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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Free Online Porn Games, Adult Flash Games & Hentai Flash Games

I want to play free adult flash games & hentai flash games in my web browser, PornDude!

Well, you’re not alone. As it turns out, one in three smut lovers has played a porn game or two, and the numbers are still growing. Porn games have been winning the internet since the late 90s, but we still have a long way to go before everyone, and their grandmother is playing porn games.

Porn games are a winning combination because they give you the one thing porn is still struggling with – immersion. POV smut has been trying to put you straight in the middle of the action since directors figured out that a guy can hold a camera just fine while he’s getting blown. And I’m not complaining; POV porn is excellent. But you can’t decide what happens on screen and that sucks. I mean sure, you can pretend that the girl is talking to you and that you’re dating her, and this is all real and not a fantasy, but if you can’t interrupt the action to switch positions, then what are you doing with your time?

You want to decide who to fuck and when. That’s what gives you the sense that you are in control over the story. It’s a kind of “make-believe” that lets you live out a story that you couldn’t otherwise have in real life. I mean, we’d all like to walk down the street, point our fingers at random chicks we find hot, and take them home. Alas, only porn games give us that satisfaction.

What kind of free online porn games can I expect to play?

Oh boy, where do I begin? Ok, let’s start with the most successful and work our way up the ladder of quality. Nutaku! That’s a name you’re going to be seeing a lot when you’re reading about popular porn games, and with good reason. These guys are probably the latest contender on the porn game scene, but they’re winning whatever competition they’re a part of.

Nutaku perfected a combination between FarmVille style gameplay, smutty visual novel sex scenes, and gacha machines. Why? How? I have no idea, but it’s working for them. They’re making tons of money, and people are enjoying their games. As for whether you should play their games, well, it’s one of those super subjective topics that I try to stay away from. I mean, if you like micro-transactions and FarmVille style addictive gameplay, then yes. If you want something quick, down to earth and loaded with original content, then look elsewhere.

Onto something a bit better, but less popular, you’ve got indie porn games. These are very similar to regular indie games, in that they depend mainly on Patreon funding to get off the ground. It works well for them. People are bending over backward to pay for great interactive smut, and it’s showing. These are the kinds of games that bring you well-written plot and dialogue, and they’re usually RPGs. Like with all other game types on this list, there’s a downside. Most of the outstanding indie porn game titles are text-based. Oh sure, they come with an interface, but hell, the smut scenes are text-based. Feels like reading a book. It’s simple to tell whether you’re going to like these. Do you like reading books? If you do, play indie porn games. It’s as simple as that.

Finally, we’ve got our third category on the ladder, and what is arguably the worst type of porn game in terms of quality. These are coincidentally the oldest types of porn games, as well as the most abundant. – Flash Games. Flash is going out of style, fast, but these games just keep coming out. And with tons of sites that help catalog them and keep them safe from being lost to time, you can find tens of thousands of them at all times.

Isn’t Adobe flash outdated? Are you sure that it is 100 % safe to play these sex games online?

Ok, let’s get technical. Flash Player is going to be 100% outdated and unavailable by the end of 2020. That’s still a long way out, but you should start getting ready. After that point, only Internet Explorer will be able to play Flash games. Though, I’m pretty damn sure the perverts of the internet will think of something, like a private browser plugin or a PC alternative. I haven’t read any news on this, and I will update you when the time comes. Still, for now, you know that Internet Explorer will definitely work, because that browser is intentionally not updated anymore.

On the topic of safety, Flash is a pretty isolated game engine. Java used to be the dangerous one, especially several versions ago. Ten years ago, running a Java applet in your browser was the equivalent of exposing your PC to every and any hacker that wanted to get an in with your personal information. Today, Java’s been patched a lot, so it’s much safer than Flash, which hasn’t been updated and is soon going to be a relic. So there’s no guarantee when it comes to using Flash, because no-one’s backing it.

My advice – if you’re super safety conscious, only use sites that come with a guarantee from several referrals. And if you’re paranoid, then do all of your porn gaming through a virtual machine. That way, you can get hacked six ways to Sunday and suffer no pain.

What are the best free online sex games sites in 2019?

Where do I begin? Well, first of all, this site aims to be the best of the best. I work really hard to make time to play all of the games that I review carefully, especially if they come with a linear story that’s worth exploring until the end. My reviews are biased as fuck, because I am but a dude, but I try to be honest. I also hope you feel like I got your back, because I don’t want you playing some whack shit that someone put together in a fortnight. I want to find good games for you to play.

Now, if you want to know about network sites that have several games in a library, I’ve got a few recommendations. There’s Nutaku, as mentioned earlier, if you like addicting games with a bit of RPG, a bit of Action, and a lot of FarmVille.

If you’re looking for a random clusterfuck of tiny games to get through a slow afternoon, then you need Gamcore. They’ve got tons of small Flash games that’ll tickle your fancy. Alternatives to GamCore include MySexGames, H-Flash, and ComDotGame. It doesn’t matter which one you roll with; they’re all great.

If you want to download actual proper game titles for PC and similar platforms, like the indie titles I mentioned, then forget all of those sites and go to either LewdZone or FapNation. Again, it doesn’t matter which one, I love them both very much. Both of these sites are run by some genius perverts that bring together links to full porn games made by brilliant smut wizards. Most of these games come with proper stories, awesome art, and a good number of them are 3D.

PornDude, what’s your favorite online sex game?

Oh boy… Don’t put me on the spot like this. Ok, I’ll give you a few, and this is straight from my heart, and partly from my erection.
My favorite point and click porn game has to be Summertime Saga. It’s an indie title, the art is fantastic, and the story is perfect for what it is. There are no ultra-deep dialogue trees or RPG vibes. It’s basically a classic point-and-click adventure game with a shitton of sex to be had.

My favorite Flash game is Super Deepthroat, because I’ve fapped to it more times than I’ve brushed my teeth, and I am very oral-conscious, so you do the math.

Now for the countdown to my favorite porn game of all time:

– Number three: Corruption of Champions 2 by Fenoxo. This guy built one of the greatest porn experiences of all time with tens of thousands of lines of dialogue. The dude’s insane. The game is deep, with proper DnD inspired RPG elements and a gigantic open world. My problem with it? Way too much reading. You can’t walk into a room without having to read an essay about its walls.

– Number two: Trap Quest. A game in which you try desperately not to turn into a sissified trap. I love everything about this game except the goddamn UI. It’s terrible. It looks and runs worse than a smart toaster. When they fix the UI, and god how I hope they fix the UI, I’ll consider bumping it up to number one, maybe.

– Finally, at number one: Degrees of Lewdity! It has the catchy writing of Trap Quest, without being lengthy like CoC. It has the open world of both of the above, but navigating it is a breeze. It’s fast, and it’s written in JavaScript, so it works on literally every device on the fucking planet. Oh, and the interface is impeccable.

PornDude, do you think I can impress girls with my 1337 XXX gamer skills?

Sort of. I mean, don’t talk about porn games on the first date, unless you want her to blow her rape whistle on you. But once you get to know a girl, you’ll probably have a lot of luck talking about these smut games. My recommendation? Show them the more text-based ones. Degrees of Lewdity, in particular, has a ton to offer women. They like getting swept up in fantasy.

Don’t show her Super Deepthroat, though. Women don’t like the pump and dump fantasies. They want to be nuanced off their feet. So, dinner, some wine, a good movie, and text-based porn games. You’ll be getting laid till you’re blue in the face.

  • GamCore.com is one of the best free porn game destinations on the web. They’re constantly adding new quality porn games to their library, and every one of them is worth a fap or two. If you find yourself bored and lonely with some time to kill, you should check out a game or two on this website. You won’t regret it.
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  • Newgrounds.com/collection/adultgames is where you can find a glorious catalog of kinky adult toons, games, and hentai. Enjoy a wide variety of user-made animations and games that will leave you wanting for more. All of the content is available for free with no subscription costs or annoying ads to get in the way. Get over there and start jerking off to the hot hentai parodies!
  • WetPussyGames is the best place to find retro Flash games and modern smut game releases. All of their content is completely free and hosted on their servers, so you’re always in for a good time. They’ve been experts in the porn game scene since the mid-2000s, so they’re sure to get you properly hard.
  • H-Flash.com is a glorious haven full of kinky flash games. This site is bound to have your favorite flash games from years past, as well as new ones that will have you nutting in no time. All of the games are completely free to play without the need for a profile. It may not be the prettiest website to look at, but man do they have a fuck ton of great content. Go check it out!
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