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Joystick is almost exactly like Twitch. There is one glaring difference though. You see fewer tits. I’m being serious here. Twitch has become a feral wasteland in the past few years. Girls are desperate for donations on there. You open up Twitch and every second stream is tits. Not even just human tits. You’ve got all types of virtual tits. From cat-women to bee-girls and spider-chicks, it’s everywhere. That’s what the people want to see. That’s what makes the bag. 

So why are there fewer tits on Joystick? Fuck if I know. I can give it my best guess. Imagine a young kid with strict parents and shit. When that little snot nosed bastard grows up, chances are it’ll become promiscuous. I think the opposite is happening here. Joystick is like a parent that lets you do anything you want. So, the creators on here don’t feel the need to be completely naked 100% of the time. They can experiment with different things. 

Twitch is like the strict parent so the creators revolt against it. They test the limits of the terms and conditions. Now this is not to say that there are no tits on Joystick. They are plentiful and beautiful. You can choose from a huge menu of streamers there that flaunt their stuff. The front page is full of them. You’ve got thicc babes in cosplay, young broads in Christmas outfits and tight gals in sexy laced lingerie. So, what type of content are these streamers providing?

All About Gaming

The most prominent content on Joystick is gaming. So, what type of games are the streamers playing? Anything and everything. Let me tell you a little secret. It doesn’t matter. I know you fucks aren’t there to watch the games. Don’t lie to me. You wouldn’t notice the game on screen even if it’s staring you in the face. Okay, maybe there are a few who actually care. Who knows? I’ll be the nice guy here for you little few and tell you what the chicks are playing. Most of them are playing random competitive shooters. It’s not all that fun. There are other cutesy type platformers but they’re rare. I don’t think there’s much to enjoy here when it comes to watching actual gameplay. 

The actual interesting part of stream are the cameras. A lot of the streams have two of them. One is on their face and one on the thing that matters. The thing you want to watch. Pussy. It’s like that on half of the streams on here. The focus is all on them pleasing themselves. Who wants to watch gameplay when you can focus on the good shit. There are creamed pussies to see for every chump out there. And the best part? The streamers actually seem to be enjoying themselves. I like that. It’s a mix of two pleasures. Video games and cock. 

Maybe I should get into the business. But I don’t particularly like taking it in the ass. Maybe I’ll exchange the dildo for a chick sucking my cock. Now that’s something you want to see. Sounds like a lot of fun, honestly. Getting orgasms while playing video games. It’s a regular Tuesday for me, but hey why not stream it and make extra cash? Oh, and ladies, there is something on here for you too. Male streamers are doing the same thing and killing it. I didn’t expect there to be much interest for the male performers. But I was wrong. People are all around raging in the comments. So, there’s definitely something for everybody on Joystick.

Glaring Disappointments

I had hopes for this site. I really did. It had so much potential. The content is great and creative. The girls are hot. The guys are hot. Everyone is happy. But then, right as you start jacking it, you’re hit with paywalls. Oh boy are they being annoying. You get to watch a stream for like a minute and bam, it stops. You’re repeatedly forced to sign up. No more sexy Latina for you Bob. Back into your cave. Every damn thing is locked behind a paywall. 

First, they take you to the creator’s profile without even asking. Good fucking luck seeing even one titty there. You have to subscribe to unlock any type of content. And what’s more ridiculous is that you can go back to watching the stream. This time it’ll be different. You have the hope for a better tomorrow. You’ve whipped it out. You’re ready to choke the chicken. The lube is on your desk. The wife is asleep. Your boss stopped texting you. Everything is perfect. And then, surprise surprise, they cut you off again. Back to the paywalled shit you go. If you want a quality fap, you’re better off just going to PornHub. Or any other site that gets you hard. There are thousands if not millions. This one isn’t preferable. 

Sucking on Your Wallet

Everywhere you look, everywhere you turn, they want your cash. Tip buttons are everywhere. For a tip I want good service damn it. I go to a chick’s profile and there’s a whole tip menu. Are you serious? It’s like going to a restaurant and being expected to tip before you’ve even sat down. Where’s the goddamn tits menu? Where are the free pussy breadsticks? I want to be wined and dined first. I want the full ass shaking titty fucking experience before I tip. There’s no actual substance here. Just false promises. 

At least there are a thousand and one social links. That’s how they reel you in. They want you to fall in love with the girl through her Instagram pics. Then the chances of you subscribing are higher. But wait, you can’t even have that pleasure without another intrusion. If you want to click on any social link, first you have to give a follow. Bitch what? Come again? You’re telling me I have to work this hard for a tiny shred of ass? I’ll take my business elsewhere, thank you very much.

There’s Still Hope

Okay, maybe I was being too harsh there. Twitch is a shit show, at least Joystick is trying. You’re better off watching Valorant gameplay on here than Twitch. At least you’ll get to see some pussy. Who knows, maybe some streamer is actually good at the game. Maybe you’ll even learn something. I sure as hell don’t know how to play Valorant. So why not learn a thing or two while enjoying some puss? It’s truly fascinating to watch someone play while they’ve got a ten-inch dildo up their ass. Their faces are serious and focused. It all looks very professional. So, it’s fun to see what’s happening in the background.

I’m sure steamers on other platforms do it as well. But you don’t get to see it. Think about Vtubers for example. You can’t even see their face or surroundings. Do you think they haven’t sucked cock on stream? Do you really think they haven’t ever sat on a dildo while gaming? I have the inside scoop. I’m telling you; they have. Many people are kinky freaks. There’s excitement in doing something lewd while the world is watching. At least on Joystick you get to see the action. You have to pick wisely though. Let me tell ya, most men and women on here are hot. But there are some unfortunate looking people too, with some unfortunate looking junk in the trunk. There are a bunch of odd streams too. You might, as I have, come across some things you’d rather not see. The perfect example is a random old woman in a bathtub. Not exactly my taste in porn. 

How to Get into the Game

So, you’ve decided to be a nude streamer. Hats off to you. Out of all the jobs in the world, you’ve picked this one. You could be saving kids in Africa you know? I joke, I kid. My love goes out to all the porn creators out there. What would we do without you? The male loneliness epidemic is real and now, you’re more needed than ever. What will people do without parasocial relationships? Go out and touch grass? Nah. So how do you get into streaming on Joystick?

The process is fairly simple. All you need is an account and some decent equipment. Get the basics down first. A potato camera and a second-hand PC will suffice. Then, you’re free to do whatever you please. Get creative with it. Sure, the content on here is cool. But it can get repetitive. Almost every stream on here right now is the same. Dildo in pussy and a random video game. Stick out from the crowd and do something new. It’s how you’ll get a bigger audience. Get more toys, get more people involved, get freaky with it. The possibilities are endless. 

PornGames likes

  • Interesting fresh content
  • Lots of hot streamers

PornGames hates

  • A lot of paywalled content
  • Not a lot of variety