re into, you’ve come to the wrong place. No, this is the place where you go to watch people draw art and stuff. It’s like those videos that Shadman does where he shows you exactly how he manages to draw the hottest girl in the world and add a penis to her for no apparent reason. I like watching his streams and videos for some reason. It’s always fun to see how a random splotch of browns and greys turns into a pair of tits. I try to challenge myself and see at which part of the process I can start to fap. At what point do the random colors on the Cintiq become fap-worthy?

Well, to answer that question and to let you fap to countless streamers who also happen to be live artists, you’ve got Picarto. Now, just to be clear, I’m only reviewing the adult section of this site. It’s not an adult site, per se. They’ve got a ton of regular content that’s all about drawing… something, I don’t know. I’m not sure what the non-porn artists draw, because I don’t give a shit. I’m here to fap. I’m always here to fap. So, off to the adult section, where we can watch ourselves some quality titties as they are being produced out of thin air.

The Concept

I’m not one for drawn titties, when the real thing is in reach, but some of the fuckers that draw 2D bitches are so good that they put actual women’s bodies to shame. I have very high standards with real women and with drawn ones, so you know I’m dead serious when I say that some of the artworks you’ll find on this site are ball-bustingly gorgeous, and they’re definitely worth a fap or two. The problem is, seeing art being drawn live isn’t for everyone. The idea is that you are watching these people draw the whole fucking scene from scratch. Sure, you can catch them midway once most of the work has been finished and just rub one-off. But, that’s not the point of the site.

No, you’re here on Picarto to jack off to people who are drawing titties, while the process is going on. I suggest you give my approach some consideration. Start polishing your flagpole from the start and challenging yourself. See how far you get into the drawing before you bust a nut. That way, you’ll know what your bare minimum smut needs are. Can you jack off to a couple of skin-colored circles, or do you have to wait until there are nipples added to the scene? Only time will tell.

Learning from the Masters

It’s safe to say that the majority of the people that stream their hentai process on this site are real pros. I don’t know why or how this works, but it just does. I haven’t seen any crap artists so far. Maybe the shit ones float to the bottom of the list, and they’re kept out of view, because they aren’t popular. Or, maybe they just don’t bother. Either way, every single stream in the adult section that I checked out had really hot chicks being drawn in some really raunchy situations. Sometimes, there was full penetration with a bunch of cocks. Other times, it was a lot more innocent, with two babes pressing their tits up against each other. Either way, there were fun times to be had.

The way I see it, these are the kind of professionals that I would like to mimic if I had a Cintiq and the desire to draw my own porn. Personally, I’m not one for art. I’m not exactly what you’d call talented. But, if I wanted to start learning how to draw, I’d literally just skip straight to Picarto and learn from these guys. They start their drawings from scratch, after all, so you can watch every single thing that they do. It’s not like they speedrun the process. They work on a single piece of art for hours. So, you very much get a grasp of how a few lines here and a few colors there might end up forming a perfect pair of breasts.

If you’re thinking of becoming a porn artist, whether it’s hentai you’re into, or you’re going for something a little more western, they got you covered. It won’t be hard to find an artist that works in the exact style that you’re interested in. Once you do find one, make sure to subscribe. It’s free, after all. You can watch these guys paint every single time they’re online, and most of them are rather active.

I think that this is hands down the best way to learn how to be a professional. You could take the skills you’ve acquired here and start your own Patreon and maybe get your own stream going. You could have an audience that suggests what you should do next or just do your own thing and ignore them. The world is your oyster. Hell, if you do well enough, you might even get hired to do art for an actual porn game. Who knows? There’s so much potential in the world of art porn.

A Great Website

I’ve seen a lot of streaming sites in my time, and I gotta say, Picarto stands out as one of the better ones. Streams load ridiculously quickly, you get top-notch video quality, and the organization is perfect. All the streams are tagged by category, so once you’re in the adult section, you can further cross-reference. You can look up furry shit, gay shit, straight shit, whatever you want. You can check out the creative section for something a bit more general or go straight to the game development section for really hands-on work.

The overall vibe of the site is also really warm. Most of it is dark, with blacks and greys, and there are only two really tiny ad sections that don’t really get in your way. Sure, they’re animated, but they stay the fuck away from the streams, so there’s no chance of you accidentally clicking them. This is an all-around great site that was clearly made with love. The fact that it’s entirely free just makes it all the more impressive.

Weird Shit

All right, let’s do a bit of a breakdown of the weirder stuff you can find in this art porn section. First up, we’ve got a guy whose stream is titled “Mostly Dragon Porn”. Can you guess what this guy draws? That’s right. He does really high-quality renditions of actual fucking dragons, with a strong focus on their genitalia. Have you ever wondered what a dragon pussy looks like? No? Me neither. But the stream is there just the same, so you can dive right into that weird shit at your leisure.

Next up, we’ve got the whacked-out artists that draw cartoonish renditions of ghouls and goblins with tits that are three times the size of the rest of the character’s body. I’m looking at a goblin chick right now, and her nipples are literally the same size as her head. You can just imagine what her tits look like. These things could bring down castle walls. There are also a lot of furries here, and I’ve got mixed feelings about them. Some are so sexual that it hurts, and they just look cringy. Others have so much talent and quality that they genuinely look wholesome. Although, you’ll sometimes see furry shit that straight up draws the furries as actual animals, rather than anthropomorphized creatures, so … yeah, there’s a ton of weird shit here. You don’t have to look very hard to find it.

This right here is the place to be if you’re an aspiring artist who also has a passion for high-quality 2D titties. It’s also a great place to jack off if for whatever reason you find the process behind the art hotter than the art itself. Be warned though, most of these streams don’t really have any sound to speak of. Some of them add background music to keep things light and breezy, but overall, people are just here to watch the brush strokes. I wouldn’t call this the best place to fap, but it’s certainly the best place to see how 2D pussies come into existence.

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  • Amazing website
  • It’s free
  • Tons of streamers
  • High quality art

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