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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Otogi Frontier R (discontinued)

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Otogi Frontier R (discontinued)

User Rating: 4/5
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Hey you! Yeah, you. Are you tired of your regular role-playing games? Are you looking for a sex game that involves fighting and fucking? Say no more. Otogi Frontier R is one of the hottest role-playing games that lets you sleep with your characters. This game requires a strategy for you to complete each given quest or mission. If you happen to finish the task, you’ll be able to unlock sex scenes that will surely arouse your sorry ass.

This is not the average RPG you see on the internet, that’s why a lot of horny fucks are downloading and playing it now. This free-to-play adult-themed game can be addictive, and I’m telling you to take precautions because you might die from too much masturbation. Use your dumb brain to strategize your every move for you to avoid losing in the battles you’ll encounter.

You will face a lot of enemies in this game, but they will be no match once you started creating your own set of heroes. Exploring places, fighting monsters, and fucking girls have never been this fun. You should read the rest of my review for you to know what are the beautiful things Otogi Frontier R has to offer to you. Don’t you dare close this review, you’ve already started reading, might as well finish it.

Reviewing The Game In General

There’s no doubt that this game is indeed a masterpiece. You won’t see an RPG with tons of sex scenes every day. Some RPGs are not fun to play with because they lack instructions making it less fun. You won’t be having problems with the navigations, and it also has a tutorial at the beginning of the game, making your life much more comfortable. You can play with your cock and this game at the same time without worrying about the controls.

The compatibility is impressive as well because the players can play it in browsers even if they’re MAC or windows users. You shouldn’t use a third-party-ad blocking service because there’s a tendency that the game won’t load. You will be required to make an account for you to be able to play the game, but it shouldn’t be a problem since nerds like already know how easy it is to make an online account, especially if it involves games and sex.

What I Like About The Game

I have played RPG for years now, but I’ve never had this much fun since I discovered Otogi Frontier R. This game is perfect for sick people with twisted imaginations who fantasize girls from fairy tales and also fond of playing RPGs or commonly known as role-playing games. The first thing I found interesting in this game is its storyline. Yes, it can be boring sometimes, but you will have to focus more and have the patience for you to achieve your goal.

As you start playing, you will see familiar faces that are based on famous fairy tales such as Snow White and Cinderella. You wouldn’t have to imagine anymore what those characters would look like if they were to be placed in an RPG. The reason why I downloaded this fucking game is because of the twisted storylines and gameplay it has. I didn’t have difficulty playing this game since the navigation is straightforward.

Now let’s talk about the graphics. You might be disappointed because of the graphics of this game, knowing that it’s made by the famous hentai games creator which is Nutaku. Still, you should also take into consideration that this is an RPG and not a three-dimensional game. Despite the not so realistic graphics, you will still see some sex scenes as you progress in the game. You will need to unlock them for you to have a taste of the action.

One of the essential factors of a game is the sound effects. No one wants to play a game that is lifeless and boring; that’s why the people behind this game made sure that the interaction of the characters in this game comes with sound effects. If you already unlocked a CG scene that involves sexual contact, you will hear the characters moan and talk while they’re being defiled.

Most adult-themed games that are on the internet require payment, that’s why some people are having difficulty looking for one, especially those lonely fuckers who are financially unstable as of the moment. Otogi Frontier R is free-to-play, which means you won’t have to spend a single dime when downloading this one. The only thing you’ll be needing is an internet connection for the downloading phase and a PC.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

The primary concern I have with this game is that it lacks more sexual scenes. Yes, RPGs are fun, but if you’re going to make such a game with sexy bitches on it, might as well add more intimate scenes so that perverts like me will be more interested and satisfied. I was expecting more from the creators since they are known for making intense hentai games. The game developers should do some upgrades for them to attract more players.

This game has sex scenes, but the problem is the essential parts are censored. The game becomes less appealing as you progress because they don’t allow the players to see the private parts of the characters as they perform sexual acts with the other characters of the game. It would be much better if they consider showing the tits and pussies of the girls in this game so that the players will become more intrigued.

Also, I’m not too fond of the way they created some of the characters because their body parts don’t look natural and realistic. If you’re looking for a game with realistic graphics, then this is not the game for you. Having sex with a lot of girls is one of the fetishes of most fucktards today. If only I get to make some minor changes in this game, I will make the body parts look more like the ones in real life for the better gaming experience.

Lastly, the game is a bit boring, that’s why I prefer masturbating and watching porn sometimes rather than playing this game. The main goal of this game is to provide entertainment and fun to the players. However, they fail to do that, since some of the dialogues of the game are dull. I would love to continue to play this game if only the people behind it will do some upgrades and updates.

My Recommendations for This Game

The very first thing the game developers should do is to take out the censorship in the sex scenes of the game. They shouldn’t hold back since the players are looking forward to seeing some actions which can give them satisfaction. It will be awesome if they make the sex scenes more intense and realistic so that the people playing it will be entertained and contented.

Aside from the realistic bed scenes, they should also make the body parts look more real so that sex-crazed guys like me will feel like we’re doing the real deal. It will make a massive difference if they do this kind of change because most people nowadays are looking forward to having a better gaming experience, especially with games that have adult content on it. A lot of people will inevitably rush to download this game if they make such changes.

Adding more characters to this game can also help. Since this game has characters that are based on famous princesses, they should come up with a way to add more to make it more fun. Just imagine fucking different princess from various races and fairytales. They should also add more dialogues to the characters of the game to make it more exciting. Putting additional quests and missions can also make the game better.


I want to congratulate the people behind this game because they manage to deliver another game that needs strategy and patience at the same time. Despite the shortcomings they had, they still made a good impression, especially to the gamers who are looking for role-playing games that involve fuckable bitches. This game is not that bad. They need a little tweaking to make it the perfect adult-themed RPG.

I can say that this game is much better compared to other role-playing games I’ve played because some games are hard to navigate, and the instructions they have are quite confusing as well. You will need a lot of patience if you want to see some actions. This game is not all about having sex. You will need to be careful with every move you make so that your characters won’t die.

BestPornGames Likes Otogi Frontier R (discontinued)
  • Easy navigation
  • Characters that are based on fairy tales
  • Interaction and sound effects
  • Free-to-play
BestPornGames Hates Otogi Frontier R (discontinued)
  • Censorship
  • Limited sex scenes
  • Unrealistic body appearances
  • Boring storyline