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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Summertime Saga

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Summertime Saga

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Summertime Saga Reddit aka r/SummertimeSage! The Summertime Saga Sub is here to stay! You guys should already know from my review of the game that I absolutely love Summertime Saga. It’s one of those free porn games that is changing the industry by pushing every limit of creativity and hotness. Imagine high-quality 2D artworks with decent writing, combined with the point and click genre standards of the 90s. That’s SummertimeSaga in a nutshell, except it’s also open-ended. Naturally, it’s open-world – most point and click games let you go wherever you want to so that you can pick up the appropriate items you’ll need on your journey.

So, you’ve got this open-ended game with a ton of stuff to be done, but you’re new to the game, and you’re not sure how to get started. You can follow through with the tutorial, but after that, you’re on your own. How can you know exactly what to do? How do you even know what you can do? Well, that’s when you might want to hit up the game’s Reddit and ask some questions. Plus, this game’s made by a team of developers using community funds. It’s entirely Patreon funded. That means that at the very least, the community is very concerned about the game. Some fans like expressing their gratitude, others would like to get directly involved with suggestions. Either way, the official subreddit is the place where all of these conversations belong.

Bringing People Together

Porn games have always been somewhat of a niche industry where it’s been hard to find quality productions. Good porn games are rare, and well-funded ones are even rarer. So, it’s no wonder that Summertime Saga, with all their success and high-quality gameplay, have managed to bring people together in an unprecedented way.

I mean, it’s a video game in which you get to fuck your way through an entire town’s worth of chicks, all of whom want a piece of you. What’s not to love? Plus, it comes with the bonus of not being a cash grab. There’s not a single feature in this game that you can pay for. The Patreon covers everything. So, it’s all about jacking off in the end. Plus, the story is so ridiculously intricate. It’s not very deep or confusing; it’s just long. There’s a lot to it. Even the shortest relationships in the game can take a while to ramp up to the good stuff.

That’s what makes this Reddit a possibly essential part of the game’s enjoyment, especially if you’re a Patreon backer. The more gameplay there is, the more you can talk about it. The more quests you finish, the more opinions you form. And, in the name of all current and future porn game projects, you owe it to the community and to yourself to express these opinions so that the devs can learn.

That’s exactly how Summertime Saga brings people together on the sub, to promote a healthy and fun environment for perverts to share their wettest and wildest video game ideas. I wouldn’t give the fans too much credit. After all, this game was made by a very talented development team. Still, I think that it’s handy that if the devs ever need inspiration, they can just hop over to /r/SummertimeSaga and see what the community has to say about damn near anything.

Picking Your Favorites

I’ve only ever seen people talk the way they do on this sub when they’re talking about football teams. And no, I don’t mean gridiron, I mean European football. When Europeans start talking about their favorite round football teams, I try to stay away, lest I get caught in the crossfire and have to admit that I don’t give a shit one way or the other.

It’s the exact same thing on /r/SummertimeSaga, except instead of teams, they argue over girls. Admittedly, I’ve also seen this bullshit conversation crop up when people talk about anime, and someone inevitably shouts “Best Girl [Insert Character Name Here]”.

Well, this sub has tons of fans who are obsessed with discussing their favorite piece of ass from the game, and ever since the update that added Eve’s storyline, she seems to be winning every contest. Never mind that she’s the only transgender character in the game; I’m pretty sure she’s winning because she’s the closest thing to an actual romance in this game. Everything else feels like a dream sequence. Eve’s storyline actually makes you feel like you’ve started dating someone you care about. The fact that you also fuck her sister and her sister’s girlfriend is entirely inconsequential.

Great Place for Updates

So I covered that this is a great place for you to help guide the developers towards what the audience wants, but it’s also a great place for you to learn more about the game itself and what you can expect from future updates. So, whether you’re already pledging or you’re considering it, you’ll learn a lot about the game’s development on this sub. It’ll show you how the devs interact with fans and how they perceive them. You can see their respectful tone and generally nice approach to game development. And, if you’re sold on it, you can consider pledging for a very long time, especially if the game looks like your cup of tea.

Plus, you know they’re adding new bitches to the game every chance they get. Most of the updates have to do with new romance options. If I’m not mistaken, the next girl to join the roster will be Rhonda, followed by Annie after that. These are pretty big updates that come with a ton of new art and writing. I’ve played most of this game, so I can tell you that one single girl’s questline, to get all of her sex scenes is going to take you literal hours, depending on how prudish she can be. Plus, it’s not always about convincing her. Sometimes these quests will have you doing shit that doesn’t directly lead to getting the girl wet. You’re sort of going through the motions to get to the optimal scenario to undress her. This way, you get to the good stuff.

Again, the Reddit really came in handy the last time I got stuck. I was on the Eve route and couldn’t figure out how to progress the story. It turns out I just had to kill some time and wait for things to progress on their own. But, the subreddit helped a ton, so there’s that.

The Future

I’d like to hope that this subreddit is a great example of how porn communities are going to interact in the future. They’ve all obviously got their smiles on with their positive attitudes and love for smut. They’re very nice to each other, only talking about the game’s specifics and not getting into personal details. It’s a very classy affair. It kind of makes you think that Summertime Saga might be some sort of corporate accounting software and not a smut game about plowing your way through an entire town’s worth of women and female resembling magical creatures.

You also have to admit that if the sub is having such a significant effect on the development of the game, it surely must be giving other game producers some ideas about how to scale their own projects. I mean, Summertime Saga isn’t the only successful porn game project ever made, but they’re looking at over 50 grand a month from their Patreon. That’s a ridiculous amount of money for a 2D game, any 2D game. Plus, given how slowly the updates come out, it’s not like they’re going to run out of money any time soon. I’m willing to bet that they’re making their investment back hand over fist.

Still, no-one seems to be complaining. The community is super happy to be a part of the game’s development and the anticipation for new patches. This is the kind of standard that Summertime Saga has set, and I hope that other porn game developers quickly follow suit.

This subreddit makes me imagine a world in which porn game developers and porn game players come together in harmony to give each other money and boners, and by golly, that is the world that I’d like to live in. Just imagine the kind of utopia we’d live in if porn game production was a viable career path. Half of all programmers would move away from full-stack and onto porn game programming, for sure. For now, we’ll have to make do with everything Summertime Saga brings our way, and the best place to get started is undoubtedly their subreddit.

Head on over to /r/SummertimeSaga and subscribe to their updates. While you’re there, make sure to check out the latest top posts to get a feel for the place. It’s a real fun sub to frequent. As a bonus, they frequently post images of girls from random porn scenes that resemble the girls in the game, so at the very least, you won’t be browsing with a limp dick.

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